More George W Bushisms More of Slate's Accidental Wit and

More George W Bushisms More of Slate's Accidental Wit and Wisdom of Our 43rd President Most of you probably didn't know that I have a new book out Some guy put together a collection of my wit and wisdom or as he calls it my accidental wit and wisdom Laughter But I'm kind of proud that my words are already in book form President George W Bush discussing and reading from George W Bushisms By now most of you probably do know about George W Bushisms the bestselling collection of misstatements made on the campaign trail by our president Now in More George W Bushisms Jacob Weisberg reveals that the malapropisms didn't stop on Inauguration Day I've coined new words like misunderstanding and Hispanically I haven't had a chance to talk but I'm confident we'll get a bill that I can live with if we don't Our nation must come together to unite There's no uestion that the minute I got elected the storm clouds on the horizon were getting nearly directly overhead These and many other presidential pearls are hilariously on display in More George W Bushisms Es ist einfach nicht zu glauben welch beschränkte Aussagen diese Mann während seiner Amtszeit abgegeben hat Wobei ich aber nicht bezweifel dass auch viele andere Politker dem Herrn Bush die Hand reichen könnenDoch seine Statements sind ja schon sehr zweifelhaft und fremdschämen ist angesagtAber trotz allem belustigt dieses Buch von Anfang bis Ende auch wenn mit dem Lächeln immer ein Kopfschütteln dabei istGut auch dass seine Aussagen sowohl in Deutsch als auch in Englisch abgedruckt sind Somit kann man vergleichen ob er diese Aussage auch wirklich so in seiner Sprache ausgespuckt hat Lustig was ein Präsident so von sich gab Mildly amusing A long way to say Weisberg is smart with the power of Google Bush is stupid Which is probably true because of Google Nothing funnier than taking a poor public speaker in a high power position and exploiting him I guess that's the least we can do to a man that has put our country on the wrong track for the last 7 years The 2 stars go to the wit in picking such titles for the uotes also for the choice of picturesAs for his pearls of wisdom I think Bush nailed it when he saidI admit it I am not one of the great linguists More words of wisdom from America's 43rd Presidenthilarious A vampire is a cell thing that plugs into the wall and charges your cell phones What is he smoking??? I can't believe he's our president

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