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Grey Knights The Omnibus The Grey Knights are servants of the Ordo Malleus imperious incorruptable warriors whose very purpose is to seek out and destroy the most dangeous foes that humanity will ever face daemons Armed and armoured with the trappings of the daemonhunter these stalwart Astartes bring death and destruction to the immortal denizens of the warp Girded by faith wielders of the nemesis force halberd the Grey Knights step were others will not tread There's is the hardest task risking their immortal souls in pursuit of the hungry entities of Chaos the Imperium's most arch foes who without the Grey Knights would be but a feast on the sacrificial altar of darkness

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    You know how sometimes what you really want is some Kentucky Fried Chicken but someone naming no names but this would be your children want to steal your chicken from you once you've purchased it and even though the Colonel's cole slaw may be what God sent to the Israelites when they got peckish you want the freaking chicken and biscuits dammit so you take advantage of the fact that you're older taller and less inhibited in what you eat by hiding a breast or two and some biscuits in tupperware in the back of the fridge so you can sneak down at midnight and eat your sweet sweet lucre despite the indigestion you'll have as your intestines launch a major uprising in four hours?The Grey Knights Ombibus is the last biscuit the sweetest one the one with the best of the chicken grease leached into it the one your wife saw and meant to steal from you but she was too tired and fell asleep while breastfeeding and screw her if she can't move fast enough just this one time and anyway she'd ruin it by putting jelly on it You don't let anyone see you while you consume it you don't proudly stand up and tell the world you ate that biscuit and luxuriated in its starchy chickeny bready meaty flavor you sure as heck wash your own shirt after part of it oozes off and slides down your chest because there will be lots of awkward uestions asked if your wife sees the shirt with that stain you spent time suckingBut you enjoy it even soThis is not great art It is not good art Honestly it is not art It's entirely enjoyable pulp bound and created as if it's aware of what it is and dares you to mock it for it if a book can be said to have attitude It's the story of a psychopath in a world gone mad who lives to worship a corpse so that he will have the power to fight demons and men who have given themselves over to demons It's the story of a dying universe with crazy and diseased and impoverished people fighting back a fall into chaos and destruction that is basically inevitable It is so much funDespite some efforts by otherwise decent authors in the 1980s none of us like demons so there's a lot of fun to be had here as the protagonist and his merry band of fellow lunatics go on shooting flaming smashing and slicing their way through demons The Warhammer 40000 universe if you're geeky enough to have lived it on tables in the backs of gaming stores and in the crowded rooms of less reputable gaming conventions is made very much alive hereThat's a plus for geeks and a serious turnoff for people who have well adjusted or at least normal livesThe Omnibus in total is actually three books as with so many such compendia it is misnamed but let's take our adulterated language as is and run with it that tell the story of Alaric a man taken at a young age and surgically and genetically altered into a nigh unstoppable killing machine whose whole mission in life is to kill the Hell out of demons in a war mankind will ultimately lose Over the course of the stories his faith in himself his mission his living deity and the ability of his armor to handle his excrement are tested in increasingly strained circumstances He does bad things for good causes because the Warhammer 40000 world is predicated on the idea that pacifists can't be saints but vicious marauders with Panzer tanks wrapped around their chests can beIt is first rate pulp fiction filled with characters who in a sane world would be executed on sightLet me sum it up this way There are three kinds of people who read books on airplanes The first kind want to be seen reading important well respected things or worse think a confined tube in which everyone is coughing on you is a great place to do this and who are clearly philistines of the first orderThe second kind read books ending in Shades of Grey and don't realize that by pulling that book out on an airplane have justly volunteered to end up on a NSA watchlist and in the fullness of time the wrong end of a Library of Congress death suadThe third kind read wonderful garbage and could not care less what strangers and NSA trackers think about them They tend to have fun have better love lives and also tend to be smarter and attractive to members of both sexesIf you're in that third category buy this book read it and walk on through the storm head high

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    A collection of three novels about checks title the Grey Knights W40's super elite anti demon hunters and as close as the setting comes to good guys Contained within are three novels Grey Knights This is a good start; the book kicks off with a battle where an isolated group of Grey Knights mounts a almost hopeless assault on a evil naughty demon who's sealed for a thousand years with the story picking up as some naughty evil Chaos chumps attempt to summon him back into real space The 13th Black Crusade is going on in the backround as it is for the entire omnibus actually meaning that our heroes are working on as close to a shoestring budget as 8 foot tall psychic genetically modified guys in powered armor can be Since our heroes work as the Inuisition anti demon branch and inuisitors need to be super suspicious there's also a health dose of paranoia although I'm not sure I exactly followed one character's redemption late in the book Solid slightly above average stuff Dark Adeptus This is my favorite novel in the omnibus It kicks off with an entire planet screaming out of the Warp and our heroes go to investigate saddled with suspicious allies who they don't entirely trust and vice versa This aspect really makes the book stand out with our heroes fighting not just against the entire possessed world but keeping an eye on their companions who they suspect are there to steal some ancient highly valuable technology It does take a little while to get going but once the characters make it into the interesting parts of the planet basically a corrupted super server this is the best material in the whole collection Hammer of Daemons Unfortunately the omnibus goes out with a real slog; Our hero is captured in the first ten pages and spends the rest of the book trying to escape a demon planet dedicated to Khorne the least interesting Chaos god whose gimmick is that he's real angry and loves blood While it's interesting seeing our hero taken out of his Grey Knight comfort zone a lot of the book is portent filled dreams and symbolic demon possession attempts and this gets old real uick I appreciate the author trying something new after the previous two novels but it didn't uite work in this caseAll in all this falls suarely into the large pile of good not great W40k fiction out there; two good and one okay novels for the price of a single paperback is hard to pass up

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    Omnibus collecting three Grey Knights stories The setting is the Warhammer 40000 universe and the Grey Knights are Space Marines that are employed to hunt down daemons The three stories follow the main protagonist Alaric in a fight to track down and destroy a daemon on a uest to stop a daemon on a warp infested planet those who know Warhammer will understand and as a captive turned gladiator for Chaos In general Warhammer books work fine as long as you can accept the inherent silliness of the universe and don’t stop and think too much That didn’t work for me on this one The first book was OK but the second book was just weird biological technological hybridization and Chaos infested techpriest heresy – it made my head hurt and the third one plain silly The start was promising enough in a mediocre but OK Warhammer way but it went downhill from there If you don’t care about the extreme Warhammer silliness perhaps it’s something for you The best I can say is that I managed to finish it

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    When most people think of Warhammer 40000 they imagine it’s trademark power armor clad genetically engineered super human bad asses the Space Marines I was introduced to Black Library’s thrilling series of 40K novels via another fascinating character type though the agents of the Imperial Inuisition If the Space Marines are the Supermen of 40K characters than the Inuisition are sort of the Batmen– well a mixture between Batman James Bond and the hunters of “Supernatural” if they existed in a high tech setting So they’re morally gray very human bad asses that can embark upon a variety of stories I loved that about them That human uality was what kept me from reading Space Marine stories for awhileThat was my loss Having recently read the first five entries in the Horus Heresy series and the stories that make up Nick Kyme’s “Salamander” omnibus I now see that the genetically enhanced soldiers of the Adeptus Astartes can be fascinating characters in their own right So I was very intrigued by Ben Counter’s “Grey Knights Omnibus” which combines Space Marines with the Inuisition since the titular characters serve as the Chamber Militant or private army of the Ordo Malleus the branch of the Inuisition charged with hunting demons Adding to my excitement was the fact that Counter penned probably my favorite entry in the Horus Heresy books I’ve read so far “Galaxy in Flames” the series third book Having now finished the three books that make up the “Grey Knights Omnibus” “Grey Knights” “Dark Adeptus” and “Hammer of Demons” I’m happy to say the book was even better than I expected it to be I loved all three books especially “Hammer of Demons’Like any great Warhammer 40K novel the books that make up the “Grey Knights”omnibus feature a lot of action and Counter is great at staging a variety of different action scenes We get hostage stand offs in massive high tech office buildings that have been taken over by demon worshipping cults a massive melee battle between power armor clad Grey Knights and the medieval warriors of a feudal planet cat and mouse pursuit involving techno demons and sinister bio mechanical warriors a finale to the second novel that has to be read to believed I’m not spoiling it here and a whole series of really cool hand to hand and insane large scale battles in the third novel Counter expertly stages these scenes The pace of them is fun and exciting and you feel their impactAs a bonus you also get some really cool scenes of space ship combat You don’t often get outer space combat in 40K novels Ben Counterwhere much of the action takes place on the ground but the “Grey Knights Omnibus” featured some exciting space battles that came about organically and added some tension and excitement to the larger narrativesThere was so much diverse action in the Omnibus because in each book Counter told three very different types of stories The first book in the series “Grey Knights” was the type of story you initially think about when you’d imagine a group of demon hunting Space Marines affiliated with the Inuisition In it Justicar Alaric and the fellow members of his Grey Knights suad are tasked with aiding an Inuisitor investigating a prophecy about a powerful demon prince escaping his prison in the otherworldly dimension known as the Warp “Dark Adeptus” is sort of a “behind enemy lines” style story where the world of the Grey Knights collides with the world of Warhammer 40K’s mysterious tech priests the Adeptus Mechanicus It follows Alaric the other Grey Knights from his suad that survived the first book some members of the Inuisition and an expedition of tech priests as they explore a mysterious Forge World the technological centers of the Imperium of Man that has suddenly reappeared after vanishing over a century ago Then the final book “Hammer of Demons” finds Alaric trapped on a hellish demon world; an entire planet dedicated to the worship of the murderous Chaos God KhorneI loved that Counter gave us three distinct stories It gave the book a nice variety and it also added towards what’s become one of my favorite aspects of Warhammer 40K novels; the travelogue feel to them It feels like authors of Black Library’s 40K books really strive to give the planets where their stories take place uniue feels In “Grey Knights” Counter took readers to several very different and distinct worlds In the latter two novels the author took the chance to explore in depth two strange and inhospitable planets So setting was very much a big part of these novels for me and really added to the larger stories Counter was tellingAction and setting are fun elements of course but they don’t necessarily make for good stories Good characters are key for good stories and in his “Grety Knights Omnibus” Counter presents us with a fantastic lead character in the form of Justicar Alaric Over the course of the three tales you really get to see Alaric grow and change It was fun and exciting to watch and it was not unlike what Dan Abnett did with his protagonist in his amazing “Eisenhorn” trilogy of novels which were my introduction to Black Library’s “Warhammer 40000” fiction line Part of what made Alaric’s journey so fun was watching him deal with the complications and difficult choices that come with fighting demons and seeing how that affected his faith in the God Emperor of Mankind An almost deity like figure that the humans and many Space Marines of 40K revere and in some cases outright worship and his duty to humanityYou really get to see that in “Hammer of Demons” which in some ways was a difficult book to read because I was really invested in Alaric as a character by that time Ultimately though “Hammer of Demons” was the best of the three books in the Omnibus though and one of the best 40K books I’ve ever read Again I don’t want to spoil much but the book’s setting of a world conuered by demons means Alaric undergoes an epic journey that challenges his faith and devotion to duty and forces him to grow as a person It’s thrilling and powerful stuff and featured some real moving uotes about hope and humanityAlaric wasn’t the only interesting character in “The Grey Knights Omnibus” either Over the course of the three novels you meet some complex heroes and vile villains My favorites were Inuisitor Ligea Alaric’s battle brother Dvorn Interrogator Hawkespur and the demonic Duke Venalitor who I really hatedSo if you’re a fan of the Warhammer 40000 universe or are looking for a good place to get acuainted with it for the first time pick up the “Grey Knights Omnibus” It’s a hell of a read that’s fun exciting poignant and powerful It left me wanting from both Ben Counter and the titular demon hunters of the Ordo Malleus

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    I had this book sitting on my shelf for a few years I had acuired it from a local used book store that has long since gone out of business The Grey Knights chapter of Space Marines have always intrigued me from the moment I first set eyes on them the Warhammer 40000 Suad Command Tactics game There are certain expectations for whenever I read a 40K novel I'm not reading this to be edified I am not expecting a grandiose narrative or social commentary I am expecting a pulpy sci fifantasy action novel packed with lots of action This book absolutely deliversThe beginning of the novel is in typical Warhammer fashion as we get a detailed description of a daemon world filled with a field of Chaos cultists crucified and fused to trees in order to commune with their daemon overlord Great just what I was expecting From then on the novel is a wild ride from the perspective of Justicar Alaric recently promoted to his positionbasically a suad leader Alaric isn't like other Space Marines and displays imagination and aptitude something especially uniue coming from his incredibly rigid and dogmatic chapter of Marines They hunt daemons afterall I always uite enjoy Space Marine stories when the marines themselves aren't just blank characters and have their own insecurities and uirks Its the best way to make these superhuman characters relatable The Grey Knights are believed to be incorruptible yet by the end of the story we wonder like Alaric himself what he has become In order to achieve victory against the myriad of foes he faces Alaric has had to do things atypical of an Imperial marine He's communed with daemons worked with aliens and even used the powers of Chaos against themselves There were several likable side cahracters that in retrospect I should've seen their fates but I grew attached to This is a Warhammer novel after all; there's no happy endings in the grimdarkness of the 41st millennium

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    Good start uestionable endAs a reader relatively new to Warhammer 40k i was particularly eager to read up on the grey knights I must say that the first book is the best of the lot Its inventive has a good plot and the final twist is nothing to sneeze at The second book is a little bit of a letdown compared to the first but it does have its merit The third one felt like it could have been written in any universe My biggest gripe is that none of the grey knights is even a bit memorable aside from Alaric As if they weren't even there Also the third book is heavily related to Khorne and his followers but the rules of the deity are heavily bent to make certain plot points work even cringeworthy in some cases Nonetheless its a good starting point for learning about the grey knights

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    Awesome series Loved it

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    Two stars for story which is straight up action Four stars for world building

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    Bear with me this is going to be a tell a tale of my life before the actual review but I believe it will explain the big impression this book had on meThe Emperor ProtectsA tale of my lifeFor someone that hates miniature games it is not a impediment to read good sci fi about them I'm a huge fan of the world of Warhammer 40k even before I knew it existed All because I'm a faithful player of Warcraft the RTS games please and Starcraft which are in a very close sense a fan warhammer type of gameSo when I thought Starcraft had a good story to write out in a book and I know there are some novels I discovered Warhammer 40K universe I was familiar with Warhammer fantasy universe Talking with some friends I got my hands on this omnibusActual reviewFor a old space sci fi lover it lacks one or two things Then I'm glad I'm not a old space sci fi lover ;Justicar Alaric is an Adeptus Astartes Chapter Grey Knights Which mean they are big badass and good guys of the story Ben Counter takes us in a journey of what is a Grey Knight what is his part on the eternal war going around in and out of the Imperium and what is the meaning of being a daemon hunter Alaric is a strange gifted Astartes He have imagination He have a character that is a bit different from almost all the other Grey Knights That makes him special That makes him dangerousThe omnibus have three books on it Grey Knights in this book you get to know the main characters and supporting lead characters And you get to know what is a Grey Knight what forces move them They face in this book a Lovecraftian type of daemon that is known by the Prince of the Thousand faces And he have a old plan set in motion For someone that like me warhammer 40k is a green virgin bitchy dimension this was a great way to start A touch of the Inuisition and its inside works and a great deal of blood and daemon mess One thing one learns fast reading this first book is daemons here are not mindless red beasts with horns that scream at us Oh no They are vicious and powerful that a single mind can imagine So Alaric is send to the Trail of St Elvissier in the company of his suad to prevent the ancient plan to occur Siding with Ligea a inuisitor of the highest style they plunge with madness hoping they can break the Chaos for a while Adeptas Sororitas rock enough said Dark Adeptus this one bring Alaric back from the Trail bruised but alive and send him and his suad to the claws of Adeptus Mechanicus Or to the Dark Adeptus if we are to stand correct Ben Counter narrative is of such intensity of description without at any moment being boring or dull or meaningless that one can close its eyes and see the wonders and horrors of Chaeronia unfolding and literally biologically blooming in our minds So even the Machine God can go bananas Or sort of The flow of the book is amazing And we get to see a Chaos Horus time fleet actually fighting But back to the story so Alaric still a Justicar goes to Chaeronia to find out what happened to the planet in its 100 years of absence of the real space I'm sure none of them were expecting that The Castigator was what it was This book brings us the Adeptus Mechanicus to the spotlight giving the haters of miniatures a good and great view about another adeptus of the Imperium Hammer of Daemons Reading this book without the other two is a good thing The narrative is good and one gets hooked from the 3 or 4 chapter to the end in a endless crescendo that only clashes in the two last pages But if one have read the other two novels this book is in one word awesome Alaric is thrown head first body second spirit all forward out of his comfort zone I've learned to like Alaric and to understand him in the previous books and in this one I was with him all the wayWhat is the worse thing that can happen to a daemon hunter? Be caught by daemons That is what happen This book is the culmination of what makes a Grey Knight a Grey Knight This book is the affirmation of Alaric as well as his fall And rising And fall again And I guess you have to read the book to find out what happens to my favourite Grey Knight ever when he caught himself trapped and slaved between his believes and his humanity in the blood world of Khrone Blood god of Chaos of DraakasiWhat to say?If you like sci fi no matter if you play warhammer or not and you want to have something new and refreshing and dark very very dark to read try this OmnibusTry Ben Counter narrativeAnd I'm the Hammer

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