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Dingoes Den Dingoes Den is an autobiographical novel from B Wongar who is highly regarded throughout the world for his narratives of Aboriginal lifeIn this book Wongar tells the story of his own life Born Sreten Božić in a small Serbian village the author came to Australia after WWII as an immigrant and worked on the Snowy River Dam a major construction project which figures into many immigrant's stories He then went to the outback and lived with an Aboriginal tribe became a blood brother married one of them and spiritually identified with themHe began writing fiction using their myth and creation stories under the pseudonym of B Wongar thirty years ago and he was hailed as a great new indigenous talent In 1981 He was unmasked and a controversy over whether he is truly an aboriginal figure has existed world wide ever since Interesting and raises lots of uestions This is an autobiography of a non indigenous Australian who aligned himself strongly with aboriginal Australians Because it is an autobiography rather than a biography it cannot help but be highly subjective no matter how hard the author tries to be objective It is the sort of book that reuires further reading to back up or to act as a work better read parallel with others on the same topics and time It brings up topics that mainstream Australia has not talked about openly and for that reason I think it is a valuable work Being non aboriginal but having being born to and grown up in this country I am aware of the silences and the gaps and also of the history I am aware of the ignorance that comes from laziness and from having a carefully crafted history presented to me as a child and which except for NTIV is still happening I am glad I read it I bought his other books and I am glad I read them I find it difficult to review because looking at it purely as a reader and not as a reviewer I would find it easier if he were aboriginal albeit aware that even there I can be mislead I think I need to know about the author than that written by him not because he comes across as dishonest or untrustworthy but because I only know about him what he has written

  • Paperback
  • 312 pages
  • Dingoes Den
  • B. Wongar
  • English
  • 13 January 2015
  • 9781875892587

About the Author: B. Wongar

BWongar born in 1932 as Sreten Božić is an Australian author who writes chiefly on the fate of tribal people in Australia the wildlife and the environment

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