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The Summer Kitchen Another good comfort read I would group this or any of Wingate's books that I've read as fluff at all She writes fiction about contemporary real life and people whose actions make a difference What distinguishes her books from other comfort books is that the lessons of kindness and civility are emphasized as this uote from Penguin Random House states While her work has received many awards she most treasures the National Civics Award awarded by the kindness watchdog organization Americans for More Civility to recognize public figures who work to promote greater kindness and civility in American life She believes that stories can change the worldA uote for The Summer Kitchen worth remembering When addiction runs in your family you can't take chances You can't try it once to see what it's like One time can be the beginning of something you can't stop The Summer Kitchen has 2 amazing characters both of them dealing with difficult circumstances who live totally different lives How they meet and connect by way of peanut butter snadwiches is a wonderful story that wil touch your heart an easy read but very worthwhile as it will make you thinkI had never read this author before but will look of of her books The Summer Kitchen is Lisa Wingate's new exciting and inspirational book It is one of those straight through books Can't put it down until finishedSeventeen year old Rusty and his twelve year old sister Cass Salley Blue runaway from home just after their mother's funeral to avoid foster care Barely earning enough to keep a place to live and food on the table they end up in a dilapidated apartment in a struggling section of Dallas SandraKaye Darden is preparing her deceased uncle's little red house for sale The house is located near Cass and Rusty's apartmentThe Summer Kitchen is laced with inspirational uotes Cass Salley Blue Some lady told me once that when you don't like where you are you could close your eyes and think of the place you'd rather beIf you believed it enough she said it'd be just like you were there A mind trip she called itIf the mountain's big you gotta dream bigger Cass Salley Blue Nothing is impossible if you've got enough faith You remember that Cass Salley Blue and Opel in her new tshoos will be long rememberedThis is a very special book by an extraordinary author A book that hopefully makes it to the movies soonI highly recommend the Summer KitchenEd While this book won't knock anyone over with a highbrow writing style it is nevertheless well written and the characters and events are satisfyingly true to life It's clean enough for a church library without shying away from realities like drugs abuse and kids who dumpster dive to survive It touched my heart and reminded me to look around my neighborhood to see who might be falling through the cracks and need some help I'll definitely read of Lisa Wingate I think I loved the first book but I loved this book as well I also love that this series takes place right by where I live These characters are so real I feel I can hop in the car and visit them anytime There is a purpose for broken houses and broken people Her perfect life was shattered Was it perfect or was it just a facade? Did she shelter her children too much that they did not have the skills to cope reality? As her life she knew it was falling apart a new and different one was taking shape Did she have the courage to look at the truth and change? Well written and raw this book follows Cass a young orphan girl who just wants to live with her brother rather than being taken into the system They run when their safety is threatened and life is hard often low on food and living in little than hovels A town outside Dallas is where Cass and Rusty settled for the moment in a neighborhood near the home of Sandra Kaye's grandfather Poppy Poppy was killed recently and broken hearted Sandra is fixing the house up to sell Seeing children in a dumpster nearby Sandra decides to bring sandwiches the next time she arrives This is where Cass and Sandra meet and along for the ride is the darling Iris a sweet title thing with a drug addict mom who can’t function enough to take care of herSandra's life isn’t as together as she'd like others to think but her heart is huge and it goes out to neglected and hungry children like these Cass becomes her co hort of sorts helping the daily sandwich making and distributing Such a sensitive pairing; such love and need for loveA bit too raw at times but into the end there's an awwww factor you won’t want to miss My book rating comes from the nostalgia it created for me around Poppy's house the numerous good deeds Sandra wound up performing the lives she changed and the life she took on as a result Plain and simple this was a feel good book about some pretty simple people who did some extra ordinary things Sandra reflected their life had been good and easyalthough I would suggest they had their share of difficult times that led Sandra to take some unusual risks and reach out to those less fortunate Words to live by Sandra never thought to help those less fortunate Fortunes can turn at any time and you find out what you're made of what's beneath the surface From the author of A Month of Summer an inspiring new novel in the Blue Sky Hill series about one woman's effect on a struggling Dallas neighborhood With her adopted son missing and the rest of her family increasingly estranged Sandra Kaye Darden is drawn to the little pink house where her Uncle Poppy once provided security What begins for Sandra as a simple painting project meant to prepare the house for sale becomes a secret venture that eventually changes everything Cass Blue is having trouble keeping food on the table since she ditched foster care When Sandra Kaye shows up with lunch one day Cass has no way of knowing that the meeting will lead to the creation of a place of refuge that could reunite a divided community In this moving story of second chances two unlikely allies realize their ability to make a differenceand the power of what becomes known as the Summer Kitchen to nourish the soul Public library copy I love this series but let me warn you it's hard to put down The story is so real and I identify with the real life problems and characters The story stands alone overlapping some characters from Blue Sky Hill #1 which is set in the same area of Dallas I love the themes which overlap I love books with depth to them I love the title of this one and the meaning behind it and the meaning which it has for multiple characters Very clean read

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