The Texas Billionaire's Bride Kindle ½ The Texas

The Texas Billionaire's Bride Large Print Melanie Grandy grew up on the wrong side of the tracks She worked her way through school and has made a name for herself as a nanny Now she is given the opportunity to become a nanny to Olivia Foley the only daughter of Texas businessman Zane Foley The is the opportunity of a lifetime for her Olivia seems to go through nannies rather uickly so this is a great proving ground for Melanie It is also a perk to the job that Zane Foley is very handsome a fact that Melanie is well aware ofZane is a uiet man He conducts his business and stays out of the public eye His daughter Olivia needs a new nanny and Melanie is well ualified for the job He also likes her spunk and hopes that she will be the one that finally stays with his daughter He worries about his daughter and wants the best for her He is also attracted to Melanie but as her boss and also for himself he will not act on that attractionBut not all is as seems for either Melanie or Zane Melanie uickly learns of problems in the family she wants to fix them for Olivia's sake and she just can't help her attraction to Zane Her spunk is what uickly lands her in his sight and around him freuently And when Melanie and Zane are around each other sparks start to flyI enjoyed watching the relationship of Melanie and Zane develop They both felt the attraction but did not feel right to act on it the employeremployee angle plus other secrets that they both have The makeover scene is wonderful and Olivia fits into everything perfectly Seeing the faults of both Zane and Melanie endear them as characters to you I really felt them their emotions as I read about them They came to life for me I think almost everyone can identify in some way with Melanie She's the woman most women want to be strong yet feminine and when she sets her mind to something she will do everything she can to get it Yet she has insecurities too All this deep layering of emotions make the book very real and enjoyableThis is the first in The Foleys and The McCords series and it sort of sets the stage between the two families why there is a rivalry and why the rivalry is coming back into play after years of a kind of truce You learn about the Magdalena Diamond which figures prominently in the arcing storyline of the series All of this not only makes The Texas Billionaire's Bride a very interesting book but also piues your interest in continuing the series Not only that but I would like to see a little of Zane and Melanie later on and learn about the family members introduced in The Texas Billionaire's BrideIn short this is a book you should run out and grab then sit in the sunshine for the summer afternoon and get to know Zane and Melanie Watch them fall in love and just enjoy That is what I did As the eldest son of a legendary Texas dynasty Zane Foley had a legacy to live up to But right now the single dad had a pressing concern finding a nanny for his little girl Melanie Grandy seemed made to order She'd already enchanted Zane's daughter—and now she was working her magic on the wary widowerTalk about getting the royal treatment The minute Melanie met father and daughter it was instant love But her Cinderella story came with a secret—one she could never reveal or she'd lose her chance to be part of a real family Unless Zane was willing to forgive the past for a futurewith her

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