Once a Gambler Stolen from Time #2 PDF/EPUB ¸ a

Once a Gambler Stolen from Time #2 This book was really good I would definitely read it again I liked the action and suspense the best This is the second in this series I've read and now I'm ready for the 'first' book lol Enjoy This is the first Harleuin romance novel that I have read in a long time that got a rating higher than 2 stars I am not much into time travel books but this one got my interest from the beginning and stuck with me Story of a woman from 2009 who accidentally lands in 1876 while searching her grandmother's attic for clues to her sister's disappearance There she meets Jake Gannon who she starts having feelings for and so much You will need to read the book to see if she makes it back to 2009 or does she stay with the man she falls in love with in 1876 I'm not usually a fan of time travel but this book caught my interest because they traveled back in time to the 1860's when the Wild West was still being settled Story was believable and I kept turning the pages to see what would happen next Lots of action and adventure along with fights and gun battles Enjoyed the characters of Jake and Ellie or Visa as he called herHudson is a new to me author and I plan to give some of her other books a try I liked this book a lot better then book # 1 once an outlaw Ellie and Jake connected in this book they talked laughed made love cuddled and it was over a longer period of time I was led to believe in their love story and was rooting for them A small annoyance I personally would have found believable is if they mentioned logical future misses for example If Reese had said what she missed was a good scalpel or instead of missing make up how about a hot shower indoor plumbing working stove etc When talking about the camera talk about maybe going back temporarily for future vaccines to protect their children and husbands etc Just me but I would have connected better to the whole time travel and just how much they were giving up if it had been mentioned some It was a good read and I enjoyed it Read as part of April 2009 Blaze 1 clickI like this best so far of this group I'm reading from April 2009 Blaze It seems to handle the whole time travelfish out of water theme well without being hokey Jake seems like a good man for ANY time period Ohh I enjoyed this one much than Once an Outlaw both go together and have great characters But I think after reading Once an Outlaw I was open to ONCE A GAMBLER Very entertaining and charming Better than the first but still not great Not great but I am a sucker for time travel and riverboat gamblers ; WANTEDA rough 'n'tumble gamble who knows when and who to throw downA riverboat card man Jake Gannon is about as no good as they come despite that good looking hotness that can make a gal's skirts twirl in most unladylike ways Suspected to be traveling under an assumed name Jake has a mighty troublesome past and was last seen in the company of one fiery filly who goes by the name of Ellie WinslowBut Ellie ain't no ordinary looker No sir she landed here in 1876 by accident and is looking for her sisterand some answers But first she needs to find a way off this here steamer with a man who fascinates her every minute a man who's about to teach her just how wild the West can be don't usually liie time travelbut this worked for me

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