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The Broken Gun Ninety years ago the Toomey brothers along with twenty five other men and four thousand head of cattle vanished en route to Arizona When writer and historian Dan Sheridan is invited to the missing brothers’ ranch by its current owner he jumps at the chance The visit fits right in with his plan to solve the century old mystery—but it turns out that his host isn’t a fan of books writers or people who don’t mind their own business Soon Dan is living the dangers of the Old West firsthand—tracked through the savage wilderness by vicious killers straight out of the most violent pages of his stories However his enemies have made one serious mistake Sheridan is no pencil pushing greenhorn and killing him won’t be as easy as they thinkOur foremost storyteller of the authentic West L’Amour has thrilled a nation by chronicling the adventures of the brave men and women who settled the American frontier There are than 300 million copies of his books in print around the world

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    Oh Louis L'amourI used to always make fun of people that read Louis L'amour but now I very proudly admit that I belong to that club They are just fun pure and simple fun The writing is uick and the stories perfectly western I suppose it's not that surprising that I like Louis L'amour growing up with John Wayne had me primed and ready to fall in love with western reading This book was a little different then the others I've read I it was set in present times which for L'amour was the sixties While it still has a western feel I kind of missed the flat out cowboy business There is nothing distinguishing about the story it is what is a classic Louis L'amour Short fun to the point and full of rough ridin Good times

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    L'Amour dedicated this book to Alan Ladd and Ladd's best friend William Bendix It was published a couple years after they both died and I really felt while reading this that I could see and hear Alan Ladd as the main character Bendix was a little harder to pinpoint mostly because I haven't studied him like I have Ladd He actually would have worked well in multiple roles hereI know that when Alan Ladd starred in Guns of the Timberland 1960 which was based on one of L'Amour's books the two of the became friends Ladd owned a ranch so I assume they found some common ground based on that if nothing else The official Louis L'Amour website has a very nice autographed picture that Ladd gave L'Amour On it he wrote To Louis Write another one I am with you Alan I think that in a way L'Amour honored that reuest by writing this book dedicated to LaddAll that made reading this book a very poignant experience but it's such a thrilling book that I didn't have a lot of time for pensively staring into the middle distance every few pages the way I might have otherwise Alan Ladd is second only to John Wayne in my personal pantheon of favorite actors The Broken Gun is unlike any other L'Amour book I've ever read in one major way it's set in the middle of the 20th century In fact it takes place in the late '60s when it was written and published And it almost feels like a hardboiled mystery the kind that inspired the noir movies Alan Ladd rose to fame with

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    This was my first L’Amour novel I’ve ever read I know I’m starting to read them a little later in my life I was pleasantly surprised that this was a mysterythriller I’m now hooked

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    One might always think of Louis L'Amour as just a cowboywestern writer He shows that he is much in the Broken Gun My interest is is that area that He wrote about still desulit or has mordern society moved inOld stories still circulate and drive people to do crazy things

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    Loved this was written and published in the 1960's and takes place then A story within a story

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    First things first I was perusing my collection of Louis L'Amour books they've been in a storage box for years so I'm reading them all again for the first time and when I snagged this title off the shelf and read the opening line of the second paragraph I felt a teeny bit deceived and not overly happy It was obvious by the statement Two police cars with flashing lights stood nearby that this was NOT your typical Louis L'Amour rough and tumble lightning fast on the draw western novel which was what I'd been in the mood for Because of that I almost put the book back on its shelf to replace it with a western but since it's been so long since I'd read any of them I decided to at least give it a shotIt was well worth the time reading it The overall story was pleasantly believable the main character was mehhhh maybe a wee bit too heroic for my particular taste but at least he wasn't superman wearing a six gun Personally I think Louis L'Amour would have been a terrific guy to sit down and have coffee with and just listen to him share his own life experiences; I feel certain that much of the history behind his protagonists stem from Louis' own life and maybe that's why I find some of his characters hard to relate toLouis L'Amour had a very interesting life and nowadays its difficult to actually comprehend one man having such a wide and varying range of life experiencesMeanwhile back to the storyThe story is well told believable fun and an overall easy read The biggest complaint seriously the BIGGEST complaint that I have is simply that the book cover itself the version that I read was misleading I was fully expecting another good Louis L'Amour but instead I got handed a good Louis L'Amour novel of a modern day cowboy with a big heart And of course the hero always gets the girl

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    Written in the 1960s and taking place in the era in which it was written this is not your typical L'Amour old western I did not actually realize the setting when I started reading so I thought it was a clever surpriseBesides the slightly modern timeframe the book follows typical L'Amour prose A reluctant hero with a lot skillsknow how then he what initially seems finds himself in the middle of a fight that's not his own and meets a captivating young lady with a spitfire personality and uses wit and gumption to overcome insurmountable odds with the help of his Indian cohortPretty much black and white But also pretty much non stop fun from cover to cover

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    I see a well illustrated old west themed cover to a Louis L'Amour book the title 'The Broken Gun' and I plunge into a novel that instantly confuses me It takes a few pages to realize when in time this novel falls There is no mention of it There is a mention of 90 years beforebut before what? By the third page the Korean War is mentionedInvolving stroytelling time should be established in some way off the top if a story about different time periods is being unraveled Instead L'Amour leaves the reader at drift trying to figure out what's going on Making the early part of the book worse is L'Amour's poor approach to literally illustrating an urban settingOnce the novel goes out to ranch lands of sand and rock L'Amour hits his stride in describing the setting But time gets away from him again L'Amour clearly had trouble with writing about his presentA number of things bother me about the writing of this book One involved an over long chase near the end Another was one sentence involving a character that vanishes Though clearly not the intent the line is surreal than consistent with the rhythm of the storyThe story is shakey at best and the conclusion over obvious Bottom line I don't recommend this book 4 out of ten

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    The Broken Gun is yet another satisfying western that has all the essential parts of an easy reader This is a modern western which has a mystery surrounding a ranch in the middle of no mans land and it bring this place to life I would suggest this book to anyone who wants to read something uick easy and with an inevitable happy ending This book was different to the last L'amour book I read because of the modernish setting and the romantic angle

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    What Else is there better to do than read an old favourite over again I have maybe twenty out of my Louis L'Amour collection of just about everything he wrote that are my go to stories for all time I also have about fourty others that I'll read just because A great story and plot Believable characters who know what they are talking about and what they are doing in the meantime Every story is different but all so familiar On To The Next

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