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Cinder the Prince of Midnight 4282020Goodreads erased my links Not cool I'll fix them as soon as I'm done with Where the Lost wander our most recent T's buddy read Goodreads staff why did you erase my post? Do you wanna be like a book written by a good writer let's say Amy Harmon that it's good and has perfect editing? Or do you want to be like that famous author from a famous publishing house that publishes typos in all her books and has really mediocre covers? I think you wanna be professional so please show itUPDATE 3 0626The T's Buddy read still in progress You didn't join the T's? No problem could you Please support our T's by liking their reviews and updates? Post a comment and join the conversation if you like we're so cool and friendly Scroll down for updated links to reviews and updatesUPDATE 2 RELEASE DAYGUYS This Is NOT A DrillingI repeatThis Is NOT A DrillingThis Is NOT A DrillingIt's LIVE IT'S LIVE Live and already on top of the charts So happy for Ee senseiBUDDY READ WITH THE T's WE ARE SO COORDINATED ♥Alice Smith Dylan O'Brien T♥ Enjoyable but it isn't up to the level of the Penryn series Cinder the Prince of Midnight is to Susan Ee what Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is to JK Rowling and what A Court of Frost and Starlight is to Sarah J Maas I kinda forgot this existed 15 stars because this isn't a very good book friends The one compliment I'll give is I actually finished reading it instead of DNFing which means it was a uick and easy read If you're expecting the same tough female characterization and compelling action writing as Angelfall you should probably cancel your book order and save yourself the moneyTHE GOODI read the entire book easily in one two hour sitting meaning it was both an easy read and one where I wanted to know how it all endsThe beginning starts off in the middle of an action seuence too which is sure to suck readers inTHE BADLiterally everything about this book screamed as sloppy tacky disturbing and rushed Susan Ee is a self published author and ever since her first wonderful debut of Angelfall her writing style has declined If you think it can't tank any lower though it does It tanks in all the ways that don't make sense compared to the wonderful uality of her original debut work1 The blurb says This is the world of Cinder A world where a girl like her can be sold to be human prey for a ritualistic hunt Hmmmph Let me tell you what that ritualistic hunt is every full moon girls as young as ten and as old as adult women are released into a murky forest to be hunted for sport by nobles or soldiers Once the girls are hunted and captured they're raped or beaten or sometimes killed The reason for this hunt is so men can let off steam that is leftover from some previous war Whoever participates and sends in a sacrifice gets a lot of money for their troubles which is why there's a regular offering up as tribute Except even Katniss Everdeen wouldn't put up with this ish “The hunt was just one of the baser ways to let off steam Everyone turned a blind eye to it because it kept the worst of the Dark King’s men under control They could play civilized if they got to let loose their darker side” Let's talk about how wildly disturbing and insulting that is and how wildly inappropriate that concept is especially considering the younger YA audience that this writing level seems to be geared toward We're just to assume here that boys will be boys is the one dimensional demeaning character motivation for the men in this story? There's even mention of a young girl who is caught in a net by half a dozen men during the hunt and as Cinder runs away to save herself we can hear this captured little girl screaming And then that girl is never found again Sowe're to assume a brutal gang rape? What the actual what are we doing with this sick sick plotline? “Run Cinder” Ruby looked at her through the net “It’s your only chance” Cinder hesitated She wanted to be brave and loyal and save Ruby She wanted to see the proud and happy look on Silver’s face when Cinder brought her granddaughter back She wanted to know that her friends were safe But Cinder’s body made the choice for her She turned and ran She was sure the dogs would come after her and maybe they did But the hunters did not Her mind kept screaming about what might be happening to Ruby but her body refused to slow down Cinder climbed the hill on the other side of the stream and looked back The hunters congregated around their catch Ruby struggled against her net still trying to escape The men laughed and the dogs were called back to their masters 2 Zero world building Zero depth into the creatures like wolfkin waif horses trolls fairies and the magic Zero effs about the twisted kingdom of Midnight and the mysterious utopia of Everness in comparison Close to little convincing explanation of what sort of sick Hunger Games esue environment we're in that the Midnight King encourages some twisted tradition of human sacrifice Zero understanding of what sort of trick the king was playing in the end3 The book itself is so short that the plot rushes by in a matter of an hour or two This means we don't spend much time explaining much of the plot or character developments and it also gives it all a comically bad tone like a junior fan fiction writer was churning through a first draft piece that basically details the same three scenes over and over again sicko hunt Cinder talking to the princes Cinder training for badassery 4 Terrible character treatment We literally meet characters like Silver Ruby Damon Laylyn and the three stepgirls only for them to fulfill a brief purposeand then never see them again They're written off the page so offhandedly that it makes you wonder if you're missing pages in your book Gallant vs Dante in particular were given zero character depth They're brothers but they don't like each other One is hinted at having a uestionable character the other is bullied in one scene Both are inexplicably drawn to the same girl despite Gallant getting a total of perhaps five sentences with Cinder the entire book That's all we really know about them Oh and neither seem to care about Damon 5 Irrelevant plotlines Our main characters don't receive much love in the way of a purpose Gallant and Dante are handsome boys wholiterally don't have much to their supposed rivalry for their father's approval Then Cinder is written to spend months and then years training in badass weaponry and self defense in order to survive the huntsbut we never see her use those abilities in any noticeably different way Those two years also don't seem to have added and hardness or confidence or cunning to her character The ball was a pointless gimmick as well meant to add familiarity to the fairy tale but again it's done so laughably badWe also get the whole depiction of slavery and abuse of magic with the enslaved and starved fairieswhich I found to be disturbingly similar to human sex trafficking This doesn't serve any point other than to give us Lalyn in the role of the fairy godmother 6 Editing mistakes Good gracious the first editing mistake I found was on page two I also found a whole dialogue seuence where the names of Gallant and Dante were probably incorrectly switched because that entire scene did not make sense Couldn't bother to read though your own work?7 Despite the author having written a strong female character like Penryn in Angelfall this book seems to take a giant step backward in terms of empowering young girls Instead I almost caught hints of titillating rape culture or at the very least excessive male aggression and violence toward girls all done in such a blasé manner that'll be sure to make you uncomfortable Like why even write this scene? To convince the reader that the setting is dark and gruesome? To evoke a certain reaction? He put his thick slimy lips to her face She turned her head enough so that he ended up licking her cheek She turned her face and bit into his jowl Somewhere in the nearby trees a girl’s scream echoed through the night Men laughed in the shadows somewhere in the distance Her attacker turned angry He slapped her Then he made a fist and pounded it down toward her face She jerked her head out of the way His fist landed hard against the rock that was beneath her head He howled in his pain and fury She twisted kicked and suirmed with as much force as she could Just as she was about to slip out from under him he grabbed the neckline of her dress and ripped it down We're also supposed to root for characters like Cinder and Dante who turn a blind eye toward rape and animalistic savagery all in the name of self preservation?8 That ending Blink or you'll miss it that's how uick and unrealistic it is FINAL THOUGHTSIt's real bad all A uick read and not a boring read but a read so bad it'll make you wonder if Susan Ee is a pseudonym and some eight year old boy hijacked the writing instead I don't know what to say This really really hurts me I was over the freaking moon when I got Susan's email about a new book coming out I pre ordered it And now I'm reading it I'm 50% in and I'm in shock If this book did not have Susan Ee on it there is no way I would ever believe it was written by her I can't describe how disappointed I am as I'm helplessly looking around the internet for others to explain how this book can possibly be by the same author I saw a lot of the previous comments talking about the cover and I too thought it was terrible but the book reads just like the cover would suggest it reads Amateurish in writing predictable story lines and scenes none of the toughness uniueness and wit we came to love about Penryn and perhaps most crushing none of the butterflies in your stomach romance either I kept reading and reading hoping it would finally become the book I expected from Susan but I'm 50% in and nothing has happened and it's really bad There are even multiple spelling mistakes like this book was never touched by a professional editor or writer By the way it's also much shorter than your average novel End of Days had around 340 kindle pages this one has only about 200 I can't be alone in this Please someone explain to me what happened here She mailed me and I was like WHAAAAAAT and then I saw the word 'PRINCE' and suddenly I'm 16 again waiting for my next book boyfriend to charm me from tips to toes and “She has no choice Just like I have no choice”“We all have choices even if we do not realize it“I don’t even know what to sayI wanted to love this I wanted to give this amazing rating but I couldn’tIt was bad Just badWhere is my awesome Susan Ee? I want her back 😭225⭐️———— OMG I thought this was never going to happen 😯😍Finally a new book by Susan EeI love her booksBut I really don’t like this cover 😕 An orphan girl A dark and twisted kingdom An ongoing shadow war resulting in enslaved fairiesThis is the world of Cinder A world where a girl like her can be sold to be human prey for a ritualistic huntBut on this night even the predators might have something to fear On this night even a royal prince might find himself trapped by the expectations of the Dark Kingand a girl like no otherDon’t miss this fairy tale thriller by the world wide bestselling author Susan EE As far as fairy tales go this is 5 stars for me Cinder the Prince of Midnight is an enchanting Cinderella re telling that incorporates the dark and frightening themes of fantasy along with some light horror Cinder is a commoner in the kingdom of Midnight and is sold by her stepmother and stepsisters at every full moon to The Hunt They are the nights when women of all ages are chased through a dangerous magical forest by noblemen as a way of blowing off steam so they can return to their noble ladies as gentlemen This story comes with a relative slow burn romance cruel and cunning fairies an insane Dark King whose favorite past time is mixing games with torture and a badass main character who trains to be a fighterSusan Ee is great at writing dark fantasy Her stories are terrifying yet still entrancing and alluring I read her first series Penryn and the End of Days in 2015 and thinking back on it the memories that stuck with me are the particularly dark and twisted details The same is true for Cinder the Prince of Midnight The terror and gruesomeness is enough to make you say what the but not enough to make you wish you hadn't read it The hunters came then When they saw the wolfkin on the girl they kept a respectful distance They were afraid of the feeding frenzy but they took bets on how long the screams would lastThe way the horror is written in this story contrasts really nicely with its light and fluffy magic and romance that you typically find in fairy tales Young girls are booking it through the forest as deranged men hunt them for sport with truly horrifying intentions You can feel their terror and you can vividly imagine the speed they run at with all the stumbling over tree roots and frantic searching for a place to hide Yet at the same time you also feel wonder at the beautiful descriptions of the moonlight pouring through the forest and the ethereal cruel fairies that are also out for some of their own hunting Because of how dark this short story can be you find yourself feeling a bit of dread whenever the characters are feeling something good or carefree After watching them for a minute a few people shuttered their windows as though afraid of what might happen if they were caught enjoying laughter even if it was someone else'sBecause they were concerned I was concerned When someone was suspicious I was suspicious When the author can make me feel what the characters are feeling I'm grateful and all in It's why I read books I want an emotional and fantastical experience Cinder the Prince of Midnight was one of those experiences and I cannot wait for her other Midnight Tales7519 I LOVE Susan Ee's story telling This fairy tale is dark twisted and completely enchanting I need as many of her fairy tales as possibleFull review coming soon I cannot wait to talk about this uote Reveal Update May 1st 2019 Soooooo I just got another email from Susan and ahhh the delicious teasers are out in the world Are you ready to take a sneak peek? As far as I'm concerned Susan will be posting in the following Mondays and Wednesdays on her blog so please make sure you're following her latest updates D My pre reading fangirl mode April 23rd 2019 OMG GUYSSSSSSTHE UEEN OF ANGEL APOCALYPSE AND POOKY BEAR IS BACK WITH ANOTHER THRILLING RETELLING OF CINDERELLA AND AHHHHHHHH I HONESTLY COULDN'T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT WHEN I SAW HER EMAILLook at that COVER That orphan girl That devastatingly gorgeous smoke? There'd be a Cinderella a freaking awesome DARK KINGDOM and a PRINCE Okay deep breath Jasmine deep breathThe BEST PART OF ALL THIS?????This book will be out exactly one week before my birthday on June 3rd and ahhhhhhhhhhYou can now preorder it on or Apple

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