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The Odds Payne Williams federal agent comes to New York City from Philadelphia and reconnects with his college girlfriend Chelsea Williams Chelsea is now a successful teacher and writer who is still very much in love with Payne When they reconnect Payne makes the effort to win back Chelsea's trust Their relationship in college ended badly when he transferred schools and cheated on Chelsea She in turn is hiding from him that their break up led to a suicide attempt and depression Through the pain and distrust they are able to heal themselves and make up for lost time

2 thoughts on “The Odds

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    Difficult to read The trope was right on the money but unfortunately the style of writing the lack of substance the editorial errors contributed to making reading this book hard work As I hate not finishing a book I skim read the last half of the book

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    This book was highly recommended to me by someone After reading it I have to wonder why Perhaps they saw something in the writing that I missed; at any rate I did read the wholoe thing without throwing it against a wall hence the two stars

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