Road Racing for Serious Runners MOBI ↠ for Serious

Road Racing for Serious Runners A classic for runners Want to get faster Read this book and you’re in the right path This is a very well researched approach to training with proven results For having such a scientific basis the book could easily have been dry and boring but wasn't at all I didn't finish it because while I think the plan is awesome it's just not a good fit for me at this point in my life I thought the different aspects of running were very well explained so that a person like myself who does not have a physiology background can understand what goes on with your body during different lengths of runsI would definitely recommend this book for anyone interested in learning how to run better and what kind of workouts might work best This is a very nice reference book I checked it out from the library but I may buy it Some of the info is a little outdated but it is easy to follow and the explanations are easy to understand Great introduction to road running; provides the framework necessary to improve and excel I've used Pfitzinger's training plan for the HM and found the structure of the workouts and the reasoning behind them solid A nice how to guide for runners that includes accessible discussions of a few fundamental principles of exercise physiology The appendices at the back offer detailed training plans for races of various distances and runners of different speeds and experience levels This book is veru useful for meI loved it Improve your racing performance through multispeed training Whether your distance is 5K marathon or anything in between Road Racing for Serious Runners tells you how to train smarter and run faster This training plan is based on solid science and its physiological basis is clearly explained and incorporated into a running program that produces maximum results and reduces the risk of injuryIn Road Racing for Serious Runners Pete Pfitzinger a world class marathoner distance running coach and exercise physiologist tells you how to get the most out of your limited training time Pfitzinger teams up with former Running Times editor in chief Scott Douglas to present a training and racing plan that will help you excel in the full spectrum of road racing distances You will learn how to design a week by week training program determine the right pace to run during speed workouts get the most out of long runs taper training before an important race detect and avoid staleness and injury determine the best strategy for each race and achieve the optimal mental state to train and raceIncluded with each of five training schedules are racing tactics mental tips and lessons from world class runners Whatever distance you plan to race Road Racing for Serious Runners will guide you to peak performance Currently following his HM plan B from the book Really good book on running that gives you all you need to improve your result in running

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