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The Boss's Forbidden Secretary Harleuin Presents I like this book A one night stand leads to love but the h is pretending to be married to her brother The H finds out the truth halfway through the book but doesn't tell the h All is fair in love and war I love it when the story lets us see that the H is in love early in the story However the story is too short It's hard to believe that the H falls in love and STAYS IN LOVE and wants to get married to the h in just a few days There is no time for real feelings to grow Sounds like infatuation than love to me Or just plain lust But all in all a good book that I will read over and over Did not like it way too many lies I didn't like that heroine pretended brother was her husband it felt so icky There was minimal perspective from Hero so that didn't really see he thoughts and feelings Didn't like the inclusion of hero ex fiancee and how attentive hero was to her like she's an ex she doesn't need a room there you don't need to dance or be cozy with her or hero implying to heroine about a threesome yes he was teasing and trying to get her to admit to her lies but even implying to woman you love about threesome is gross Np This book was pretty good I liked the show of love and loyalty and conflict that brought I liked how it was written very well This was a pretty good book but for passing the time kinda read Enjoy Wow no Just no Ruthless businessman Ross Dalgowan is furious He's just found out that the woman with whom he shared a passionate encounter is married But actually cautious Cathy is single She was just trying to help her brother out by posing as his wife Though that's not the end of the mess she's gotten herself into the gorgeous stranger with whom she spent one perfect night is Ross—her new boss When Ross learns the truth he decides he'll make Cathy pay—by making her work hard in the boardroom and the bedroom Guilty pleasure This book is a guilty pleasure of mine it has a little heartbreak a little intrigue a little bit of mistaken identity; all without being too long or too intense which is great when I’m coming off a lengthy book and need a ‘palate cleanser’Overall it’s sweet if a little formulaic but the characters are fairly well fleshed out and the writing itself is good Worth a read it's not very often i read an HP where the hero is blond and this one was definitely blond lol i dunno why the cover shows a man wid black hair the title also was misleading can make you think that the story revolved around the officebusiness environment when it was not the case the basic plot had great potential as cathy pretended to be her brother's wife and ross was furious believing he had slept wid a married woman and absolutely jealous i felt cathy shud have admitted the truth by herself instead of lying till the end of the book and ross had to find out the truth by himself i also liked dat lena ross's ex appeared back on the scene so dat we were clear dat he did not harbour any feelings for his ex it took me some time to get into the story but then it than made up for its start When her younger brother asks fo her help in order to get the job of his dreams Cathy accepts even though it means she must portray his wife Little did she know but she would meet the man of her dreams and he is their new bossRoss believes Cathy to be a lying deceitdul woman but he has a hard time fighting his feelings When he discovers their secret he decides a little payback is in order but ultimately Cathy will be hisA nice story Truth almost always is a better option torn between 3 in a half and 4 stars but enjoyed it

About the Author: Lee Wilkinson

Lee Wilkinson was born in Nottingham the only child of loving parents She was educated at an all girls' school and after leaving tried her hand at several jobs including modeling swimwearAt 22 she met and married her husband Denis They had a traditional white wedding and a honeymoon in Italy and have been happily married ever since They have two children a son and a daughter—both now gr

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