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Plain Jane Doctor Dad Dynasties The Connellys #5 Plain Jane Doctor Dad by Kate Little released on Apr 24 2002 is available now for purchase Doug Connelly and Maura Chambers are colleagues as well as friends So when Maura was dumped by her boyfriend and was left pregnant the tall dark and handsome doctor offered to marry her without telling her his reason for the sudden proposal Maura agreed with a condition that they stay married until the baby comes Will Doug and Maura fall in love or will they regret their decision to marry each other before the baby comes?Marriage the of convenience is another favorite trope of mine I can say that this one is such a good example of that And besides I'm very fond of Connelly's bunch ever since I started with this series But there's something missing here that kept me from giving this book high stars And I'm sad to say that it's like on Doug's sideDon't get me wrong I liked Doug And for me there's nothing honorable than accepting loving and fathering another man's child But sadly I didn't connect with his character Maybe because I don't have that many insights about how his mind works and about his feelings Yes he probably loves Maura and definitely desires her but I don't think he loves her like the way his brothers loves their wives Or maybe because the ending was kinda rush and allBut overall Plain Jane and Doctor's Dad was a pretty decent read with likable characters and a fair amount of steam perfect for a lazy afternoon For his lucrative new job as a hospital administrator Scott Walker walks out on Nurse Maura Chambers After an ugly altercation a pregnant Maura decides to bring up her child alone She wanted a family life having been orphaned at a young age and shuffled from one foster home to anotherDr Douglas Connelly a pediatric cardiologist had always wanted a baby But after the crash and burn of his first marriage which he had gotten into with a spoilt rich girl with romantic stars in his eyes; he is a bit cynical as far as romance is concerned Having known Scott Walker since his uni days and a soft spot for Maura he feels guilty for not warning her about Scott's wild wild ways He would have none of her one woman crusade though and hence proposes marriage to her for the baby's sakeThey then start living together in Maura's spacious apartment and give in to the desire burning between them After that it's all a big family affair At certain points The Connelly Dynasty interrupted the story so much that it didn't feel Doug and Maura were the main characters here This didn't have much of an individual story in it unlike the only other book that I've read till now in this series Maternally Yours by Kathie DeNosky Book 2 The next and last book that I'll read in this series for now will be Eileen Wilks' Expectingand In Danger Book 11 whose main characters Charlotte and Rafe have been mentioned in this book too Cute love story the Connelly’s go on with Doug I loved the story but the build up foot Seth Connelly not It goes on and on and has nothing to do with the story The rest was a nice story I thought some fireworks but it was good

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Plain Jane Doctor Dad Dynasties The Connellys #5
  • Kate Little
  • English
  • 12 July 2016
  • 9780373764365

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