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    The second SF novel written by Donald Barr I didn't like it nearly as much as his first novel Space Relations Space Relations worked better because it followed the adventures of a single protagonist whereas Planet in Arms breaks the story up between half a dozen viewpoint characters with the result that the storyaction often takes a backseat to describing the warpolitics the characters serve to tell the story of the revolution rather than the revolution giving motivation and action to the characters And frankly Barr's projection of American cold war politics and economic theory a 1000 years into the future is pretty off putting The analysis is not sophisticated the characterization of the bad guys pretty stereotypical So a disappointing follow up to Space Relations a book I would highly recommendI also found Planet in Arms a much darker unpleasant novel Some of the characters are pretty unsympathetic some of the action mch gruesome and there are long drawn out talky scenes where the supposed drama focuses on debates in the legislature I alternated between needing to take a shower afterwards and wanting to skip ahead because things were starting to drag But having said all that there are still some wonderful albeit dark comedic bits some interesting spy action which may or may not reflect Barr's own experiences as an intelligence officer in WWII and worth reading for Donald Barr fansmight as well read the whole cannon given that it's only two books Wish he'd written a third and fourth

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Planet in Arms A bloody star war had left the tiny planet of Rohan seething with chaos People swarmed in violent mobs and the government rocked with turmoil And one man Carl ap Rhys would stop at nothing to use the confusion to seize power for himselfOnly two people could stop him Citizen S Wells the woman they called the little bitch And her trusted agent Corander the brute of a man who loved herThen on the violent penal colony of Laings Land the revolution began A terrifying murderous civil war that could bring the battered planet to ultimate peace or devastating ruin