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    ““We are all up to something” Neal Stephenson The Baroue Cycle Vol 3 Book 3This is the end Beautiful end Assayed The end The eighth and final book of this series which also shares the same name as the final volume of this series The System of the World This final book in an eight book series is driven largely by two large and parallel events the corronation of King George is a mere distraction First the hanging of Jack Shaftoe Second the Trial of the Pyx and by proxy a trial of Sir Isaac Newton There are other events the spiriting away of Solomon's gold the escape of Jack's sons and Dappa the First mate of the Minerva who ends up caught in a funky antislavery campaign against Charles White one of the many villians of the book the death of Roger Comstock and other deaths ane ressurrectionsAnyway I enjoyed how Stephenson wrapped this up It is weird thinking that these three volumes1 uicksilver2 The Confusion3 The System of the Worldare all essentially preuels to Cryptonomicon I enjoyed the dance It might have been one volume too much Reading Stephenson some days does feel a bit like Peine forte et dure How about just one volume? That said I did read all of the diaries of Samuel Pepys so I am a glutton for the English Restoration period I found this a fantastic often literally FANTASTIC way of examining the period and systems of science and religion and politics during this period Obviously much of the specifics are fiction but many of the things floating like mouches volantes are grounded in facts Sometimes the best way to learn history is not to read it but to play with it a bit; bend it and examine it under unusual lights and in different heats

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    Lots of plots and plans some tied up early and some waiting till close to the end of the story A fair amount of swash and buckle for the action novel lover Some philosophy for the natural scientist The most amazing thing to me is that the author was able to restrict the knowledge and speculations of the characters to what was known in 1417 Lots of historical atmosphere and information; a few archaic words A good read

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    My least favourite of the three novels in The Baroue Cycle Not as heady as uicksilver not as exciting as The Confusion About 100 pages too longClimax took place about 150 pages from the end That's one loooooong denouement I hope Stephenson is planning to connect the events of this trilogy to Cryptonomicon A Victorian Shaftoe Waterhouse plot would be simply awesome

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    I am finding it hard to believe that I finally finished the Baroue Cycle but here we are; the 5 stars review is only partly for this book which was nevertheless excellent but so for the author's incredible achievement in creating this vivid universe where fiction and history blend seemlessly along with science and religion and politics and magic and economics and adventure in a fascinating tale that spans decades and continents and philosophies Naturally in a story this long 8 book most of them fairly long ones the uality will fluctuate somewhat personally I adored Daniel Waterhouse and especially his relationship with Isaac Newton and I think the parts of the narrative concerning them were the best with the Hanoverian political intrigues coming second and Eliza's financial manoeuvres a distant third while I wasn't that interested in Jack Shaftoe and his sheshanigans though I admit they were first rate adventure tales It's probably a matter of taste All in all it's worth taking the time to get through this series Bravo MrStephenson

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    What an amazing ride it's been; 8 books covering the events of the late 17th to the early 18th century through the eyes of amazing characters It sure has been extraordinary to live through theseThe characters are well constructed the story is extensive so vast that it mirrors reality the language is jaw dropping but most of all the depth of its historical underpinnings are what got me going even through the “slow” partsFrom all the volumes my favorite was Bonanza the diverse arrays of characters the adventures and the humor For all history nerds out there this is one of the most entertaining sagas I’ve ever read Thank you Mr Stephenson for the amazing ride

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    WOW what a huge and epic saga in one human life span we went from Aristotelian physics to Newtonian from Alchemy to chemistry from coins that were worth their weight in that metal to bills of exchange it was the birth of modern science and so much I'm overwhelmed trying to write a review just blown away by the scope and majesty what a daunting work to undertake and what a towering success in completionand the characters how vibrant and memorable Jack and Eliza and Dr Waterhouse but by the end of the cycle my favorite character was Dappa

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    The 5 star rating is for the whole Baroue Cycle A immense work of fiction describing the birth of the modern world as we know itThis is the very satisfactory conclusion to the whole series a little bittersweet after following Jack Eliza Daniel and so many others for so longMaybe this is the time also to praise the spectacular audio adaption from audible read by Katherine Kellgren Kevin Pariseau and Simon Prebble with introductions by Neal Stephenson himselfThis is the second time i listen to this wonderful tale and probably not the last

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    Sorcery trickery machinery and coinage all come together to a fitting end to the series I really enjoyed uicksilver overall the mix of craziness and fun with real history drew me in and made me feel like I was both learning things while being thoroughly entertained

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    Highly recommended

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    This is the concluding book 8 of Neal Stephenson's epic Baroue Cycle 3rd book of volume 3 as originally published Finally in this book Newton and Leibniz are placed in the same room and told by Princess Carolyn to resolve their differences As depicted in this book the calculus issue is hardly mentioned at all The main differences that appear to be contentious are in the areas of philosophy and metaphysics I am under the impression that the physical encounter of these three individuals in 1914 in London did not actually occur as depicted in this book However there are historical records of significant indirect communications between Newton and Leibniz The following two links provide additional historical information on this subjectLeibniz and Newton calculus controversy–Clarke correspondence course this is a novel so there's plenty of adventure mystery and suspense to keep the reader's attention The two main simultaneous story lines involve 1 the trial of the Pvx and 2 the execution of Jack Shaftoe If you want to know what Pvx refers to I suggest you read the book If you want to know if Shaftoe survives his execution you'll need to read all the way into the book's epilogs I will mention that the Shaftoe character as portrayed on his way to his execution appears to be a Christ figure of sortsThus far in the Baroue Cycle I've felt comfortable considering it to be historical fiction However in this book there are a couple of events that push it to the fringes of possibly being science fiction Let's just say there's a couple three depending how you count them of resurrection events which don't comply with biological reality Speaking of resurrection this book finally gives the reader a hint as to who Enoch Root is He's a character in the book that seems to show up a crucial times in history to tweak events to make sure they go in the correct direction We also know that he lives forever because he shows up in the 20th century story told in Cryptonomicon There is a very strong suggestion given in this book that he is the same Enoch described in the Bible Genesis 522 29 If you don't know your Bible stories you'll need to do a little research to learn the significance of thatIn the end we learn that the logic mill doesn't work and the Czar has lost interest in the project It is concluded that some time will need to pass before the digital computer can be developed That is obviously a conclusion any 21st century reader can recognize as something that has since come to pass On another note by the end of the book there is a working steam engine pumping water out of a coal mine Thomas Newcomen's engine That is the technological invention of the era that makes the most difference over the coming 18th and 19th Centuries I enjoy Stephenson's style of writing that clearly conveys a picture of time and place complete with clever wit I know this is fictionalized history but after making my way through the 2600 pages of the Baroue Cycle if Cryptonomicon is included another 1100 pages needs to be added I can't help believing that if history didn't happen in this way it should haveLINK TO Wikipedia article about the Baroue Cycle by Neal StephensonLINK TO my review of uick Silver Bk 1 by Neal StephensonLINK TO my review of King of the Vagabonds Bk 2 by Neal StephensonLINK TO my review of Odalisue Bk 3 by Neal StephensonLINK TO my review of The Confusion Bks 4 5 by Neal StephensonLINK TO my review of Solomon's Gold Bk 6 by Neal StephensonLINK TO my review of Currency Bk 7 by Neal Stephenson

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The System of the World The Baroue Cycle Vol 3 Book 3 In this concluding volume of Neal Stephenson's epic work Half Cocked Jack Shaftoe must escape the noose of Jack Ketch; the rivalry between Newton and Leibniz comes to a head; and Daniel Waterhouse pursues his dream to build the Logic MillThe Baroue Cycle Neal Stephenson's award winning series spans the late 17th and early 18th centuries combining history adventure science invention piracy and alchemy into one sweeping tale It is a gloriously rich entertaining and endlessly inventive historical epic populated by the likes of Isaac Newton William of Orange Benjamin Franklin and King Louis XIV along with some of the most inventive literary characters in modern fictionAudible's complete and unabridged presentation of The Baroue Cycle was produced in cooperation with Neal Stephenson Each volume includes an exclusive introduction read by the author

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • The System of the World The Baroue Cycle Vol 3 Book 3
  • Neal Stephenson
  • English
  • 04 March 2015
  • 9780060895532

About the Author: Neal Stephenson

Neal Stephenson is the author of Reamde Anathem and the three volume historical epic the Baroue Cycle uicksilver The Confusion and The System of the World as well as Cryptonomicon The Diamond Age Snow Crash and Zodiac He lives in Seattle Washington