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The Diamond Bride Nanny WantedRufus tall dark handsome widower seeks nanny for daughter JessicaAnnie young pretty and with experience caring for children wants position as live in nanny Would welcome the chance to be part of a familyJessica eight years old hopes for new wife for her dad Her nanny Annie is just great and anybody can see how much Daddy likes her he even kissed her in the library So why doesn't he make her a Diamond bride Because silly Daddy's got it wrong and thinks Annie is in love with someone else that's why

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Diamond Bride
  • Carole Mortimer
  • English
  • 09 August 2015
  • 9780373119660

About the Author: Carole Mortimer

I have written almost 250 romance novels in contemporary and Regency I am a USA Today Bestselling Author and recipient of the 2015 RWA Lifetime Achievement Award In 2014 I received a Pioneer of Romance Award from Romantic Times in the US and in 2012 I was recognised by ueen Elizabeth II for my 'outstanding service to literature' I am very happily married to Peter with six sons and live on the

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    Re The Diamond Bride Carole Mortimer does her take on the Nanny Wanted series with her trademark MayDecember romance and she throws in some Anne Mather keepin' it all in the family tropes tooThe h in this is the typical redhead CM h She is 22 yrs old an orphan who grew up in a care home and is now very happy in her new job as a nanny to a 9 yr old little girl on a lovely country estate There is even a potential suitor in her immediate vicinity the 36 yr old uncle of her young chargeWhen the book opens the h is standing in a foggy sea cove and waiting for someone What she gets is a tall dark and rugged looking man warning the h that the cove isn't safe and a few women have drowned thereThe h is a bit frightened of the imposing stranger but puts on her best nanny in charge voice and warns the man against trespassing It soon becomes clear that the man is no trespasser he is the older Diamond brother and the whole estate belongs to him he is also the roving war correspondent father of her young chargeThe h is both frightened and repelled by her employer and Rochester comparisons abound When the h returns to the main house it is apparent that the eldest son's arrival is not very popular Her erstwhile wanna be suitor is making spiteful remarks the older icy grandmother of the little girl is at her social doyenne frostiest and the older brother is seemingly enjoying stirring the potIt seems the older brother has some uestions concerning recent accidents on the estate His wife died five years earlier when she was out on a boat in the cove with his younger brother Now his daughter has been thrown from a placid horse and injured The older brother is suspicious that these incidents may not have been accidents and there are hints that older brother suspects his younger brother is behind them The h is called to the study to explain why her charge was thrown from her horse and why the little girl's ankle was injured The h explains that she doesn't know how the accident happened she has limited riding experience as she grew up in an orphanage But she does know the saddle girth fell open and plunged both the saddle and the little girl to the groundHer employer also remarks that the h should think carefully before encouraging the attentions of his younger half brother His stepmother the little girl's grandmother is very intent on getting him married off to a wealthy young socialite whose father is also the younger brother's employerThis development has worried the h as well because the younger brother has been very ardent in his pursuit ever since she accepted the position after the prior nanny suddenly left There were even kissing moments the h claims that she is attracted but she is wondering what is going on because just the day before she met the younger brother's fianceeCM tries to play it that the h did not know the younger brother was engaged which may have been true at first But then he kisses her again AFTER the h met his fiancee and I wasn't feeling too positive about this h's bona fide HP gold standard virtuous moral character and unicorn grooming statusAnyhows the h's newly returned employer seems to like stirring the pot and he seems particularly keen to find the former nanny The little girl the h is watching is really the most sensible of all the characters and she has the good sense to interject a lot of good advice when the h seems to be a bit TSTL about things like flirting with her uncleWe uickly learn that each of the family members except for the little girl seem to be in some sort of competition with each other The older brother resents that his mother died when he was a baby and his father uickly remarried the pregnant step mother an embarrassingly short time later CM hints that the older brother's mother committed suicide in the cove because of his father's affair with the step mother and it also becomes obvious that the half brothers are in fierce competition with each otherThe h is soon placed in the middle of both of their amorous pursuits but by chapter six the h has finally found her spine and tells the younger brother who is now immersed in immediate wedding plans to bugger off because she will be no married slime toad's mistressThat leaves the older brother as the H and with the tensions in the house rising he takes the h and his daughter on a little jaunt to London A nice time is had by all until the h realizes that the H is very keen to find the former nanny Since the h is attracted to the H and his roofie kisses herself they have an almost purple passion moment where the h's unicorn grooming ualifications are reassuringly left intact this sets up an instant jealousy on the h's side of things The h becomes convinced that the H was the former nanny's lover It seems these Diamond men have a thing for messing with the staff the H's stepmother was his father's secretary So with increasingly huffy looks at the H for leading her love starved heart on the h tries to figure out what to do after striking out with both Diamond menThen the H comes storming in he found the former nanny and he is SERIOUSLY NOT PLEASED We all go back to the country estate where the H and the granny stepmother get into a fierce argument while the h and the little girl get banished to the nurseryThe granny stepmother collapses and she is rushed to hospital the H goes as well and promises that he will explain things to the h later Then the younger brother shows up he is a slime toad to the h and she tells him off and sends him to his mother in hospital The H returns and finally we get the big reveal of why the H is looking for the previous nanny The former nanny got seduced by the younger brother and is now pregnant and dumped with no support from the younger brother slime pustule The H had suspected something of the sort because the younger brother also tried to seduce the H's first wife and got really snarky when she refused him and then the H's wife drowned the H can't prove that the brother killed his wife but he has serious suspicions We learn also that the granny stepmother has terminal cancer and she is desperate to get the younger brother married off she knows the H will toss him off the estate the instant that she dies and her son has already run through most of his inheritanceThe H doesn't deny he despises his younger half brother in fact he punches him in the face for being a slime toad pustule on general terms and for impregnating the former nanny for specifics Then the H banishes him from his house The H is now able to tell the h that since his wife died he has been mostly celibate but the h had reawakened him to love in his world and when he first saw the h he knew that she was the woman he had always been waiting for Apparently his first wife was a younger brother reject and the H married her because he felt bad for her or something It wasn't really explainedThe H is going to stop roving reporting and stay home and write books and he would really like it if the h would agree to marry him Since the h has been in love with the H for the last two chapters she happily agreesWe get a little epilogue where the H is going to support his half brother's love child the stepmother told the H that his mother had postnatal depression and that is why she killed herself and the H and h are married to the little girl's utmost delight for a very happy CM HEAThis book had a lot of elements of Rebecca and than a hint of Henry James' Turn of the Screw tho the little girl was the smartest and nicest character in the book and there was no weird or tacky behavior from her at allThe adults in the story were another matter as they all seem to have a bit of bad behavior and huge pile of tackiness The H was definitely the nicer of the duo tho he seemed to have a lot of suspicions about both his half brother being a murderer and his stepmother being a gold digging tart neither of which are resolved CM wants to leave us pondering While the h definitely needed a few whacks from the skillet for messing with an engaged manIn spite of all the undertones subterfuges murky conclusions and the miasma of darker romance the book was mostly meh CM did a great mood and tone and then gave us two character who turned out to be a bit boring The younger brother's fiancee was one of the interesting characters actuallyShe has almost no page time and she appears to be a spoilt society dimwit but CM lets us know that her character did a 180 right after the wedding to the younger brother and now she rules his hiney with a fist of steel and he is kept very busy grovelling I am actually kinda sad that we did not get that book it would have been highly entertaining Overall tho the romance is believable if mediocre and there was some nice scene setting for the story overall There are worse HP outings out there so this one might be worth the read if you run into it

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    The Diamond Bride is the story of Annie and RufusThis entangled family drama has a h who finds work as a nanny for the H's daughter when the old au pair leaves without notice She soon meets the H who is an investigative reporter usually out on assignments and he warns her off his engaged step brother who the h had been infatuated to Soon the h recognizes the nefarious intent of the stepbrother and stars falling for the uber sweet H as she already loves his adorable daughter There is some OWOM drama and after some creepy mysteries are solved they have their HEASuper likable H innocent h messed up family dynamics some insanity heated kisses loving kids and a happy ending make up this story The reveal is predictable and this is overall just a sweet romance Very low on angstSafe35

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    A sweet read The h is innocent but fiery The H is a good guy with an adorable daughter The H’s brother is a douche and his stepmother is well a stepmother There was enough family drama to make the story exciting and enough chemistry between the h and H to keep you invested I enjoyed this bit of escapism It left me smiling

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    For me the cover was the best part of this book Way too much of an alphole hero for me The heroine seemed actually pretty sensible untilshe didn’t view spoilerNamely when she jumped to the conclusion the hero was involved with another woman becausehe asked about her? How very dare he hide spoiler

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    Miniseries Nanny Wanted

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    OW was a figment of the heroine's imagination She sure leaped to conclusions on the flimsiest evidence

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    I liked this book It was a 35 almost four The hero was not always so likable but turned out alright The Heroine a little too ignorant iny opinion All in all nice uick read

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    Ok but frustrating having the one sided point of view

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