How Much Poo Does an Elephant Do? Epub Ï Poo Does

How Much Poo Does an Elephant Do? How much poo does an elephant do ? well according to this book that will be 20 kilos of dung per day I liked the dedication to you the reader because without you Id be talking to myself Its a book to fascinate young and old my 6 year old boy loves it and so do I Very reasonably priced under £4 makes it a great pocket money buy or stocking filler includes things like; The nearest cubicle to the door in a public toilet is the least used and therefore the cleanest Buzz Aldrins' mothers maiden name was Moon Bill Clinton has a photographic memory one cow makes 400 14 pounder burgers If you like random facts like these but this now Smashing HILARIUSE I DON'T EVEN CARE THAT THAT'S SPELT WRONG THIS BOOK IS FASCINATING AND FUNNYIF THIS DOESENT MAKE YOU LAUPHE A YOU WON'T LIKE THIS BOOK AND BYOU ARE HUMORunintentional and genuine newspaper headlinescomplaints about refugees growing uglytyphoon rips through cemetry hundreds deadpolice cheif's pledge to murder witnesseset cetra et cetra A very funny yet education book that is probably the best book in the whole series I was laughing so hard at some of facts in it a lovely bookneed to give timeworth giving Hilarious I got this book a year and a half ago It's choc full of facts which is what I love about it Pages and pages of random trivia I can read it millions of times and keep finding out something new Did you know that suirrels can't see the colour red That Walt Disney the creator of Mickey Mouse was afraid of mice That only 30% of humans can flare their nostrils Or that every year the average person eats 438 bugs by mistakeLet Mitchell Symons be your guide into the weird and wonderful world of totally useless trivia

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