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The Mum Minder The mum minder by Jacueline Wilson appeals to children in KS2 Sadie is a girl who considers herself as an independent helpful young girl is suddenly faced with an unexpected turn of events She has to now take on the full responsibility of looking after her mother as well as looking after the children Although there are a few struggles Sadie is determined to carry on This heart overwhelming story presents a real life situation in a fun and approachable way When reading this book children engage and empathise with the character whilst understanding other children's diverse ways of living This book is engaging funny and exciting Jacueline Wilson successfully brings enjoyment in reading and through this children learn about the life of a childminder Read as a child a teen and a adult These books are my comfort blanket and I will always come back to them Couldn’t recommend highly enough xxx I'm Sadie and I'm nearly nine Mum's a childminder but she doesn't have to mind me I can mind myself easy peasy But when Sadie's mum goes down with flu Sadie finds herself spending her half term holiday not only looking after her mum but helping to mind the babies too There's three year old Gemma two year old Vincent baby Clive and Sadie's own baby sister Sara But us girls have got to stick together so with Sadie's help all the mums take a turn On Wednesday Gemma's mum takes them to her police station on Thursday they go to an office and on Friday they go to Clive's mum's chocolate shop so truemy mums a child minder The Mum Minder is among one of Jacueline Wilson’s famous books Jacueline is one of my favourite children’s authors She creates humour in this heart warming novel I think that this novel would mostly appeal to girls However boys and girls aged seven to eleven years who are in key stage twoThe Mum Minder tells us about the story of a girl called Sadie who is nine years old and her mother is a child minder Sadie considers herself to be mature and independent One day Sadie’s mum feels unwell with the flue This is when the roles of mother and daughter are reversed and Sadie become the mum minder Sadie takes on her mother’s responsibilities looking after her sister and her mother In addition she takes care of a group of children that her mother minds during the week However there are four children to look after and during the week the children’s parents take it in turn bringing all of them to work with them on different days One day they go to the police station the next day they go to an office and the last day the go to a chocolate shop Sadie thinks about her future career at the end of the book and one thing she does not want to be is a child minder after her busy week of running after the children The book is written in diary format as part of Sadie’s school work for half term I think that this would be a good exercise for children in key stage two to help with their writing skills Further there is a message in this book for children that it is important to help their parents In addition it highlights a single parent household situation where the father is not around but nana helps out regularly Children would be able to relate to this who are going through the same experience as Sadie Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book which has a humorous story line Read this uickly to see if it was suitable for the children I work with This is a good book to read in one go like I did It's got a good ending with a small twist which I liked It's a lot happy than some other Jacueline Wilson books For example Vicky Angel It's not super happy through the middle but it's still not depressing It's only a little worrying about not knowing what they are going to do Overall I would recommend this book to someone who wants to jut read a book in one go and has about an hour or two of spare time to do so This heart warming and humorous story is an excellent read for children between the ages eight and twelve years It describes the adventures that nine year old Sadie gets up to when she helps take over her Mum's job of looking after four young children Sadie’s Mum is a Child minder who looks after Gemma Vincent Clive and Sadie’s sister Sara During the half term holiday Sadie's mum falls ill with the flu and Sadie finds herself taking care of her mum and also helping to mind the younger children The other mums help out by taking their turn to look after the children However at such short notice they have to bring all five children with them to work On Wednesday Gemma's mum takes them to the police station on Thursday they go to an office and on Friday they go to Clive's mum's chocolate shopThe story is divided into chapters by the days of the week and each day Sadie informs the reader of the adventures and encounters they experience each day This story is a very enjoyable read with a wonderfully humorous story line throughout A Fab story about a young girl whose mum is ill Her mum is a child minder so throughout the week of her mum's illness Sadie helps to look after the children and also her mum Great book for young readers to read as the chapters are short and its easy to read Another fun Jacueline Wilson book My review of The Mum Minder by Jacueline WilsonThis book is about a little girl called Sadie who is 9yrs old and her mom is a childminder The book is written through Sadie’s perspective in a diary format from Monday to Sunday as part of her school project for half term break On Monday her mom starts to feel ill with the flu Sadie steps up to the plate by helping her mom with the children and really reverses her role as a child by tucking her mom up into bed by the end of the day On Tuesday Sadie reckons that she is well capable of looking after the four kid’s that her mom minds 3yr old Gemma 2yr old Vincent baby Clive and Sadie’s own little sister Sara but in the end the children’s mothers decide to take turns bringing all the kids to their work places for a few days Sadie is annoyed that she isn’t being seen as an adult but volunteers to go and help out with the children anywayOn Wednesday Gemma’s mum takes them the police station on Thursday they visit Vincent’s dad’s office and on Friday they spent their day at Clive’s moms chocolate shop Sadie and the rest of the children really enjoy their time exploring each workplace and the younger kid’s create some bit of chaos everywhere they go which adds to the humour of bringing children to work At the end of the book Sadie begins to think about her future career as a police officer a person who works in a fancy office or in a nice chocolate shop She isn’t uiet sure which would best suit her but she is sure of one thing she wouldn’t like to be a childminder after her lively week running around after the all the rascals Throughout the book Sadie mentions that her dad hasn’t been around in a while and her nana helps her mom out minding the children uiet a lot I really admired how Jacueline Wilson picked a typical single parent household situation and writes about it with such positivity and humour It is very important for children to read about others who are going through the same experience and what a fantastic way to get this message across only in a great book Also I applaud Wilson for the underlying message in this story; how important it is for children to help their parents even if it means giving up some play timeOverall I really liked this book; it was a very entertaining account of one week in the life of a young girl