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Lilac Bus I think Maeve Binchy wrote this on one crazy acid trip She's writing this story and I'm getting really into the characters and story then zip they're gone SO she starts another story and I keep thinking that at some point they will tie in together Nope Another story starts then another She should have titled this a collection of short stories without real endings Before I say ANYTHING I want to say how much I love this author I have enjoyed all the books I've read by her and I think I've rated them very highSo when I chose this book I figured it was going to be like any other Binchy Even after reading 12 the book I was enjoying it I was wondering when she was going to tie in all the characters from the first part to the ones in the 2nd partI was about finished reading about Carmel and her dinner party when I decided to go read some reviews I was confused because none of the characters on the Lilac Bus were appearing in this part of the story Talk about disappointment I don't understand what Maeve was thinking She is a great story teller but this was not up to Binchy par The first part of the book was good Every chapter was told from the point of view of a different passenger on the lilac bus The second part was like forget about the lilac bus we would like to introduce you to some other folks who live in Dublin and talk about their drama There was no rhyme or reason to this I don't think I've read a confusing bookIf you are a first time reader of Maeve Binchy I beg of you do not start with this one As a matter of fact don't ever read this one This should have never been published as a novel It should be well known as a bunch of short storieswith holes Some of the stories were 3 star and some of them were better 5 star Overall I felt this was a 3 star novel I didn't like how many of the stories seemed unresolved at the end and especially the one about the wife who had invited everyone including her husband's mistress to a dinner party I felt was too suspenseful with no pay off at the end a big leading up to nothing just a cliff hanger left unresolved That story really sticks out in my mind as being the worst manipulating the reader's emotions and then never reaching a high note or a low note just coasting along in the middle until it finally just ended Terrible I enjoyed some of Lilac Bus stories and did not like others I did not enjoy how the novel opened with an illustration of a penny pincher who nobody seemed to like It was difficult to relate to this character or her family and I couldn't understand what the point was knowing about her life There were some nice stories near the end especially about the girl Cathy who finds herself pregnant like her sister had thought a few years before and what you'd do with an unwanted pregnancy in a family like hers Another nice story was the one about the girl named Jo living in a flat on her own for the first time in Dublin But overall I felt the consistency of the writing was not there and I felt disappointed at how at least half of the stories ended Very dissatisfying I really liked Maeve Binchy's ability to weave together the stories of so many different characters without leaving you confused only wanting That is how I felt reading this book I always felt sad to leave each of her characters behind I enjoyed vicariously traveling on the Lilac Bus back and forth across Ireland and getting to look inside the lives of each of the eight passengers Maeve Binchy's insights into human nature and beautiful writing made me feel like I know these people and I really cared about them The story is neatly crafted but it does not wrap every thing up in a nice tidy package at the end Some have criticized it for this but I like it because that never really happens in real life I like the formatting of looking at one event from many character's perspectives Binchy did that with Silver Wedding and I really like itMy only criticism would be that the publisher's did not make it clear that Dublin 4 is a separate volume of short stories and not part of The Lilac Bus Many others have pointed this out and if I had not known that already I would have been very confused Review to follow Too many unfinished storiesI really wanted to like this book which started to tell the separate stories of the people that rode the lilac bus However it added completely separate stories about people who had nothing to do with the bus riders or their lives Each story was only half finished Very disappointing This is not a novel about anything At first you think it’s going to be a collection of short stories about the characters on the Lilac Bus it’s all going to somehow tie together but then you get to the end surprise You have no idea where that was all supposed to be going None of the short stories themselves even had an ending They picked up in the middle of some random characters day and then just ended The first few in the beginning were interrelated but most of them had nothing to do with the Lilac Bus the characters in the other stories or even the same townI felt like Binchy badly needed money at the time she wrote this so she just threw a bunch of randomness together to sell something The interconnected stories of this witty collection are about eight very different people who each Friday night travel on Tom Fitzgerald's lilac colored bus Overflowing with insights understanding and rare delights these stories from the author of Silver Wedding and Circle of Friends draw us into the lives of the characters and make their dramas our own The lilac bus reminded me of which I had forgotten how wonderful and light Maeve Binchy's stories are I loved that again like in her other books the characters were all connected somehow and even in each of the short stories about the characters they all speak of the same events happening through different eyesI couldn't pick a favourite character as I related so much to their stories and their look on life the two stories I liked the best were Judy and Kev's just because they were funny to read and so unpredictable I'm giving the book 4 stars instead of 5 because I really didn't like Nancy Morris but I think she was written to be hated by the reader The story flows very well from each characters small narration I wish it hadn't ended and I could of stayed in Rathdoon a little bit longer I loved this book My friend Linda told me that it was one of her favorites by Binchy so I made sure to read it It is told from the point of view of several people who ride a bus home from Dublin to the country every weekend We learn about each person's inner life during a particular weekend I love moment in time stories like this when you are invited into a character's life at a particular moment and learn their story and then you meet the next character and the next and learn about them and at the same time you learn every one's impressions of every one else and then it's over and you hope that everyone's life goes smoothly after you leave them

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