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Obedience Training Ian McAllistor has always thought of himself as an Alpha werewolf Born last in a pack of dominant females he always felt as if he had something to prove A chance encounter with a very special couple opened his eyes to his own submissive nature As his desire for supplication grew Ian needed a lover of his own someone he could submit toWhen he first laid eyes on Khalid Diya al Din Ian knew that the golem was just the one to bring him to his knees One of the ancient races Khalid had nearly everything necessary to make Ian tame smoldering eyes massive chest and four armsYet just when Ian thought that things couldn’t get any better his mother and sisters appear They don’t like the idea of Ian being submissive especially not when a power hungry Alpha wants the McAllistor sisters for his own and is than they can handle They need a male Alpha They need their brotherLeft with little choice Ian has to make peace with his past accept his present and learn that sometimes submission is the heart of strength

  • ebook
  • 206 pages
  • Obedience Training
  • Mya Lairis
  • English
  • 13 July 2014
  • 9781596323803

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    Pros Oh originality by far The use of a golem as a romantic love interest? A Khalid is such an interesting individual and the writing is done so well that even the minor characters grab you I would truly love to see a tale revolving around Gray and Douglas Few editing issues a solid narrative and killer characters The sex was intense the action kept up and action is uite difficult to do well There was a solid plot that was seen through to the end and it resolved well The personal romantic relationship evolved at a good pace and it didn't feel too rushed Also the author's understanding and use of wolf pack hierarchy was excellentCons The BDSM was off It was of a TPE for those who don't know that's a Total Power Exchange While a TPE is a BDSM practice it is also an extreme one that not many can deal with I also have to say it irked me when Khalid told Ian he had to earn the right to aftercare In the BDSM world aftercare is an essential aspect of a scene and is never withheld as something to be earned It is so important It's when the top receives the feedback of the bottom and the bottom is reassured that their feedback is necessary and encouraged

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    Well that was just awesome I had my doubts because of the Domsubkneeling at my feet to eatsleeping in a dog bed bit at the beginning I'm not big on humiliation I cringed every time Gray called Douglas a 'good dog'so I was totally prepared to content myself with three stars but man enter Khalid I LOVEEEEE KHALID That is all It's not just that he's 6'10 has 4 arms olive skin long black hair amber eyes and is versed in martial arts It's that he's such an alpha male He just is There's no pretense he doesn't need to raise his voice He speaks and you do End of story And yet he is extremely empathetic and intelligent he's a pyschiatrist and is not a 2 dimensional character by any stretch of the imagination It was really eye opening to see him tell Ian that to be Ian's master Khalid must be calm dependable considerate etc ualities that do not come naturally to his species golems It wasn't just Ian who struggled to be successful at his trainingIan is a wonderful character as well His journey from crazed angry loner to eager submissive and later on true alpha male is given its due and handled extremely well As usual Mya takes her time to lay the foundation for her story and build it brick by brick I enjoyed every moment I loved the moments when Khalid allowed Ian to take care of him or to play a different position grin That's what I need in these relationships a push and pull Something that's eual I enjoyed theirs than Gray's and Douglas's even though of course Douglas tops Gray at times too The showdown with the family I don't understand why people were annoyeddisappointed by this It was the perfect resolution for me Ian had issues he needed to deal with He had to know that he could be an alpha when it truly mattered Once again this is something that Mya does very well This is true of most submissives anyway but it's even clearer with Mya's submissive characters they are only submissive because THEY CHOOSE TO BE They can and will kick your ass if the situations warrants I LOVED LOVED LOVED that Ian went back to his family especially the moments with the cubs; I loved that he did what he had to do don't want to give away the fight scene loved that he bossed those alpha females around and then after his pack was safe and secure he retired to his bedroom and totally submitted to his M It makes me swoon just thinking about itAnother stellar effort by this author Onto the next book

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    This is a novel in crescendo do you know this musical terminology? it means that something starts slow and then step by step grows louder Like this romance At first it doesn't take my attention much I bought it cause as I just say I love MM romance and love weres stories But after few pages I can't drop it Ian is a werewolf with some attitude problems He was born in a matriarcal pack and always been a gamma for his mother So he prefer to be alone and to have no strings But then he meets Gray and Doug Gray is an omega and Doug and alpha but like lovers Gray is the Master and Doug is the Slave better Doug is the pet of Gray they practice the Domestication Ian is struck he admitt that he wants the same relationship with Gray and he is willing to be second to Doug But Gray and Doug's relationship is a one to one So Gray decide to leave Ian to a friend Khalid Khalid is a 700 years old Golem with massive structure four arms and another piece very impressive do you imagine what? He is sophisticated and cultured where Ian is rough and naive but he is also the perfect Master for Ian And Ian wants to be a good boy a good pet But love is not so simple and Ian must learn that sometimes the very strenght is know when submit and Khalis is willing to teach him so This novel is a very surprise a beautiful debut that I recommend to who loves the paranormal MM romance with a bit of humorhttpelisa rollelivejournalcom38

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    I purchased this book years ago and proceeded to forget about it This was during my fictionwise buying crazes Why didn't I read this book earlier? It is a delightful story which I thoroughly enjoyed Ian is a wolf who is unsatisfied and always looking for a fight Aimless he doesn't know what he really wants What he does know is that he can't stand his family and he wants to be away from fucking aggressive women as much as he can Based on how bitchy his sisters are as well as how his aunts and mom treats men it is no wonder The women in this story are cunts There is no other word for them They are terrible representations of females And for being dominant women they are domineering and bitches This totally influences how Ian views women and I'm not surprised When Ian is shown that he is a sexual submissive it just throws him into of a loop He's fine with being gay Even his family is fine as long as he does the nasty with a female to beget some heirs What Ian finds in the arms of a sexy Golem totally different than how I understand Golems is finally the peace he's looking for all his life The kinky shenanigans are rather mild between the two after the hawt sexy party where Ian was introduced to the kinky lives of the paranormalThe conflict in this story is is than Ian's search for a place It is also about his unresolved situation with his family The last part of it felt rushed as Ian has to deal with his family as well as their new expectations The lack of respect is a common theme It is frustrating to see how dysfunctional the females are in this story Perhaps that is a reflection of the author's reality there are only fucked up bitchy women Overall this book kept me interested I liked Ian and his kinky self discovery I could have done without his family drama

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    Newsflash Being submissive does not mean being weak or a loser I read others' gripes about Ian personally had no issues with his character I would not have been so generous with his family when they reappeared later in the story but there are many people better than I His interactions with Gray and Douglas really set the stage for his growth Gentle and sweet story of the journey to excepting being submissive without being a doormat Understanding the difference Overall not groundbreaking story but fun mix of species with a were and a golem Extra star awarded for an MC that's a golem Khalid is awesome and way coolFavorite uoteThe time and the technology may change but when you get down to it we like to feed fuck fight and find our place That’s it”

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    Definitely different Great world building that isn't too complete but gives you enough info to enjoy the story without bogging you down in details I loved the interplay between Ian and Khalid The Ds in here was uite perfect in many ways with a mix of fun scenes serious scenes and humorous scenes to satisfy nearly all kinksters They aren't overly descriptive so you don't get the feeling you are reading the same scene over and over again I did find the matriarchical dynamics a bit strange but it kept my interest going This contains what it says it contains obedience training ala like a pet or a dog in some ways but it is not harsh nor does it carry humiliation at all That's why the 4 stars I love BDSM books that don't feature humiliation or assume that must be part of a Ds dynamic Well done

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    Wow after looking at the cover I expected a sweet little Kim Dare type book was so disconcerted by the fact it was diametrically opposite to what I expected that I couldn't settle into the story at all added to that I have to admit that treating ones sub like an animal just isn't really my thing I don't think this is a bad book although I do think it is a bad cover for the book just that it isn't what I enjoy reading

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    Excellent paranormal story of domination and submission Ian is a werewolf and Khalid is a Golem First time I've run into a Golem 7 ft tall with 4 arms and hot as hell as a dominant training Ian Lots of plot with Ian's family coming into the picture and excellent writing I simply couldn't put this down Highly recommend

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    35 4 starsThis was a difficult story for me Even at the very end of it I wasn't sure whether or not I actually liked it But I did enjoy it and read it or less in one sittingIan is a werewolf the single male in a matriarchal pack and is having a hard time finding his place between bullying sisters a cuddling mother and an absent drunken father He strikes out on his own and this is where we the reader meets him for the first time Ian is a lone wolf and basically a bit of an asshole He lives to fight and fuck and that is about it He has grown in to uite a big wolf and finding challenging opponents is a bit of a problem So when he meets a monster of a werewolf in the forest he is ready for a brawl The confrontation does not go as he expects however as the beast turns out to be domesticated by a much smaller werewolf who does not allow the fight to go on but instead invites Ian to join them for the weekend Ian is curious and accepts the invitation And so begins Ians journey into the world of submissionAs stated Ian is a bit of an asshole and he has issues by the bucket load when it comes to authority figures so the journey is not a smooth one It is interesting thoughWarning Spoilers ahedview spoilerI see that some reviewers are upset about the fact that we the reader are given the impression that Ian should have a HEA with Gray and Douglas and then suddenly he is turned over to a new master I am notEven though Ian has submitted to Gray when we reach the party scene I never really felt that it was whole hearted as Gray also points out To him at this stage it was just a game although it was a game he enjoyed With his new master however Ian is forced to submit everything he is But at the same time he learns that submission is not weakness It is strength And that Khalid is only the master because Ian chooses to submit to him hide spoiler

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    I really enjoyed this book even if at times I felt the power dynamics will put me off While I enjoy power play and kinky sex TPE and 247 ones are a little too much for me and this book has that Normally I wouldn't have enjoyed it but Khalid was sweet and tender at times dominating and overpowering at others so it helps a lot Ian as well could be devoted and submissive and then confident and powerful They were a really nice couple view spoilerAnd they switch even if marginally they switch which is always much appreciatedD hide spoiler

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