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Who's the Boss? MR MAYMan Cade Austin CEO of BrenCOMission To lure pretty Kylie Brennan out of the boardroom and into the bedroomMistake Letting her know his not so honorable intentions…Cade didn't need a meddling woman in his life So when the late owner of BrenCo left him 49% of the company—and Kylie the other 51%—Cade decided he would buy her out then get her way out of town But when she came strolling into the office—all lush curves and long legs—Cade knew that this was one woman he wasn't going to let out of his sight for long MAN OF THE MONTH Could he talk his business partner into becoming his marriage partner

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    Delightfully enjoyable Barbara Boswell book The heroine is made a heiress and has to deal with her vulture relatives who I would have stabbed The hero was supposed to inherit the company and is unhappy about what the heroine may decide and the power she yields There is instant attraction between them though the heroine tends to be wary because of the shares she owns plus her being a lawyer but all in all a book I enjoyedCan't wait to read the heroine's brother's story

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    Enjoyed how the dynamics of Cade and Kylie's relationship was developed and explored

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    Vaya locura está familia está para el manicomio me perdí en algunas partes de tanta locura y cuando se supone ue se enamoraron sentían atracción y luego pum le dice te amo en serio ue loco

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