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The Italian Playboy's Proposition Plain poor and inexperienced Jude struggles to hold down a full time job as well as being guardian to her brother's three little children So she can't believe her eyes when she opens her front door to handsome Luca Di Rossi the man whom the newspapers call the world's most notorious playboyJude knows that in any other circumstances wealthy powerful Luca wouldn't look twice at her But he needs a wife—pronto Now the ruthless billionaire's demanding a marriage of convenience hasting ending but otherwise an uniue read5 stars Man the blurb is a bit misleading They make Jude seem like a wallflower She really isn't She's got a PhD ladies who are looking for HP heroines with a higher education and a good career read this one she's got a nice place to live and I would consider her successful She sounds pretty attractive to me Not drop dead gorgeous but an attractive woman She just feels like she's not attractive at times because of her mother's overbearing ways So I wouldn't exactly call her a Plain Jane although I would add this under that theme in my bookshelf because that's how Jude sees herself It was a good book a uick read I've read better by Lawrence but it was enjoyable It had some angst but not too much One thing I didn't like was you really didn't get to know Luca's daughter Valentina that well You got glimpses of Jude's nieces and nephews than you get of Valentina I think if you're going to plot a book around a child he or she should make than a token appearance Otherwise the child is merely a plot pointLuca started off being a bossy alpha who was on the judgemental side But he didn't stay that way long enough to be annoying a freuent occurence in the world of Harleuin Presents Another staple of the HP land is the enormously tall so hot he can melt off your panties Italian hero This book is no different Jude can't seem to keep her hands off his body and blurting out things about how gorgeous he is She even propositions him Of course he accepts but his plan is marriage all along that's refreshing isn't it? She just wants an affair The reasons weren't clear except I think she felt he couldn't possibly want a girl like her Yes I think that's what it was I was really tired when I was trying to finish this book so forgive me Anyway I personally would be rather embarrassed to proposition my neighbor like that But heroines can get away with things that us real life girls don't dream of doing There was some good steam and I wanted Jude and Luca to be together The ending was nice but nothing to write home about I think I would have enjoyed this book if I wasn't half dead from exhaustion from working a six day week last week and twelve hour days and getting up at 4 am every stinking morning six days in a row with one day off If you like Kim Lawrence read it If you want a couple hours of light entertainment I think you'd also enjoy it If you are a fan of HP books it would be a worthwhile read But I don't think it would knock your socks off If I could I'd give it 35 stars instead of 3 stars 4 CONVENIENTLY MARRIED STARSThis is a story about a marriage of convenience A favorite story line of mine I must admit The heroine Jude is a struggling guardian mother figure to her brother's orphaned three children Now these children sound like actual real kids should sound So BRAVO Ms KL on your honest portrayal of kids in this book here The hero Luca Di Rossi is your typical hero here with him being rich tall handsome and with enough luggage to fill a whole baggage kart He needs to uickly find a woman to marry preferably with children Which would allow him to appear established in order to gain full custody of 'his daughter Valentina When he spots the overwhelmed heroine he sees his an opportunity for them to solve each others problems Enter the marriage of convenience Now in HP land nothing is ever this easy and these two must navigate through many obstacles in order to achieve their HEA Also this author is on my auto buy list I have very few disappointing reads from herAnd this book was NOT a disappointment for meWorth a read and a reread for me Safety no cheating some drama with OW but mostly from crazy ex family some pushing and pulling and hero used condoms in his past heroine is virgin A marriage of convenience story of a playboy hero who needs a ready made family in order to keep custody of his daughter from her ruthless grandmother The heroine is guardian of her brother's three children after he and his wife were killed in a car accident They meet when the heroine's nephew wanders off in their apartment building to the hero's half brother's flat The hero returns him along with choice words for the heroineThe heroine is supposed to be a university lecturer but she gasps and jumps to conclusions and takes umbrage at everything the hero does because she is fighting her attraction The hero is eually ridiculous He won't explain anything to the heroine and expects her to trust him that his terrible reputation is undeservedTo round out the annoying characters there's the heroine's hyper critical and unhelpful mother the hero's Machiavellian stepmother she framed a servant because she didn't like how close he was to the family the nosy neighbor calling social services on the heroine and the half brother who never takes responsibility for anything view spoiler He's the father of the hero's daughter hide spoiler

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Italian Playboy's Proposition
  • Kim Lawrence
  • English
  • 12 January 2016
  • 9780373527090

About the Author: Kim Lawrence

Though lacking much authentic Welsh blood Kim Lawrence comes from English Irish stock She was born and brought up in North Wales She returned there when she married and her sons were both born on Anglesey an island off the coast Though not isolated Anglesey is a little off the beaten track but lively Dublin which Kim loves is only a short ferry ride away Today they live on the farm her

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