Art in the Age of Terrorism MOBI ´ Art in ePUB

Art in the Age of Terrorism Art in the Age of Terrorism tackles one of the most difficult topics imaginable a war that is uintessentially postmodern in its decentred identity globalized character and confused conflict of cultures In this publication both artists and academics explore the various ways in which art can help articulate the zone of grey that lies behind the black and white term 'terrorism' A significant number of the texts deal with the theme of 'the unspeakable' from a number of perspectives A plurality of voices is offered in this book addressing key works by artists from New York Northern Ireland South Africa Lebanon and Israel A number of contributors address the problems facing refugees from terror in the post 911 era exploring the cruel logic by which the contemporary refugee from terror is often perceived as a terrorist and treated accordingly Other essays address the topic of terrorism directly and in so doing demonstrate that this 'unspeakable' topic can and indeed must be openly discussed

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