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Reveal Wicked Ways #2 From New York Times bestselling author K Bromberg comes the raw sexy and jaw dropping finale to the Wicked Ways series I play to win and I won’t let anything—or anyone—get in the way of what I want The first time I met Vaughn Sanders I knew I wanted her Confident intelligent and downright sexy I thought I knew how to play her game I was ready and willing for the challenge Little did I know she was full of secrets and surprises But so am I Charming a woman into my bed has never been my problem It’s the relationship part that is They want it I don’t But can you blame me Broken marriages are how I make a living Hell no self respecting man would let a woman own his thoughts invade his dreams and steal his heart So how in the world has Vaughn done that to me I’ve fallen in love with her There I said it But that acknowledgment comes with a heavy priceEverything and everyone seem to be working against us leaving us both to uestion whether what we have is worth the costI’ll be damned if I go down without a fight

  • Kindle Edition
  • 362 pages
  • Reveal Wicked Ways #2
  • K. Bromberg
  • 26 February 2015

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10 thoughts on “Reveal Wicked Ways #2

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    What a crazy ride Everything I was worried about for Vaughn in book one came crashing down on her I had no idea how she was going to get out of the mess It seemed that no matter what she did she was going to feel backlash Ryker was the bad guy at the end of book one I love how the author starts out the second book with his pov of those events We got to see into his mind and what he was thinking I'm used to reading about hero's who dominate the enemy so it was a bit surprising to see that Ryker had some vulnerabilities here I loved how this story came together It wasn't predictable and I was left feeling satisfied with how it all came together at the end This was such a compelling duet I loved both main characters They were intriguing and I wanted to see them beat the odds and make it The added side character of Lucy brought heart to the story Overall this was a pretty exciting read It's full of drama that will have you riveted to the pages

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    Oh sweet baby Jesus This was everything I wanted and nothing I was expectingVaughn and Ryker’s story picks up where it heartbreakingly broke off in book one Ryker has messed up royally as in there is no going back after his actions We get his point of view and we understand the why but you know sometimes that just doesn’t justify a person’s actions And Vaughn does not yield to his explanations and pleas for forgiveness If you like groveling the first forty percent of this book is filled with the angst of this couple trying to deal with his betrayal and how that affects Vaughn not just emotionally but in a way that opens the door to danger I loved watching Vaughn and Ryker evolve from two individuals with their issues regarding love and happy ever afters to a place that was real one where they had to make the emotional choices of what to give in to and what to fight But even when they know how they feel and what they want this isn’t a fairytale where everything automatically works out for them They are human and flawed and they make decisions that can adversely affect their relationship And while their troubles are than what the “normal” couple would experience the manner in which they dealt with them felt very realistic There are many layers to this story beginning in Resist and continuing throughout Reveal With the level of emotion written here I wasn’t expecting but holy heck did I get it Several times over When engaged in a story I often can read it in one sitting but the angst here was so painful at times I had to take a step back for a breather I loved everything about this book Vaugh and Ryker as well as Lucy and the swoon worthy moments when Ryker was interacting with her are all characters and images I’ll hold for a long while And as if all the previous emotions we’re given throughout the story weren’t enough we get an epilogue that had tears welling in my eyes and my throat clogged from holding back a happy sob Nothing makes an angsty read worthwhile than this type of ending I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley and Montlake Romance All thoughts and opinions are my ownDual POVSafe view spoilerthe h sees the H with another woman at a charity event but it isn’t clear if she’s his date or not and he pays her little to no attention; om is the “bad guy” and therefore he does cause drama but he is not a man the h has ever been with before or had a relationship with hide spoiler

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    4 STARS The man who said he didn’t believe in love loving the woman who said she never could love WOWZA Talk about ending with a bang Because this book was one plot twist after another with a grovel so good it's DELICIOUS Like finger licking good Seriously YUMI was instantly hooked on Ryker and Vaughn in the first book Their back and forth never ending power play did something for me In a big way There was something just so spine tingling about their connection Both of them are convinced that love isn't for them Vaughn is focused on saving the last semblance of her family and Ryker is jaded from childhood Sound good? It was As much as it was frustrating But then Ryker screws up in the worst sort of ways at the end of Resist and a devastated Vaughn has no choice but to runReveal takes off immediately after the conclusion of the first book Vaughn still reeling from Ryker's betrayal and the repercussions that it brings and Ryker desperate to make things right Lies secrets blackmail betrayal There's so much that happens in this book and all of it will make your head spin Just when you think the twists are over K Bromberg hits you over the head with another one and all of it makes for one thrilling page turner I loved the journey these two had to their HEA and seeing Ryker's softer side come out and This was the perfect conclusion to this thrilling and sizzling duet ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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    5 'Love in the sunset' Stars ARC provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest reviewAfter that cliffhanger in Resist I could not wait a second to read Reveal As soon as it appeared on my Kindle I started reading because I wanted to know what would happen to Ryker and especially Vaughn My goodness what a roller coaster this was for these two I was at the edge of my seat at every turn but since this is K Bromberg we are talking about I was 100% in and all over it Reveal is the second and final installment in the Wicked Ways duet and it follows the sexy and suspenseful story of Ryker Lockhart and Vaughn Sanders If you read the first book you know these two do not have a typical love story because they come from two very different worlds But when they are together every difference dissapears and it was impossible for them not to fall for each other But not everything is hearts and flowers not in this duet and for this couple Especially after what happens at the end of Resist Will Ryker and Vaughn get their happy ending? Most people look for love in the sunrise when they don’t realize for them it can be found in the sunset Wow this is definitely than what I expected This is probably the most suspenseful story I have read by this author Reveal is full of mystery vengeance and threats but still keeping the mindblowing chemistry and emotion between Ryker and Vaughn I loved reading how Ryker falls completely in love with this woman and how decided he is to protect and love her Also I loved how strong Vaughn is as an invidual and how much she loves Ryker and Lucy her sister's daughter Both characters fight hard for what they believe in and love and it is plastered all over these pages It’s just him and me together in hereA world where no one can touch usIt’s just usTwo people who can’t seem to stop fighting their way toward each other despite everything trying to hold them back Of course leaving all the dark moments aside Reveal still is very much a romance Ryker and Vaughn together are just as explosive or even as they were in the first book This novel just takes them to the next level including their feelings growing to a full extent and how difficult is for them to surpass all the obstacles in their path But they do surpass them and I fully enjoyed reading thier deserved happy ending together with the adorable Lucy “You ready to give me your wish and your worry Sanders?” Therefore I am rating Reveal with 5 STARS because it was an absolute delight for me to read it I am so happy for this couple especially after going through all those difficulties in their story they found each other and they have given us an incredible romance journey Yes it was a roller coaster and there was many bad people involved but everything ended well and I am so glad about it K Bromberg again excels with her writing and as always I can't wait to see what is nextCHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE

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    ARC received for an honest reviewYou need to have read Resist before diving in to Reveal is it carries on right where the first book finished offUgh now at the end of the first book I was so annoyed with our leading lady Seriously Vaughn after all you and Ryker had been through you run off pssed at him and the world and don't let him talk to you Did you really think that was what happened Ugh This is a big bug bear of mine when the characters don't communicateAfter they got past that it was an intriguing story Who was messing with Vaughn? What had she gotten caught up in I was riveted the whole time I was reading And Ryker Ryker Ryker for a smart man you were a bit gullibleThere were so many uestions after the first book and I was not sure that Ms Bromberg was going to be able to tie up all the loose ends in the second installment however I shouldn't have worried she never lets me down that wayThere were a couple of twists that I certainly did not see coming too

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    A little bit of suspense a whole lot of drama A beautiful little girl a woman who doesn’t know who to trust A man who won’t admit his feelings another man who is on a power trip and another man who can ruin everything A complex and intriguing story that will grip you right from the beginning and not let you goRyker is a man in love who is fighting the fight of his life Trying to fight is feelings trying to fight the Senator trying to fight to get Vaughn to understand and accept him As the story progresses he finds out that there is so much to Vaughn that she may not even know When he finally finds out everything he can’t help but want to protect what he considers is his But is he adding fuel to the fire or helping her?Vaughn can’t believe the turn her life has taken She is doing everything for Lucy but can’t help but wonder if her relationship with Ryker is the best or worst thing that has ever happened to her It takes a lot for her to forgive his indiscretion but she can see in his eyes his words and his heart that he thought he was doing the right thing Too bad everything back fired Now faced with her past and her present she has some major decisions to make She know she can end it all with just one meeting but something is holding her back Now she has no choice Time for her to take back her life let the feelings she has for Ryker surface and face her problems head onThe story itself was complex The twists and turns just added to the story and I couldn’t wait to see how all the pieces of this puzzle fit together I was surprised then sad that I saw this one coming But I wasn’t prepared for how it would all end before the HEA could be found I’m usually not surprised so you know that K Bromberg did a wonderful job telling this story I was really drawn into this story with all the different story lines and how they all fit together She wrote a beautiful girl in Lucy and I loved how she made her the center of attention whenever she was brought into the story Vaughn was complicated yet so very simple A women who knew her place in the world accepted it and was working the best way she knew how to make everyone happy and a better life for everyone As for Ryker Well he was just as vulnerable as Vaughn was He wanted nothing but to protect her help her get custody of Lucy and just be there to soothe her pain take her troubles away and love her – even if it took two books for him to realize that last oneI shouldn’t be surprised with the way K Bromberg draws me into a story She has a way of building characters that are strong yet compassionate Her story lines are interesting and intelligent She pulls no punches throughout the story tells it like it is and makes you see the reality of the situation the repercussions of decisions made in the heat of the moment and the love that shines through in the end Reveal was emotional sensual and extremely powerful written by an author that knows how to bring a story to lifeReview copy provided for a voluntary review

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    This is the exciting conclusion to the Wicked Ways duet and it definitely lived up to the titleIf you cast your mind back to how things left off between Ryker and Vaughan he had dug himself into a very large hole that he needed a digger to get out of Vaughan is feeling completely devastated and blind sided by the one person she implicitly trusted Everything Vaughan has been working so hard for could be taken from her and it’s all down to Ryker She wished she had never let him in to her life Vaughan’s closely guarded closet has been well and truly openedVaughan is used to being the only one in charge of her own destiny and she draws on her ability to adapt to fight for what she so desperately wants She won’t give up on what is rightfully hers even if it means sacrificing what she had with Ryker Ryker realises the mess he has created and the implications for Vaughan He sets out to make things right and show her that he is a man of his word one that she can trust Ryker struggles with this huge emotional upheaval that has impacted every part of his life he has fallen in love and his need to protect what is his dominates his every decision Nothing will get in the way of his determination to make things right and give Vaughan everything she so desperately wantsSo much happens in this fast paced story secrets are revealed and there are lots of twists that kept me obsessively reading late into the night Fabulous duet

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    OMG this book was amazing the anticipationwaiting was unbearable It picked up where the last book left off Vaughn Sanders Ryker Lockhart were perfect until that moment when Vaughn walked in on Ryker the senator conversation the one man Vaughn hated Feeling betrayed because of Ryker's words action Vaughn vowed to never believe in a man again This book had you going through every emotion it had so many twist and turns that have your head spinning Worth a read you will be left on a book high after this read

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    Ryker and Vaughn UTTERLY CONSUMED my life A sleepless night after the ending of Resist and then I was restless the whole time I read Reveal O M G Their intense story line was an incredible rollercoaster ride of suspense and emotion as well as a combo of heat filled tension and passion from ebb and flows of Ryker and Vaughn’s relationship It took me uite some time to come down from the incredible high I got from this book I needed long moments to decompress I mean for two days straight Vaughn and Ryker were all I could think about Their chemistry was just as intense as it was in RESIST That stubborn streak of Vaughn’s never wavered And Ryker’s persistence never waned Even when they had secrets and surprises jumping out of every closet to keep them apart They may have weakened for a slight moment in time but what they shared was incredibly real and they joined forces to get through it all and come out on top The suspense build up from RESIST definitely gave me the full blown effect here My stomach was in knots my nerves were shot but when they came out the other side??? My heart was beyond happy and content What an INCREDIBLE story from K Bromberg

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    Well that was just intense
Ryker and vaughn’s story was filled with secrets deception and so many things that will make you wanting Sure this book wasn’t perfect Vaughn tested my patience a little bit in this book but overall I than liked it There is absolutely no doubt that the chemistry between Ryker and Vaughn is passionate These characters lives makes for a storyline that is filled with drama without it being predictable

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