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Graceful Submission The relationship seemed so contrived there was no build up to it at all almost as if she would have gladly submitted to the first person who offered rather than because she trusted him and found him worthy of her submission The characters lacked chemistry and the writing seemed to be to be lacklustre Highschool English Teacher Grace Kinison moonlights in the evening as a writer hoping that one day her work will be published and she can leave her job to write full time Grace has always been plus sized but she prides herself in not letting herself not succumb to other peoples judgments When she receives an IM from Toffer Shelley who she is supposed to work with to help plan her best friends surprise party she is caught off guard by his playful manner that has a hint of a teasing undertoneToffer is really television hearthrob Drake Dawson but talking through chat to Grace she is not seeing the star she is giving herself completely to submitting to him and letting him guide her through every fantasy she has as her Dom Toffer knows he should tell Grace who he really is but he knows they will see one another soon he just hopes it does not backfire on himI really liked this story I was a bit unsure based on the description but a couple pages in was pulled in There was a hint of naughtiness to Toffer who even though he is a Dom does have a vulnerability that Melinda Barron beautiful taps into in this story Spoiler Ahead This was a pretty good book Grace Kinison lives a dull life She’s a teacher and aspiring author who does nothing but work and then write on her novel That is until she becomes a cyber submissive Grace has agreed to help her childhood friend’s husband plan her surprise birthday party Grace thinks her fellow party planner Toffer Shelley is a writer on a TV show What she doesn’t know is that he’s the show’s sexy star Drake Dawson He’s a Dom and he wants to work his magic on her During this time Grace tells Toffer of what has been happening with her life at her job Grace believes that Toffer is a writer on the same series as her friends never dreaming he is the sexy leading man When she has trouble at her school Grace goes to Los Angeles for the party early but Grace learns that her cyber Dom is everything and nothing like she expected Toffer is determined to have Grace see him as Toffer not the TV star Drake and he takes Grace on a sexual journey of discovery which adds to her self confidence This was a good Ds story with hot sex scenes This was my first time reading this author and this is the first book in a new series to me This book was well written with no errors in grammar of spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series I read this little jem in one evening It kept my undivided attention The pace was appropriate and the content complete at the end of the novella Now I have to be honest I'm a little leary of ordering books that specifically say BDSM in the blurb because I've read too many that are cheesy and unreal I know a little about this area wink wink I don't like to read books that make the BDSM element about whips and ties humiliation and blindfolds just for the sake of sex When it's all boiled down the act of Ds isn't really about the sex at all This book was a beautiful example of a healthy sexy Ds relationship The woman is full figured which many sub's are and she's determined to be brave I really liked Toffer's character He was sweet and always inuired about her day before they ever started playing There was a world of trust built between the two characters and I enjoyed reading that The book is mainly these two characters Lolly and Master I liked how she called him Master and not her master It really put me in the pages This author was great at making a full figured gal feel wanted and sexy I love when Giselle the super model got dissed twice by Toffer It was priceless I recommend this read to anyone who enjoys loving Ds play and wants to feel good when heshe closes a book This was a uick little erotic book that packed a nice punch The romance was nice the story was well done and it was nice and steamy Toffer or Drake was yummy He made a great Dom and was super hot Grace was a perfect submissive fulfilling her desires after a failed marriage left her wanting something Concerns I had were that it went a little fast It could have been detailed The relationship build was rushed They went uickly into a physical relationship and jumped head first emotionally I'm not sure how realistic that is Especially with Grace being divorced There were a few elements that kept it from being a five star book I liked it I just didn't love it I didn't feel a lot of emotion when reading it other than turned on and there is nothing wrong with that if it's what your looking for at the time It was a nice uick erotic read Toffer aka Drake aka Christopher hehehe yes all one person loved him and Grace as well The story plot for me was good Toffee and grace started messaging each other and the relationship started from there The only thing I will say and this is my opinion I didn't like that it took so long for them to physically see each other most of the communication as I said was through messaging and calling put they were still inventive with the sex though with me saying that don't let that turn you off If you like the subDom sex with some romance then this is for you Join my book group on Facebook Romance Novel Junkies and fan page Romance Novel Junkies Book Reviews We have over 500 members which includes well known and indie authors and avid readers as members who are apart of this group We would love to hear about new books and thoughts Also check out our kindle and ebook lending libraryTwitterromanceJUNKIES I really wished I like this story I went into it with high expectations maybe too high I'm not going to give anything away here but there were a few things I didn't understand standing face first in a corner EVERYDAY and didn't agree with leaving Grace alone while she was in bondage The ending happened a little too easy and uickly for me While I was waiting for Grace to grow a backbone tada the book ended Happy reading folks I surprisingly really enjoyed this one and the I adored the characters Grace is a teacher and Toffer is a hot Hollywood star They meet online planning a mutual friends surprise birthday party but find that they have a bit in common than they at first realized This book isn't heavy into BDSM elements but is about the connection between the characters exploring the possibilities between them and establishing trust Definitely give this one a read I didn't dislike the main character but her oh noes I'm 20 pounds overweight and most of said weight is in my Double D boobs problems made me roll my eyes and kill off any of the buzz I might have from the bookAlso her lover was way too perfect falls in love with her on the internet is a filthy rich hot and popular movie star and chooses her over the supermodels fawning all over her Also he's perfect kind understanding and falls in love with her and proposes in a matter of days upon meeting herNot to say that some beautiful people can't be like that but he was way too perfect to be credible and in the end this book ended up being nothing than a wishful fanfiction from the author Graceful SubmissionPlus sized Grace Kinison lives a dull life She's a teacher and aspiring author who does nothing but work and then write on her novel That is until she becomes a cyber submissiveGrace has agreed to help her childhood friend's husband plan her surprise birthday party Grace thinks her fellow party planner Toffer Shelley is a writer on a TV show What she doesn't know is that he's the show's sexy star Drake Dawson He's a Dom and he wants to work his magic on her When Grace runs into trouble at work her cyber relationship turns into the real thing after she travels to Hollywood to meet Toffer She's thrilled to be meeting her Master until she realizes that he's the most gorgeous man in Hollywood But Toffer won't let Grace judge him by his looks He takes her on a sexual journey full of bondage and submission which give her strength to overcome challenges in her own work Graceful MischiefIt's their third Halloween together and Toffer and Grace are in England They're staying in an old castle complete with a moat and a maze Grace thinks her Master is taking her to a fancy restaurant in London so they can be alone together on Halloween Hidden underneath her beautiful new dress is the sexy corset her Master bought in London a few days earlierThe trick is on Grace though when her Master takes her to the maze and tells her to strip down to her corset A costume party is going on just hundreds of feet away and Toffer plans on giving Grace a head start then hunting her through the maze If he catches her she's awarded the trick and he gets to have his way with her in the maze There's always the chance that anyone could walk up and see Grace being topped If she makes it to the middle without him catching her she gets the treat dinner and dessert Only Toffer's not playing fair the treat's also a trick But with what he has in mind even if Grace loses she winsPublisher's Note This book is a nontraditional love story that contains sexual content that may be offensive to some readers Anal sex; strong BDSM theme and content bondage dominationsubmission spanking punishment; and multiple partners

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