Tool Materials ASM Specialty Handbook PDF Ó Tool

Tool Materials ASM Specialty Handbook If you are involved with machining or metalworking or you specify materials for industrial components this book is an absolute must It gives you detailed and comprehensive information about the selection processing and properties of materials for machining and metalworking applications They include wrought and powder metallurgy tool steels cobalt base alloys cemented carbides cermets ceramics and ultra hard materials You'll find specific guidelines for optimizing machining productivity through the proper selection of cutting tool materials plus expanded coverage on the use of coatings to extend cutting tool and die life There is also valuable information on alternative heat treatments for improving the toughness of tool and die steels All new material on the correlation of heat treatment microstructures and properties of tool steels is supplemented with dozens of photomicrographs Information on special tooling considerations for demanding applications such as isothermal forging die casting of metal matrix composites and molding of corrosive plastics is also included And you'll learn about alternatives to ferrous materials for metalworking applications such as carbides cermets ceramics and nonferrous metals like aluminum nickel and copper base alloys

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