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The Ever Open Door Wonderful So real about world war twoand how strong the british families we're wish families we're like that now unfortunately British people have lost togetherness Brilliance on the part of the author Really enjoyed this bookSo very heartfelt of the reality of the war loved it Easy readingI enjoyed this story with the day to day life of an ordinary family Couldn't put it down Loved Daisy BrilliantAbsolutely loved this book It's a story of the people living in Millington during the war and how they support each other through struggles and sad times It's also about friendships and happiness and how people pull together Highly recommend ExvellentThoroughly enjoyed this book first time I've read this author will read of her books Atmospheric liight hearted DaisyI loved reading about daisy and her family also was true with the horrible and disgusting man who was her friends father how sad and about all the other families and friends A lovely story well written about how things used to be in my young days Burly steelworker Jim Butler and his wife Sally are uite content in their little house on Potters Row Jim's only complaint is that Sally is too soft hearted for her own good always at the beck and call of any neighbour friend or even stranger Sally on the other hand accuses Jim of being a soft touch for anyone after a drink or two at the Rising Sun Both accept that neither will ever change and they love each other and their daughter Daisy deeply Theirs is a close knit family in a close knit community where gossip both good and bad abounds and neighbour looks out for neighbour and friend for friend And when Sally's generosity leads to an inheritance it should mean a change of life for the better instead it brings danger and difficult choices for them all Told with warmth and humour The Ever Open Door is the story of hard working down to earth people in a small Yorkshire town during the Second World War and its aftermath Doors unlockedYears ago the back door was never locked Friends would come and go and as the book is called an ever open doorAs from then the same thing that happened in this book young Daisy knew everyone in the street every one looked after each others children she played outside and had a lovely life few scary times but she got over thatHer family were the sort like years ago all growing up togetherher Uncle went to war and came back like a lot of them with awful memories but he ended up marrying and was happy Daisy ended up being an author and part time reporter at her uncles wedding and other weddings taking photos the Editors was very pleased with herlovely book Mum wanted me to read it Family story set in WW2 a bit bland but easy and pleasent Very long winded and i found it a bit of a let down

  • The Ever Open Door
  • Glenice Crossland
  • 06 April 2016
  • 9780099533726