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Circle of Light Seems to have all the right ingredients and relatively likeable characters but just isn't really compelling Every chapter every scene reads like a filler between the main events except the apparent main events skim through too uickly without adding any depth or detail to either the events or the characters It feels flimsy unfinished lacking polish I tried i got to page 186 and that was than enough The writing was really really bad I don't have anyway of putting a positive spin on it The Overall plot is excellent and the chapters progress at an engaging speed Each chapter is a scene with a beginning middle and end that intrigued me and wanted to continue reading with an expansive weaponry and armour uiver that are distinct to each characterHowever the characters seem one dimensional the main character Teal shows a few deeper layers but the side characters don't show any depth – their main goal is to aid Teal and no personal goals or motivation The chapters seem to be fillers for the main plot At times it reads as a first edited draft and the 1st person POV limits the novels potentialI think if the novel was limited 3rd person depth in the characters plot and settings could be established However Martin Middleton is an Australian Fantasy Author and I would still recommend for fans of the genre I love the story and concept in this series I just would have liked there to be There’s a lot of time skipped which is understandable but it just seems like there could have been further information placed into the gaps wonderful story calling on subtle myths and great adventures Reads like a 2000s fantasy story from wattpad and I like it A magical kingdom is threatened with ruin unless a long lost prince sold into slavery years before can return to claim his throne Four soldiers embark on an epic journey to find the prince and save the realm They are joined by Teal a young bondservant who has a hidden destiny Awesome book blast from the past definitely worth a read isbnoriginal

  • Paperback
  • 379 pages
  • Circle of Light
  • Martin Middleton
  • English
  • 18 July 2016
  • 9780330271509

About the Author: Martin Middleton

Author born in London that migrated with his family to Australia in 1960