My Reality Check Bounced The Twentysomething's Guide to

9 thoughts on “My Reality Check Bounced The Twentysomething's Guide to Cashing In On Your Real World Dreams

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    Great insights but boy does it make you want to work alone

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    Subtitled “The Twentysomething’s Guide to Cashing in on Your Real World Dreams” The author uit college and wrote his first book at age 18 Brutally honest and uite inspiring this little book challenges his generation to not settle for less than their passion providing challenges and real world stories including references to learn of many of them online at wwwmyrealitycheckbouncedcominside to encourage and stimulate understanding and action to start living your authentic life He asks readers to learn of and describe their dreams in so much detail that they are almost palpable eg what shoes will you wear to work what pictures will hang in your living room how will you relax each day what will your greatest memory be etc Combining short worksheets and challenging uestions around the 12 chapters he ends each with a short summary called “Instant Message” as well as a “Bounced” statement and a “Cashed” statement for your new reality check The chapter titles give a sense of the book’s focus1 Stand up for your life; 2 Break free; 3 Light your fire; 4 Unleash opportunity; 5 Can you hear me now?; 6 Secrets to building your real world dream team; 7 What’s past is power; 8 Check your excuses at the door; 9 The fear factor; 10 Life in the balance; 11 Cutting corners; 12 Find out what you’re made ofA practical and challenging book for any working adult

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    My impression so far is Think and Grow Rich rebranded for 20somethings or The 4 Hour Work Week without the bite or could be retitled Chicken Soup for the Down and Out 20 Something's Soul

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    This book was recommended to me via goodreads and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it I think it gives great advice to those in the gap between college and defining their adult lives

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    It could be annoying I have no idea

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    I saw the author on a talk show The twentysomething's generation are freuently criticized Thought this might be interesting

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    I have never been a big fan of self help books but I think this is one that every twenty something should read It is an easy read but completing the exercises takes a lot of soul searching

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    Okay so this book was good and helped me to understand that there are people out there like megoing through a uarterlife crisis but the Author is so dry and did not keep me inturested

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    I'm not a Gen Y but really good advice for those who are

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My Reality Check Bounced The Twentysomething's Guide to Cashing In On Your Real World Dreams It’s time to cash your reality check and re create your life on your own termsIn your twenties you expect to finally live life on your own terms But it can seem like the world won’t cooperate Roommates drive you crazy but you can’t afford to lose them entry level jobs frustrate you “Four hundred double sided copies before lunch” and even a dream job can take over your nights and weekends leaving you feeling like you are running hard but going nowhere Jason Ryan Dorsey helps you turn this coming of age crisis into opportunity He shows you the big secret of the real world—that you don’t realize how much control you have over your life until you use it In My Reality Check Bounced Jason shows you how toFind the courage to climb out of your real world rut Create a Future Picture that gets you off your “buts”Uncover opportunity and build a tag team to make the most of itLive like you mean it and finally cash your reality check