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The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton Seemed like it was going to be better than it was A lot of interesting set up but tied up too neatly There was no secret life of Evie Hamilton nothing about her life was revealed that wasn't already told us from the start She was lazy and swanned about through her days with her mind only on herself The selfish life of Evie's Hamilton or the self centered life of Evie Hamilton would have been appropriate titles She was a kept woman one child at private school husband at work and a cleaner for goodness sake she didn't even clean her own house and she had nothing else to do And she forgot when she offered to help someone and took advantage of her sister in law and brother who were unbelievably busy So by the end when she took on an enormous amount of responsibility in various ways I wanted to put my head in my hands as she was bound to screw it all up Nothing told us she was reformed in any way Evie Hamilton has a secret One she doesn’t even know about Yet She's blissfully unaware that her charmed and happy life is about to be turned upside down And it all begins one sunny Oxford morning when a letter – a ticking time bomb – lands on Evie’s immaculate doormat Something she never anticipated threatens to sabotage all that she holds dear It’s time for her to reappraise everything in her carefully arranged universe Is Evie strong enough to fight for what she loves What will be left and what will change forever And can her world really be as fragile as her best china wwwsnazzybookscom The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton was so much fun I laughed out loud at Evie's antics countless times; often 'chick lit' which is supposed to be humorous is actually a bit try hard or not uite to my humour but I found this novel really entertainingThere were some pretty emotional parts to The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton and the way Alliott blends humour and poignance so seamlessly is a testament to her writing and skill The characters are just brilliant some likeable than others and I got so into the story that I really wanted to give some characters a good slap at timesHaving read Wish You Were Here recently I wanted to read by her and this certainly didn't disappoint She's up there now with some of my other favourite authors in this genre Marian Keyes and JoJo Moyes are another few of my favourites and I'll be reading as and when I can brilliant I loved it so funny in places will definitely seek out of her books I really could identify with Evie her thoughts and actions are so what I'd do I really really enjoyed this book Lots of great characters a plot with twists and turns AND best of all the author did NOT get caught up in the usual tropesI love when characters behave in a believable way rather than just being forced into stereotypical situations In one instance things did get solved a little too easily but I can forgive the author for that because the rest of the book was so good Good read bit frustrating I wanted to hit her up side her head at certain moments when she was being completely daft Started out well dragged in the middle and then wrapped up maybe a bit too perfectly? 35 starsAfter the first few chapters I really started to enjoy this book Evie grew on me At first I found her to be a bit silly and not really in touch with reality but after I got to know her I found her to be a really endearing character She's sweet and intelligent than she gives herself credit for She just lacks a bit with the follow through at times This story wrapped things up a little too nicely for me I understand the need to tie up lose ends at the end of the novel but everything was just a little too perfect for my liking I also had a few issues with Ant view spoilerNot the fact that he had the one night stand and semi emotional affair he had with Bella all those years ago but rather how he dealt with matters now I didn't like that he was hiding what he was doing from Evie All that secret email communication and the lunch that he went on and only really told Evie about at the eleventh hour I just can't BELIEVE that he didn't think Evie would accept Stacy into their family after Bella died I know that it was never going to be an easy transition but to think that he thought Evie would just cast Stacy out like that I can't really forgive him for that hide spoiler this could've been just another 'middle aged woman has cheating husband and leaves to find herself with interesting younger man' story but it has much levels than that For one the 'cheating' is in the husband's past and he is really uite a likable guy if a bit too honest The ends are tied up nicely and some great twists that you never see coming A great read