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The Thrift Book Live Well and Spend Less The Thrift Book is a guide to how to live well while spending less by bestselling writer India KnightFeeling poor because of the credit crunch Feeling guilty because of global warming Feeling like you'd like to tighten your belt but aren't ready to embrace DIY macramé handbagsNo need to panic Put down the economy mince and buy this book instead it's a blueprint for living beautifully while saving money and easing your conscience India Knight will show you How to make wonderful dinners with every little money How to dress on a budget and still look fabulous How to make friends and start sharing with your neighbours How to holiday imaginatively with barely a carbon footprintTry it you have nothing to lose but your overdraft'A blueprint for living well however broke you are with thrifty tips on looking fab cooking pampering and partying' Cosmopolitan'The Thrift Book might be the only sure fire investment out there' Harper's Bazaar'A triumphant treat and a useful and sensible manual' IndependentIndia Knight is the author of four novels My Life on a Plate Don't You Want Me Comfort and Joy and Mutton Her non fiction books include The Shops the bestselling diet book Neris and India's Idiot Proof Diet the accompanying bestselling cookbook Neris and India's Idiot Proof Diet Cookbook and The Thrift Book India is a columnist for the Sunday Times and lives in London with her three childrenFollow India on Twitter indiaknight or on her blog at

  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • The Thrift Book Live Well and Spend Less
  • India Knight
  • English
  • 12 April 2016
  • 9781905490370

About the Author: India Knight

India Knight is a British journalist Her novels have been translated into 28 languagesKnight a native French speaker lived in Brussels until about the time she turned nine After migrating to the United Kingdom she was educated in London She was awarded an exhibition to Trinity College Cambridge where she read Modern Languages from 1984 1987 before starting her career in journalismIn add

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    I thought this would be a good book to read to get some ideas at living cheaper as I embark on my new life of living on a narrowboat Unfortunately I didn't learn anything new many of the tips I already do and the rest weren't relevant to me things to do with childcare loans credit cards houses etc The author makes assumptions that the reader is female and has children it would have been better if things were sectioned off so you could read the sections relevant to you but instead it just got my back up It may well be that the vast majority of her readers are female but I hate stereotyping like thisI started off reading every word but then the author started to annoy me and so I started skimming instead It's uite middle class The author is clearly from a privileged back ground and talks about buying decent clothes from expensive shops because they last longer and are ethical Yes I agree with the author on these points but not everyone can afford to buy from designer shops even knowing that it's worth it in the long run maybe?? and especially as this book is about thrift seems counter intuitive She also mentions several highstreet stores which do not use child labour Again I commend the author for highlighting this to readers although she only does the bare minimum Three of the stores mentioned were Marks Spencers HM and Gap Now these stores may not use child labour at least not at the time the book was published but Marks Sparks have all their underwear made in Israel and both HM and Gap both use Sweat Shops even though they don't have children working in themThe author also did uite a bit of hippy bashing at times although she did later say that the hippies were right though about many things This is out of order in my opinionAnother thing I found annoying was that the author mentioned something that would help you save money ie making yogurt or sewing your own clothes but didn't go in to much detail about them but instead recommended a book which would be uite expensive this book is about thrift not about having to buy books I already have a book habit as it is And if it weren't for book recs it was endless links to websites if I had wanted to surf the net for information on thrift I'd have done so and not borrowed this book from the library

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    A great book about living on less Even better is that my Wardrobe Refashion website is mentioned in there

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    Re read this book still some great ideas but slightly dated now

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    I enjoyed this book there was a bit of humour in it along with the tips I would say a lot of the tips I already use but for anyone new to saving money and budgeting it just about covers everything I would have given it four stars but the author is very preachy in places and given that she is privileged as she points out she could have considered some peoples choices are out of necessity For example buying clothes for their kids at Primark may be for some people the best they can afford

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    The book is easy and fun to read and I'm sure it will be interesting for any money saving newbiesWhile a lot of specific information prices and suggested websites are outdated for example some prices have doubled or tripled since the year the book was published the only reason for its three star it still gives a really good insight on how to manage a lot of aspects of your life and it gives ideas to test out or information to research homemade cleaners some of which I used myself as a kid I already use a lot of the suggestions but it definitely inspired me to try out a few ideas as they say need is creativity's driver

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    I ended up skimming a lot of this as the author's attitude was uite irritating Another review mentioned that she was preachy and I agree I thought I'd learn some new tips but alas there were only directions to websites that I could visit to learn interspersed with personal anecdotes that were not especially interesting Also call me old fashioned but I was tired of the word crap being used to describe so many different items or situations Maybe the author could invest in a thesaurus with her savings before her next book is written

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    Hints and tips and occasional rants around the general theme of thrift I feel it would be useful to someone who has been in the habit of spending a great deal and wishes to do less of that rather than to anyone who hasn't had much to spend in the first place It also assumes a specific lifestyle where time isn't an issue and shops are accessible I think Jack Monroe is probably useful

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    Great ideasA little out of date now but some brilliant recipes and general ideas to live very well and save lots

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    One time read

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    I LOVE India Knight She is such fun to read so personable and so present on every page It is ten years old now this book and yet seems so absolutely prescient

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