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Total Abuse Collected Writings 1984 1995 WARNING This book contains extremely unpleasant material described with unremittingly graphic precision It would be a darkly humorous understatement to say that this collection is not intended for the sueamish Peter Sotos is the world's foremost practitioner of verbal brutality His words achieve a nearly inconceivable level of intensity while offering the most cohesive insightful commentary on pornography currently available And he serves it up without detached hypocritical hand wringing or the sticky postmodern safety net of camp humor Devotees of blandly moralistic “true crime” writing and pockmarked collectors of “horror” fiction won't find much to suit their tastes here Total Abuse features nearly all of Sotos's written output since 1984 PURE The world's first self published true crime fanzine PURE was so convincingly written that it led to police surveillance of the author and his subseuent arrest The first two issues of PURE have been endlessly photocopied on the bootleg circuit; their complete text is reprinted herein The text to both volumes of PURE III written in 1985 is being published here for the first time anywhere Included are the author's essays on child pornography; anal rape; Nazi fetishes; Prostitutes' crushed skulls; homosexual slaughter; and a close up lens on the bawling faces of victims' family members TOOL A brief collection of fictionalized psycho sexual narratives the first chapter of which caused seismic levels of uneasiness when printed in ANSWER Me #4 Sotos regales the reader with thoughts on his arrest; child abuse; gay bashing; race baiting; project dwelling crack whores; peep show dancers; murdered male hookers; and the inexorable pain of surviving friends 'n' family PARASITE Pornography examined prodded deconstructed and understood as never before Originally published as twenty issues of a monthly newsletter PARASITE is literary criticism seamlessly woven with personal psychodrama Sotos scrutinizes gay glory hole porn; true crime untruths; gang bang videos; and his favorite philosophical ghetto radical feminism He delivers surprisingly witty one liners regarding the current glut of empowerment theory sexual healing self help gibberish He ruminates about the “money shot” and its degrading potential More abused kids More crying mothers More bad feelings on all sides Total Abuse contains a brief introduction by Jim Goad and an extensive interview with Peter Sotos WARNING TOTAL ABUSE is not for the sueamish I seem to have unwittingly become an expert on serial killers If you had to start someplace with Sotos and I don't necessarily think you should this would be my recommendation Pure Tool and Parasite are a solid introduction to this very twisted writer's world They have all of his signature traits an overwhelming obsession with sex crime specifically the VICTIMS OF sex crime child pornography murder peep shows prostitutes glory holes etc But Sotos is a writer whose later works are considerably experimental and so I think it is especially helpful to read his work in order if possible And in this regard I found Total Abuse to be particularly helpful because it presents his earliest most accessible works in chronological order Total Abuse starts with an introduction by Jim Goad followed by an interview with Sotos conducted by Goad The interview is uite illuminating and especially valuable considering that Sotos doesn't often give interviews and those he has given are often difficult to find Next comes Pure Much had been said of Pure That it is repulsive Obscene It is sure Sotos writes about killers rapists torturers Nazis etc in glowing terms and that can make for an uncomfortable reading experience But really at the end of the day I found it to be pretty juvenile The shock tactics take center stage in a manner reminiscent of a morbid rebel teenager trying to shock his parents and teachers BUT here you can clearly see Sotos is in the process of discovering his powers and developing his voice as a writer and that in and of itself is fascinating His power with words even in the context of this juvenilia is on full display So while I don't think it comes even remotely close to his finely crafted later works I still think it's essential Tool comes next It was written in the years following Pure and the resulting court case and its obvious that the intervening years have given Sotos time to hone his craft in addition to deepening his bitterness and misanthropy The language here cuts like a scalpel A series of vignettes concerning all manner of terrible things Tool is the best thing here from a writing perspective No other writer can match Sotos when it comes to making me feel physically uncomfortable while reading After reading all of Tool in one evening I felt drained Empty Dirty But also invigorated for having encountered such powerful writing Sotos undoubtedly wrote better books than Tool later on but considering his then young age and the jump in uality from Pure which was written and published only half a decade or so earlier this is seriously impressive stuffParasite comes last and it's the most entertaining thing here It's Sotos dabbling in criticism allsorts social music film literature art Sotos analyzes and criticizes all of these things and and the results are sometimes hilarious often appalling but always fascinating It was originally published in a newsletter format and I'm extremely grateful that it has all been reprinted here for posterity as the original editions are very rare and expensive when sold All told Total Abuse is fantastic This writing and this writer are certainly not for everyone No doubt the majority of people would be repulsed with the contents of this book But as someone who has read the vast majority of his output I stand by my opinion that this is the ideal starting place for someone new to Sotos Absolutely essential reading if you have a high threshold for revulsion and feel like getting acuainted with a seriously powerful and disturbing writer

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