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Adolescence Thoughtful survey on the critical developmental period known as adolescence Santrock consistently keeps a positive view of this key period in life and successfully characterizes innumerable factors that play a role in the types of behaviors attitudes and beliefs that shape individuals As a general overview and an introduction to the psychology of adolescence the textbook cohesively provides an excellent perspective for new students of the field I have rather mixed feelings about this book; the good news is it covers a lot of ground works very hard at being impartial and evenhanded when describing various schools of thought regarding various aspects of adolescent psychology and very specifically addresses the issue when first describing statistical analysis that correlation does not eual causation The bad news is it's rather sloppily written with numerous typos and sentences that either don't parse particularly well or just don't make any sense In this study for both boys and girls lack of parental support and dietary restraint preceded future increases in body satisfaction pg 63 being an example of the latter as was After four months the participants in the physical education class had improved their cardiovascular fitness and lifestyle activity such as walking instead of taking the stairs and walking instead of driving short distances pg 74 or 40 percent of children who become obese have one obese parent and 70 percent of children who become obese have two obese parents pg 500; for an example of a simple typo that slipped through the editing process the sentence Having delinuent peers increases the risk of becoming delinuent for example two recent studies found that the link between associating with delinuent; peers and engaging in delinuency held for both boys and girls pg 492 and another is on page 119 where we are told that Three of the Wexler subscales are shown in figure 315 when in fact there are only two subscales shown in that figure or again on page 128 when we are treated to the sentence Capacity and speed of processing speed often referred to as cognitive resources Further there is a bit too much of a tendancy to strive for political correctness for my taste; the text will expound at great length as to why a particular style of parenting for instance is less than ideal but will then tie itself in knots justifying that particular parenting style when it is used in cultures other than our own; heaven forbid that it declare that a parenting style popular in another culture is WRONG Unless of courseit is used in our culture; then it can be declared wrongBut perhaps the worst offense that this book commits is that it consistently freuently if not universally ignores its own warning about not confusing correlation with causation Many many instances can be cited in which a study demonstrated a correlation and this information is treated as if it showed a causation For instance on page 63 we are told that A study indicated that 12 to 17 year old girls who were patients in psychiatric hospitals who had a negative body image were depressed anxiety prone and suicidal than same aged patients who were less concerned about their body image Granted the text did not expressly state that having a negative body image caused the greater mental difficulties but it certainly seemed implied yet an eually likely explanation is that greater depression anxiety and suicidal ideation might cause poorer body image or indeed self image in general And on page 75 we are informed that Eleventh grade students who participated in organized sports were likely to be successful academicallythan their counterparts who did not participate in organized sports as if suggesting that participating in sports raised the uality of the academic work of the participants without even considering the possibility that the increased grades might be the result of teachers giving athletes grades that they didn't earn in order to let them maintain their academic standing and protect the school team's competitiveness an event which has certainly been known to happenThere are many examples of each of these problems to be found in this book; these were just a few that I was able to make note of So although there is much useful information to be found here I cannot rate this book above three stars; it is just too sloppy for that So long winded The author tends to repeat himself too much Lol USM BS in Psychology Adolescence class Grade C about average for a textbookThis book is good if you want to get some extra information on adolescence and psychology I bought this book for a dollar so it was worth the money but doesn't reuire a cover to cover read Although my sister sometimes sleeps with this book underneath her pillow There was nothing wrong with the 14th edition of Jonathan Santrock's text book ADOLESCENCE as a text book It was certainly thorough and informative though occasionally clunky in its prose and sloppy in it's word choiceWhere this book falters however is it's cost 224 at sticker price though of course it can be found a bit cheaper on which seems petty if considered in absentia the fact that text books have a captive audience As such we place a certain amount of trust in their publishers and the assigning professors that these books will be worth the investment and McGraw Hill violates that trust 224 is than I have paid for any other paper back book and every unnecessary cost the publisher passes on to the student feels like an insult Every page is printed in full color Each chapter abounds with reprints of licensed cartoons Each full color page you turn is provokes you to uestion the value of your investmentWhile in many ways the publisher's extravagant spending is on display so top are the ways in which they cut costs Notably these paperback cover thin easily torn pages are the features which maintain the book's value for resaleI have made no attempt to assess the uality of other text books and again this one certainly feels definitive but I would encourage any instructor considering this book to think twice before assigning the 14th edition at least until used copies are widely available This is a very informative and easy to read textbook Most of the information is very interesting Though I bought it for school I will keep it This book will come in handy when I begin teaching or have children of my own More students learn from John Santrock's Adolescence than from any other text in this field Students and instructors rely on the careful balance of accurate current research and applications to the real lives of adolescents The fully revised eleventh edition includes a new chapter on health expanded coverage of late adolescence and than 1200 research citations from the 21st century This is a university paper text book I looked at it when I received it and gulped But I have to say I found it really interesting The way the paper was conducted helped but the information is well worth reading if you have adolescent children or they are readily approaching this time i want this book

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