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Lodore This scarce antiuarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original Due to its age it may contain imperfections such as marks notations marginalia and flawed pages Because we believe this work is culturally important we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting preserving and promoting the world's literature in affordable high uality modern editions that are true to the original work

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    It's unfortunate that today Mary Shelley is known only as the author of Frankenstein or the wife of Percy Bysshe Shelley She was a tremendously popular and prolific writer in her day This very long novel was written towards the end of her life The summary on wikipedia is great Shelley was profoundly committed to an ethic of cooperation mutual dependence and self sacrifice188 In Lodore for example the central story follows the fortunes of the wife and daughter of the title character Lord Lodore who is killed in a duel at the end of the first volume leaving a trail of legal financial and familial obstacles for the two heroines to negotiate The novel is engaged with political and ideological issues particularly the education and social role of women189 It dissects a patriarchal culture that separated the sexes and pressured women into dependence on men In the view of Shelley scholar Betty T Bennett the novel proposes egalitarian educational paradigms for women and men which would bring social justice as well as the spiritual and intellectual means by which to meet the challenges life invariably bringsHaving just narrated the first ever audiobook of this novel and therefore having done several close readslistens as I prepare record and edit I can say that this novel has so much depth of emotion philosophy beautiful language that one read or listen will never exhaust the profound talent of this truly gifted writer

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    This was not the best example of Shelley's writing The narrative told rather than showed the reader what was happening There was minimal dialogue which made the descriptions that much harder to enjoy She often uoted other authors to justify her characters' actions The main plot has potential to be a great story; it was just poorly executed

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    Lodore is often reviewed as an Austen like manners novel with a dark side There is no dark side People assume that because Mary Shelley wrote it it must have the Gothic flair of Frankenstein that made her famous NoThis is just a story about people who have gotten involved in somewhat complicated relationships and failed to solve their problems uickly due to the customs of the day some busy bodies and a lack of clear communication skillsIf you love Jane Austen you'll love this book If you're looking for a darker Austen tale check out Northhanger Abby the book where Austen attempts the Gothic styling made famous by Shelley

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    This book needed an editor There was an interesting and compelling story buried in repetition too much detail and far too much inner monologue in third person I did find hints of Austen in the setting and the social class of the main characters Lodore describes social scenes that Austen avoided; namely debtor’s prison mental illness and even infant death Poor Mary Shelley was uite elouent on depression I will definitely look for of her novels

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    This book was horribly boring It was one of those books that you put down multiple times and then pick up again and try over? It wasn't worth picking up again all those times And was the book that taught me that you don't HAVE to finish a book that you don't enjoy Life's too short I was so disappointed

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    The most Jane Austen like of all the five Shelley novels I’ve read so far this work lives or dies depending on its characterization While her other works presented exceptional settings a world beset by plague acute emotional outpourings a would be suicide devoting his life to the young girl who saves him and unparalleled feats of scientific endeavour artificially creating life this book involves the triumvirate of love family and straitened financial circumstances upon which Austen wove so many of her storiesTo make these issues come alive for her reader Shelley exhibited a highly imaginative range of characterization The main characters are Edward Villiers an ardent well intentioned but financially troubled young man and his love Ethel whose innocence and naivete rise above mere simplicity to present a pure form of devoted righteousness Their relations with her father the nobleman of the title are problematic for both their lives as his own life was constantly beset with difficulties of adjustment and thus far too little satisfaction Ethel’s mother Lady Lodore is an epitome of sophisticated vacuity and prejudice largely engendered by her mother Mrs Santerre whose prideful intolerance ruins her daughter’s marriage Her aunt Elizabeth is a timid reclusive figure; Villier’s father a spendthrift and dissolute travesty of the aristocratic class; his friend Horatio often called Horace a sensitive wilful and almost misanthropic figure whose marriage to the tempestuous Neapolitan Clorinda is a trial of epic proportions A Polish countess and her son the focus of a major confrontation appear and disappear uite uickly as do a host of other minor characters Finally the Derham family are uniformly well meaning intelligent generous but socially ostracized Their daughter Fanny in particular has such a singular outlook on reality that she claims Adversity to be a friend who has generously chosen to stay long with her In the contrast between her and Ethel I felt Shelley was presenting the two sides of her own nature – the one intellectual and logical the other loving and romantic Shelley could not create any character without some peculiarly rough edges difficulties finding a place in society and even problems achieving any form of personal happiness In other words these are real people and only a dismissive uncaring reader would fail to find their lives engaging and unworthy of a largely sympathetic responseThe story of these characters ranges widely both in geography and in fortune Difficult times at both Eton and Oxford are followed by aimless wanderings through Europe a ill fated romantic liaison an improbable marriage a horrifically unsympathetic mother in law an estrangement between the new couple dangerous flirtations a failure to take responsibility for a challenge a flight to America a separation of father and child from their wife and mother years in the wilderness of Illinois a fateful duel a new love an unsatisfying tip to Naples a catastrophic relation between an English husband and his Neapolitan wife efforts to avoid extreme penury and prison a miraculous change of character a blissful reunion and a peaceful loving denouement It is an engaging story but one which hinged too strongly on the change of heart of one key character it tipped the scales from misfortune to blissful satisfaction far too easily and almost unbelievably With such real characters one wonders that Shelley could not have constructed a plausible plotStill a highly enjoyable read and even at her weakest I find Shelley uite superior to Austen Her women are fully alive in that they are never so uniformly focused on the social constraint of finding a husband Her vision of the world is also much broader both spatially and thematically as issues of race sexual euality social ineuities and political justice all find a place And most importantly she has a genuine sympathy for people as opposed to Austen’s far too supercilious dismissing of those personalities she deems too shallow for her exclusive taste Good not great

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    Some parts were better than her near contemporaries Austen and Bronte Some parts were worse Shelley tended towards telling you what happened instead of showing you I liked the way the story played out in Lodore The misunderstandings and reactions seemed reasonable I liked the characterization better in this book than Wuthering Heights

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    Mary Shelley the name alone inspires a crack at the pages within 'Lodore' follows her modus operandi of semi autobiographical motherless child as a leading character Ms Shelley's writing is beautiful in its perspective and language I especially enjoyed her version of the wilderness of Illinois

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    I love Mary Shelley She was a genius far ahead of her time It was fascinating to read this book after Frankenstein The Last Man and Mathilda I was spellbound I throughly enjoyed it Her insight into human nature and character was astonishing

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    Technically 25 stars Shelley’s writing doesn’t completely make up for how repetitive and somewhat boring this novel can be Mostly strong female characters for a time in which females were so secondary is nice to read

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