Kidnapped His Innocent Mistress Harleuin Historical Series

Kidnapped His Innocent Mistress Harleuin Historical Series A little weird for me reading this at first but then the character's strength is really highlighted She wasn't going to let people treat her like nothing and she wasn't going down without a fight The book is written in first person I have put aside many a books on the first page just for this reason I'm glad that I for once looked past this and gave it a go It reads like a memoir and the subheadings give you a clue as to what to expect in the coming chapter Catriona first meets Mr Sinclair at her father's wake The author's other heroines are usually overcome with desire upon first seeing the hero needless to say I am so glad that did this not happen and she did not melt into a puddle at first glance Not hours after burying her father Her feelings towards Mr Sinclair begins with irritation onto being physically aware of him felt as though he was too close to me despite sitting at a perfectly respectable distance moving on to 'we want this but we cant' which by the way was delicious Catriona is never the most beautiful girl in the room so it was interesting to read how she was treated by the male characters her peers and her own thoughts on vanity and her looks But she has spirit I worried that there would be a case of 'not like other girls' but it was fine The book had just the right amount of adventure for me What I thought would be a light romance was a little heavier than expected as always with this author but I loved it I felt all shades of jealousy and outrage and heartache in some bits There was the threat of mortal peril that had me at the edge of my book? and of course the pull between Catriona and Mr Sinclair Taransay Applecross and Glen Clair were written beautifullyAlthough the ending came at the right time it felt a little abrupt but sweet I guess I would have liked an epilogue Meh Nicola Cornick is an author I can normally count on to provide a couple of hours of good historical romance reading but Kidnapped His Innocent Mistress wasn't one of her better stories She states in her intro that this book is her homage to RLS and it was easy to see that however the light heartedness usually present was just missing for me in this taleWhen Catriona is left destitute and homeless after the deaths of both parents she discovers her father actually had a brother She's bookish and rather fiery that most young women of her day but she's very glad that she has a family to fall back on even if it was one she never knew about before The only downside she can see is the arrogant rogue that's sent to escort her to her new family Why less than 48 hours after meeting her her's offering her carte blancheSinclair will be an Earl one day but he refuses to live the life of leisure his uncle the Earl demands Instead he joined the British Navy at sixteen and has spent his years since then sowing his oats He's captivated by Catriona's fire from the first so when they end up kidnapped and shipwrecked together he has a devil of a time controlling his 'urges' I think I enjoyed the play on RLS's Kidnapped than anything else in this book By writing in the RLS style it was hard for me to get a good 'feel' for the characters and their relationship It had a stilted tone and the hero and heroine stayed figures on paper rather than coming alive for me The romance part of the book was definitely G rated and the nasty plot at the end seemed contrived to force a happy ending than something that came up naturally But even though this one wasn't a winner I'll continue to read Cornick's books because her normal writing style is one I enjoy The title implies that he kidnapped her and made her his mistress Wrong They were kidnapped together She wasn't his mistress they're SORTA cousins 2 3 times removed and shared at most a few kisses They didn't have relations until after they got married Characters are kind of lame Disliked the H with his weird morals and ethics and the HH with her internal tweenage thoughts and envies Thumbs down I was expecting an enjoyable but predictable category romance Instead I found a delightful tribute to Stevenson's Kidnapped told in the first person Nothing was terribly surprising but it was all delightful and vivid and the characters were so much fun A really nice companion while trekking around public transportation in the aftermath of a winter storm There were some elements of 'Kidnapped' that I really enjoyed and yet overall I found my interest languishing a little during the read Having said this I read it within a day and found it light and a nice afternoon readI liked both Catriona and Neil but I didn't feel that we really knew Neil He served the purpose of hero to Catriona but I felt that he wasn't uite developed enough for me to fall in love with him He existed for this story alone I didn't know how he felt about his time in the navy whether he enjoyed reading or who he considered friends etc As a couple they did have the makings of chemistry with some saucy banter and heated looks but it kept falling short for me I loved their verbal sparring and the looks that they shot each other when in company but it still felt somewhat insta love and without foundation I found the writing style odd as it was first person but it also broke the fourth wall by addressing the reader directly There was something off about the pacing as well it felt that some parts were dragged out and other important events were brushed over or explained away too uickly Overall I found it a uick light read but I wouldn't say that it was among my favourite Regency Romances 3 Plucky courageous heroine against rake type still a rake hero unexpected plot turns lovely forced intimacy and dailiness and no contrived drama based on that one easy conversation they somehow refuse to have I dig I am not fond of books that are written in the first person I did not find this very interesting Dialogue was basically nonexistent there was no humor and the ending was spectacularly dull Written in 1st personI was uite shocked to discover this Historical was written in the first person pov I uestioned if I would be able to connect with all the characters which I have had problems with in other 1st person pov's However I did not experience that issue with Kidnapped Nicola is a master at creating a complete scene no matter what I felt what the other characters were feeling even though I wasn't told Now about the book itselfCatriona is alone in the world except for some family she has never seen or heard of before Her welcome is less than cheering but she will not complain She should have known it wouldn't be easy to liv e with her new family just by the gentleman the Earl of Strathconan they sent to help her find her way to her new home The man actually asked her to be his mistress on the way there Oh he thought he was offering her a better life than she would have but she could never do that Catriona gets kidnapped which the title says will happen lol but so does the Earl She is clever and finds a way to escape and rescue the Earl but it all comes to late The ship they were being transported on becomes shippwrecked and it appears the only two survivors are them They were lucky enough to wash up on the shore of a very tiny uninhabited island They work together for survival refusing to act on their mutual physical attraction However when they are finally rescued and it is clear that people will believe they were intimate marriage seems the only answer to save her reputation The uestion is will marriage make either of them happy or will it take place at all?I really enjoyed watching Catriona grow up and face the world head on Great read If I accept his offer to be his mistress I could have the finest silks the best carriage and be transformed from ugly duckling to a pampered pretty swan And although I would feel a virtuous pride in turning down the wicked rake I also have an unmaidenly interest in exactly what the role would entailCatriona is doing her best to resist the skillful seduction of the scandalous heir to the Earl of Strathconan But kidnapped and shipwrecked with only this rake as company her adventure has just begun

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