The Great War Styles Patterns of the 1910s PDF/EPUB ¶

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • The Great War Styles Patterns of the 1910s
  • Robert L. Shep
  • English
  • 04 August 2016
  • 9780914046264

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    Covering the mid 1910's thru the late 19 teens this book reprints pages from two periodicals of the era British West End Gazette The American Garment Cutter for Women which informed tailorsseamstresses of the day on the newest clothing trends for men and women and how to make them including diagrams and instructions In addition there are reprinted pages from the Ladies Home Journal 1911 and Needlecraft 1917 on aspects of dressing along with reprinted pages from the Standard Mail Order Co 1914 illustrating many different pieces of clothing that were available by mail order There are also reprinted pages on elements of dress tailors sniping at one another the status of military tailors police outfits the choice of colour in ladies' dress 'A Message from our Russian Friends' the classes of the Royal Household and dress reuirements and on and on And onExperienced sewists can draft and sew the 80 patterns included note that most of the men's patterns are for different uniform pieces military and otherwise and just about anyone interested in the era will enjoy thumbing through the copious illustrations andor reading the occasional articleFashion is something that affects us all whether we wish it to or not and this collection provides a terrific snapshot of a time not really that long ago but which seems incredibly uaint to the modern eye and ear Imagine how uaint we shall appear in 100 years

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The Great War Styles Patterns of the 1910s A wonderful mix of the liberated American women's fashions and 'dashing' British military and civilian uniforms Often called The Forgotten Era the Teens bridge the gap between the Edwardians and the Flappers American women's fashions are amazingly soft and informal while the British cling to a formal look We have combined The American Garment Cutter for Women's Garments with British patterns and articles from the West End Gazette to cover all types of clothing for men and women plus British military uniforms and civilian uniforms such as Red Cross policemen chauffeurs etcThere are many fashion illustrations and a department store catalog of 1915