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Reecahs Flight Legends of the Lurker Book 1 Dragons are dangerous To hunt them is insaneThere is something strange about the woman living on top of the hill and the people of Fishmonger Bay leave her alone At least until the day she visits the village witchOne magic user is bad enough; the emergence of another—intolerableSpinning out of control Reecah must decide whether to slay the dragon or risk becoming a victim of her peopleCan Reecah find the key to unlock her family heritage or will she fall prey to the secret so many have died to protect

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    Review for “Reecah’s flight” by Richard H StephensIt’s the first book from “Legends of the Lurker” series written by Canadian author Richard H Stephens The story focuses on Reecah a girl whose life changes after meeting a witch and befriending a baby dragon Will she be able to save the dragons from extinction?Mr Stephens attracts his readers through his writing style that reminds us of fairy tales and medieval legends In this new world the readers will travel to many interesting places from Fishmonger Bay to the beautiful yet perilous dragon territory There they will have to face many dangers and overcome different obstacles that will put their physical and mental strength to the test The main theme of this epic story is heritage which Reecah has to find and accept despite what she was thought when she was a child Other themes that also had a connection to reality are the effects of bullying that makes it hard for the main character to trust people as she grows up being considered an outcast by the crowd since the Draakvriends wanted to change the people’s point of view about dragons discovering and accepting the truth although it hurts sometimes and the effects of misinformation and rumors Reecah the main character is the image of the naïve girl who will turn into an independent fighter as the story goes Self taught curious kind full of spunk a bit of a tomboy clever caring and brave and a dreamer she learns that she has to be strong and fight for what she believes in Like her mother she shows compassion for dragons and vows to protect them in the end Although life’s been hard she decides to accept her heritage and give it a shot She’s also the image of the future warrior woman The girl’s grandparents Viliyam and Lizzy can be considered the yin and yang since they often argue due to their different point of views But they always find ways to come to an agreement While Viliyam encourages Reecah to pursue her dream of flying Lizzy is serious and wants her granddaughter to have her feet planted on the ground She’s diligent and cares about her family The old man is stronger and clever despite his age “He’s not what he seems” is the perfect expression to describe Jonas Waverunner He’s a calm reserved polite man and a good friend but he’s actually a cruel man who will punish everyone for making mistakes including his own children as the readers will find out during the story Jonas Junior one of Jonas Senior’s sons is the image of the confused generation since he’s been taught to be severe towards others who are of lower ranks like Reeach Things will change as he grows up and learns the naked truth He’s poised strong a good fighter and hates violence deep down Although he doesn’t want to admit it he has a soft spot for the Draakvriend girl whom he used to bully when they were kids We can associate him with Draco Malfoy from the “Harry Potter” series and Marius Pontmercy from Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” since the three characters come from high society and are forced to do bad things against their will by their power hungry families They also decide to change their ways after finding the truthJaxon is Jonas Senior’s third son At first he seems to admire his older brother Jonas Junior but turns against him after he refuses to bully Reecah later on He’s the image of the snob spoiled child who is selfish and prefers to cower when things get tough The author portrays another image of the outcast in Grimelda the village witch Unlike Reecah the old woman doesn’t seem to mind that She’s the first one to give hints to the main character about her true heritage Her only companion is Raver a raven who is smarter than meets the eye He’s a comic relief most of the time but becomes the girl’s sidekick and shoulder to cry on after the old woman’s death He’s a survivor and fighter Grimelda gives an air of mystery to the tale The High King and his offspring represent greed cruelty and sadism since they want to destroy the dragons for good to be on top of the food chain They even mistreat people The dragon hunters are similar to poachers since they kill animals for the fun of it and take something from them as trophies One of the magical things in this wonderful book is the dragons who come in all shape and sizes even colors The war between men and dragons is similar to that of men and nature since most people destroy things they don’t want to understand because they’re blinded by hate and have their mind poisoned by greed Due to their long lifespan the dragons are wiser and intelligent but seem weak in front of human magic and weaponry Several virtues are represented by the dragons friendship and bravery Lurker patience Silence wisdom Grimclaw cleverness Swoop and curiosity Scarletclaws Like in many exciting stories there are things that have symbolic meanings such as the hills and mountains which represent obstacles and reaching life goals; the pine tree that represent protection because Reecah takes refuge in the woods after the villagers destroy her home; water that represents transformation blessing and motionColors are present too having the following meanings intelligence and coldness – blue; life ambition and hope – green; action confidence courage rage anger and determination – red; reliability elegance approachability and security – brown; wisdom dignity delicate and sensitivity – purple; fear mystery aggression strength evil and authority – black There are also references to gemstones within the story The Obsidian is known for its special powers that protect us from negativity just by showing the reflection of our inner selves From a symbolic point of view the emerald like Lurker’s eye color represents renewal and it can make negative thoughts go away since Reecah feels safe and happy in the dragonling’s presence The ruby can protect others from dangers and is the symbol of beauty and the ability to impress rivals Amber like Grimclaw’s eye color is one of the oldest gemstones in the world that is said to have protection properties It maintains emotional balance and clears the mind of negative energy Adventure friendship magic humor and suspense await the readers at every page read They will learn that although life is hard there is a spark of hope out there We just have to believe and take actions “Reecah’s flight” is an epic novel and the illustrations within are marvelous Along with J R R Tolkien C S Lewis Sophie Audouin Mamikonian J K Rowling Laura Știrbu B K Boes Chris Riddell K M Jenkins Elena Kedros Paula Harrison Emily Martha Sorensen Richard H Stephens revolutionized fantasy literature through his writing style and the world which he created out of pure imagination I also want to mention that the author added a pinch of Dickensian touch to the story as well because he portrayed the social classes the characters’ lifestyles etc I recommend this book to readers 15 because there are scenes that are not age appropriate for younger readers

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    If you’re a fan of dragons this is a book for you I devoured this book in an afternoon As a definite How To Train Your Dragon fan and also of the Eragon series this book immediately tickled my fancy The next to two books in this series are on my immediate TBR list Five stars

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    This is a great read with crossover appeal to a YA audience and in fact anyone who enjoys a good story well told It follows a plucky heroine as she finds her place in the world with the help of her faithful raven and dragon companions Lots of action as well as some very poignant moments I'm looking forward to book 2

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    This book is fantastic The struggle of the main character felt real and the challenges encountered people can or will relate to The first book in this series and I cannot wait for the rest of the series to come out I couldn't put this one down until I found out how it ended

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    If you are considering a fantasy book to put into your reading collection I suggest you give this a shot It is an enticing tale of a young woman whose life tugs her in every direction and everything she ever thought she knew falls to shambles That is the premise of a lot of stories you may look at across but this one adds dragons magic and a uirky raven companion It is easy to read and follow along with Reecah on your journey to fly The hard part of this book is putting it down to do other things throughout the day I think anyone purchasing will enjoy the readability and easy flow of the story providing readers of any age or attention level a great read through Enjoy yourself and you too will learn to fly with Reecah

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    heartache for the dragonsReecah's family has been connected to the dragons on the mountain for generations Reecah is the last one and it comes with great surprise to her that their traditional role is that of protector Reecah feels compelled to do the same with the astounding results

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    What a wonderful story First of all Reecah is an incredibly likable character who was so easy to root for We first meet her as a child who is being raised by her grandparents From the very beginning it’s clear that the family is somehow different from other inhabitants of the village and it’s one of the reasons why Reecah is constantly subjected to taunts from the local boys’ side Only her grandfather’s ability to track down the dragons keeps them in favor with the local leader Jonas Waverunner but as soon as Reecah’s grandfather perishes just like her grandmother a few years later the young girl finds herself on her own and it depends only on her now whether she’s going to make it or notReecah’s resilience and fearlessness made me admire her most of all on her perilous journey of self discovery and later on her uest to protect whom she was destined to protect according to the secret revealed to her by a local witch and her great aunt Grimelda When the entire twisted truth behind the bloody dragon hunts is revealed Reecah must decide who she wants to stand with fire breathing creatures which she was taught to fear her entire life or cruel and treacherous Jonas and his clan There were uite a few scenes that really made me love this story even The one where Reecah covers the dying baby dragon with a blanket was a real tear jerker and getting such an emotional response out of the readers is never an easy feat so I applaud the author for writing it in such a powerful way Lurker and other dragons were all absolutely adorable They had such personalities it was impossible not to fall in love with them I could go on and on about this story but I’ll just leave it at saying that I enjoyed it tremendously and I’m really looking forward to reading books in this series A real five star read

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    Oh my goodness that was an emotional roller coaster of a ride I cried than once laughed out loud garnering me a few strange looks and if I hadn't been reading it in ebook form I would have thrown it at least twice that's good by the wayGreat writing great flow great characters I'm a fan

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    Overview Even as Reecah Draakvriend struggles to fit in with society and unravel the dark secret hanging over her head she must come to a decision whether to slay an infamous dragon or become a victim of her people So begins a legendary uest worthy of birthing an epic fantasy heroineIn “Reecah’s Flight” Author Richard H Stephens builds on a uniuely inspired and creative plotline that draws readers into an epic fantasy world they’ll never forget Spanning the life of a precocious young girl who spends her childhood dreaming about becoming a dragon rider to her adulthood as an individual who is bullied and shunned by her village simply for being different “Reecah’s Flight” is an epic fantasy that immerses readers into a complex world of witches wizards dragon hunters and of course magical creaturesAs a character Reecah evolves into a strong female lead after being devastated by the loss of her home and family at a young age Never losing sight of her ambitions and dreams Reecah overcomes many impossible obstacles not to mention the bias and brutality of her peers to attain her goals through sheer persistence and determination But she’s put to the test when she’s given the choice of destroying the very beasts she’s come to admire or face the wrath of those who threaten their very existenceAuthor Stephens’ enchanting and inspiring fantasy epic is custom written for anyone who enjoys a uniue and challenging adventure that just happens to be led by a strong and capable female role model The story is also bolstered by the fact that dragons are alive and well and living in Reecah’s world The author’s intuitive knowledge of these mythical beasts and their habits imbues this tale with a sense of reality and affinity that will completely delight and fascinate his readersI highly recommend “Reecah’s Flight” for fantasy and dragon lovers ages teen through adult This imaginative absorbing and clever tale stands among my all time favorite reads and I’m greatly looking forward to reading the entire Legends of the Lurker Series

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    Reecah is a young girl with hopes and dreams of flying She is loved by her Grandparents having lost her own parents that is until she too loses them as well Left on her own to survive in a time when dragons roam the town and threaten the livelihood of many townspeople Reecah's journey begins as she unwillingly unravels her family's secrets and an unlikely friendship with dragons develops This is an epic fantasy book about not only dragons but talking dragons talking birds trolls and witches I enjoyed many aspects of this book the main character Reecah herself Raver her bird the story line and the writing styleI loved the opening line Poppa do you think I'll ever be able to fly?Of course little poppet You can do anything you set your mind toThis line was than just an opening line it offered insight into the relationships explored in this book and it hinted on some of the themes I was hooked from that line on I would have finished this book in less than the week it took me to read but life gets busy and I had to force myself to put it down at times to go do the much needed household chores I read the majority of the book however in one sittingThe pacing was smooth not too much action all the time allowing the reader to connect to the everyday struggles that Reecah goes through but when needed the author knew how to amp up the adventure taking the reader on a well travelled epic journeyThe final battle at the end has left me with many uestions The ending was typical of a series in that there was some closure but not much so I am excited to read book 2 which just released this week Reecah's Gift

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