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The Once and Future Prince At Her Royal Ex Lover's CommandHe would have been king of Castaldiniuntil scandal sent Prince Leandro D'Agostino into exile Now Phoebe Alexander his secret lover who'd refused to leave with him had come to convince him to accept his rightful crown But the pain of betrayal still coursed through Leandro's veins He would rule only if Phoebe bowed to his wishesScorched from the decisions of her past Phoebe was willing to do Leandro's royal bidding She knew she could never be his ueen but she would freely become the prince's lover Then an unexpected pregnancy changed everything

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    The Once and Future King by Olivia GatesLeandro D’Agostino Phoebe AlexanderThis was the first book in the trilogy Leandro Phoebe are two people hurting from the anguish and deception of the past Leandro comes across in the beginning of the book as an unforgiving man who doesn’t need anyone in his life Phoebe is the one person that can help Leandro if he’ll let her Phoebe is his past a past that he wants to forget The real star of this series will not be uncovered until you read the epilogue of The Illegitimate King Read this series in the correct order each marvelous story will tear your heart Each couple will make you cry and rejoice This book is a five star read A MUST read

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    Read another book in this series first then this one Didn't really effect my enjoyment of the story though A little far fetched he breaks her heart twice and she still takes him back but I was still rooting for him in the end The book makes me want to visit this make believe place to see how beautiful it really is in person

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    I just finished reading The Once and Future Prince I only hope that this review expresses my appreciation and admiration for Olivia Gates' writing and story telling talent and how beautifully she uses words to paint pictures and to bring to the mind's eye so many wonderful metaphors that at times it seemed poetic I found thee imagery that she's created and has woven through the entire book to be captivating and sensual Let me elaborateWe'll start with Leandro and Phoebe's relationship at the beginning of the story a flashback eight years prior She created a young relationship that began with an all consuming desire They were both so insecure he for the crown and she for her standing in his world that they allowed those insecurities to tear them apart Their growth could have ended there and they could have remained static characters but then this book wouldn't have been nearly as fantastic as it is I might seem sappy but the part that made me cry the most was when they were flying over Castaldini after eight years of exile It was so apparent that he loved his country and coming back was emotional for him Phoebe had the correct instinct to give him space and to allow him to experience that while staying close enough if he wanted to borrow some of her strength The depth of his pain was so subtly written that it took by by surprise and I wept while visualizing him looking out of the plane window Brilliantly done especially since I never expected that scene to touch me the mostMs Gates' exercised patience and restraint in getting them back together in a fully physical way This book is rare in the sense that she allowed us to live in their world while they nurtured and grew their relationship So often in romance the real relationship doesn't begin until the book is almost over In this book you allowed us to savor the build up of their love for a great portion I love that Another thing I noticed and really enjoyed about this relationship was the laughter and the light hearted banter that was present and incorporated into their dynamic Often times especially in 'Royal' literature the interactions are so formal almost stuffy In this case the author has infused a breath of fresh air into their otherwise ancient world This made it much easier to believe their love and gave us a reprieve from the intensity of their passionWhen they finally did consummate their relationship this is where my vocabulary eludes me and I sound like an embarrassed teenager In a word wow That was hot That was deep uh pun only partially intended and that was naughty Uh I'm impressed I had no idea Desire could get so hot Leandro certainly is an alpha in every sense of the wordThis was beautifully written Once again Olivia Gates has taken us into an imaginary world that takes our breath away Read it

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    I really love the emotional depths this author went in this book It was great to read and feel everything the hero and heroine were Also the fact that the hero owned up to his mistakes and actually begged that was totally epic The hero was a good uality hero all around once he shaped up and the heroine was a complete and utter goddess to put up with everything she went through including the emotional tear down from the hero Totally worth the read

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    I have to start this review with a declaration Olivia Gates' status as a USA Today Bestselling Author while deserved is not enough She is a master at description This romance novel tells a passion filled tale of lust love and betrayal A slew of emotions are drawn from you with just a few of Ms Gates' artful wordsHere are some of my favourite lines from the prologue aloneHe prowled toward her his shirt phosphorescent in the dimness unbuttoned to the waist revealing chiseled power that bunched and gleamed with every step Page 10He reached out to her warm large hands singeing her steadying her body shaking everything else Page 10The moment her tremors hit him his pupils obliterated his irises black holes that sucked coherence from her mind wrenched hunger from her depths Page 11It was like a dam had burst Violent Deluging Their mouths collided merged flooding her with what she'd never thought to find until him Oneness Need that sliced her open Page 11Rest fully assured that the novel only gets better as it progresses My mouth watered for within the opening pages the prologue plunging me into the allure of a story like perhaps only one book I have ever read before And it isn't just about love and the betrayal of a lover The plot is as intriguing It is all so personal to the characters and readers are allowed unguarded access to their every thought and motivation You're right there with them cheering their wins and booing their mistakesWant a little ?He snatched her scream of release into his ravaging mouth roared his own jetting into her depths to the rhythm of her convulsions until she lay beneath him boneless Devoured Replete Leandro Her lion man Page 11The novel is a work of perfection right down to the names of each character As someone who puts a lot of though into names I sincerely appreciated Olivia Gates' characters With a male protagonist like Leandro D'Agostino our lion man packing as much dominant powerful ferocity as the animal and a female protagonist like Phoebe Alexander the compassionate radiant and bright negotiator of Castaldini as alluring as the moon every detail evokes a response that keeps you turning pages long after your bedtimeOlivia Gates' supporting cast of characters are amazing as well Each with a clearly defined personality affording readers instant understanding of what to expect from them and what their roles in all the drama will be Clarity of this sort can be lost so easilyThe pacing of her story is fantastic and her prose flows with lyrical grace I may be waxing it on thick with this review not that it makes any of my words less true but Olivia Gates is the romance novelist whose talent I aspire towards

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    I want to go to Castaldini even live there Olivia Gates brings this fictional Mediterranean kingdom to such vivid life I felt I was there breathing its air and having its sun on my skin Leandro and Phoebe have a tormented past together and they'd both been exiled one from his kingdom and everything he's loved starting by her while she was exiled from her very heart and any hope of happiness when she lost him Finding their way back to each other was wonderful and when it all goes wrong again terribly painful A fantastic start to the Castaldini Crown series and worthy of many rereads

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    The Once Future Prince is a story set in a fictional kingdom in the midst of upheaval Castaldini needs a new king and Leandro is the best choice That's the background The real story is about two people rebuilding a relationship that once fractured and tore both of them apart Coming together again to save the kingdom these two people Leandro and Phoebe learn to trust both each other and themselves and learn how to live with openness and maturity The secondary characters in this story are great especially Ernesto the man who has looked after Leandro since he was orphaned An extremely intense and tender read as always with Olivia Gates

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    I can't recommend The Once And Future Prince Castaldini Crown #1 by Olivia Gates highly enoughI mean the intense passionate way Olivia Gates writes is just freakin' awesome I don't know of anyone else who writes like that I know it sounds corny but her uniue style of writing just touches your heart and soul Please treat yourself to a rare reading experience that you can relate to whoever you are Seriously aren't we all just trying to find that special someone who was born to love us?

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    This is a must read book This is the story of lust betrayal unreuited love renewed love and learning of trust Leondro and Phoebe is a passionate couple because of a misunderstanding spent 8 years apart only to come back together and find out that the fire still burns between them but both are very cautious to let go again

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    The CAstaldini Crown is very different from Throne of Judar the first series I read for Olivia Gates but it's just as fantastic This first book in the series is so lush and heart wrenching I adored it I still prefer Throne of Judar but this is head and shoulders above most books I read anyway

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