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    LIVE EARLY DARK ROMANCE SET IN ELITE HIGH SCHOOLBook 2LIVE | AMZ US | AMZ UK |Books in Dark Legacy series should be read in orderBook 1 Broken WingsBook 2 Broken TrustBook 3 Broken Legacy

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    They would hurt you Butterfly Break those perfect wings Destroy your fighting spirit 'BROKEN TRUST' is the second book in Jaymin Eve's 'Dark Legacy' series It picks up where the previous book left offWhere betrayal and lies walk hand in handThis series is like no other series I've read even though there are so many bully books coming out now this one still has a uniue aspect to it The boys have been trained to kill at an early age it's in their bloodstream it flows through their veins They will protect what is theirs even if it means hurting the one they care about and that's exactly what we saw in the first book This book had it allMore drama ✔️More angst ✔️More high school bullying ✔️More outside threats ✔️More twists and turns ✔️More Beck ✔️sighs I never thought it would be possible but we’re left with even More uestions we want answers to Losing both parents tragically should've been the worst moment in Riley's life but the betrayal from Beck Dylan Evan and Jasper far outweighed that tragic day Fleeing she holes up in Dantes apartment with him since he's seemingly the only one she can trust now Our parents are not good people you must already have seen that They will stop at nothing to get what they wantTo force our hand If they knew that you mean't to any of us than just the fifth seat of Delta they would use you against us But these boys aren't going to let her just walk away from them without a fight Every day one of the guys shows up outside the apartment begging for forgiveness But she's not one to make things easy on these boys and because of that they have a shit ton of grovelling to doBut without the boys protection a whole lot of shit is going to go down Riley isn't going to come out unscathedThe boys rule the school Every single girl wants to fuck themEvery guy wants to be them You've been under their protection almost from the first moment you walked in hereIf that protection disappearsworse if it's clear that you're not one of them now then the vultures will tear you to fucking pieceYou've been where all of them want to be and they're going to punish you for that My anticipation levels went skyrocketing nail biting moments that kept me racing through the pages utterly and completely un put down able once started I never stopped reading I had to see what these authors were going to throw at us next the punches just kept coming and coming A series I never want to see end Teasers used off the authors facebook page      

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    I don't want to sound rude but the hype wasn't worth the wait It diminished what the series success started out to be This book screamed at me the entire time ☆They are just high school kids☆None of this is possible☆It's filled with sexist and masoginst stuffI ignored every of those things in the last book because it was such a breath of fresh air and for all intent and purposes was an angst high school drama filled of twist and dready turns that just grips at you; and even when you know none of this is real you still end up loving itBut now that we are on the second book and the pedestal is kicked on a notch I wanted it to be something But instead all I got was the same stuff just with a little predictability This made the book slightly bit boring for meThat said it was the continuation of a book I really adored so I couldn't exactly hate it Therefore the 35 starsNow this is my personal opinion and I'm not saying this book is bad but it had a potential and somehow missed it's mark for meI just hope the authors don't ruin a fabulous written series because this was a let down after the first one Here is to hoping the next one is a much better readHappy Reading Everyone💕

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    4 Unconditional stars We are a family You're just delaying the inevitable The five of us that is meant to fucking be NOTE This is NOT a reverse harem storyOMG What shits are happening to this book???Everything had turned upside down You really don't know what is happening in hereEverything are fucked up Who will you trust after all when everything is trembling down???UGHHHHH I NEED the next and final book I NEED some answers damn itNothing and nobody is at it seems and i want for the masks has to pull down That's so fucked up This whole world you live in it's totally fucked up This book picked up exactly from the moment that the previous book left usRiley is broken from the Delta heirs's betrayal and she is refusing to have anything to do with themUnfortunately for her they are not from those guys that are backing up so easilyRiley is one of them now and they will be always by her side even though she doesn't stand looking at them at the moment My heart hurt so badly like the fucking thing had been stabbed and was slowly dying It was so much than the fact I'd had to kill someone I'd lost four guys who I'd been counting as friends as than friends Family Riley is furious and heartbroken with them especially with Beck and with a good reasonIn a way they kept her in the dark and then they used someone important to her to do whatever Delta wanted from her And it was a shitty thing to doShe just can't get over their betrayal She can't trust them anyAnd she is determined to keep them in distanceUnfortunately the guys are wanting to give her a lesson and the situation escalates really fast and ugly What the fuck Butterf Stop Never call me that again I am not some fragile bug with pretty wings for you to pull offYou've been under their protection almost from the first moment you walked in hereIf that protection disappearsworse if it's clear that you're not one of them now then the vultures will tear you to fucking pieceYou've been where all of them want to be and they're going to punish you for that And as Riley is coming closer to them for once again new problems are starting to rise on the horizonThey are living in a very shitty world full of secrets lies betrayal death and powerThe odds aren't with them but they are a strong unit and they are determined to make something better of this power when it gets in their handsAnd they have too many shits to face and to discover and I'm dying here because i NEED the next book Arrrrrr Our parents are not good people you must already have seen that They will stop at nothing to get what they wantTo force our hand If they knew that you mean't to any of us than just the fifth seat of Delta they would use you against usThey would hurt you Butterfly Break those perfect wings Destroy your fighting spirit Well I understood Riley why she felt like that but she was so damn stubborn that it got on my nerves So damn stubborn and that took a really bad turn for herShe was surrounding by an enemy who was waiting the right time to hit and if there weren't for the guys to watching her she would be destroyed in many aspectsI loved her but damn girl So stubborn He probably doesn't deserve you Riley But you're exactly what he needsI've never seen Beck like this Not ever I think you might be the first thing he's ever wanted to fight for Riles He's not scared off by challenges Your anger does not scare him either Sebastian keeps being my favorite Yeah he made a shitty move in the previous book but the man has real feelings for this girl He could do anything for herOkay he was also very possessive but I'm not complaining BahahahaRiley was his and he was determined to make her see it I never hated you Riley I feared what another female Delta heir meant I feared what I felt I knew you were going to have the power to fucking destroy me and I did everything to stop you before you startedYeah I'm like a wrecking ball You ain't gonna get rid of me until I destroy everything firstTurns out you're the opposite of destructive; you're the light in the fucking darkness As for the rest of the guys???I loved them all even though Dylan started to frustrate me I'm afraid that he has wrong feelings about RileyJasper was his usual goofy self and i liked that we found about EvanI really would love to see their stories too They deserve to have their own books Isn't that a bit dangerous? Letting them know you guys care about me? And for once again i was disappointed with most of the people in here Their behaviors were unacceptableThe Delta grown ups suck All of them And Richard disappointed me Sneaky bastardAnd the worst of them all is dearest mama Katherine I hate this woman Fucking psycho I have the feeling that she had something to do with Oscar's death Arrrr I wouldn't be surprised if she didAs for Dante??? I knew that he was hiding something but hopefully he will redeem himselfAnd now what will i do until August???? Arrrrrrrrrrr You know you're one of us Riley It doesn't matter what you do or say or how many ways you fuck You're always one of us

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    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Has Lots Its Edge⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ Riley turns 18 years old 80% into this book meaning that the timeline from book one until the 80% point had been 2 months 2 months are not bad but it doesn't feel like it's been 2 months only a couple of weeks And frankly I wish the timeline was longer to make the bond feel real I mean it feels to odd when Riley says things like sitting in our usual spot when the first time she's sat there was the day before That said I've lost a bit of interest in this book as there is not build up any I like enemies turned lovers but not when it's soo fast And being in a relationship is apparently not a good look on Beck as he seems softer and nice almost I liked him badass dark and dangerous sexy and alpha male I felt like in this book he lost a bit of the edge he had in book one Overall I still liked it somewhat but the problems I had overshadowed what might have been a nice readCharacters → Riley ‘Riles’ ‘Butterfly’ ‘Spare’ Jameson 17 turns 18 orphan as her parents died in a car accident→ Sebastian ‘Beck’ Roman Becket 20 the leader of the billionaire boys club A Delta’s successor the inheritors of a fortune Militant Delta Finances that out masses the rest of the world’s combined They control so much than you can even imagine and they have enemies Delta controls sixty five percent of the money in the world→ Dante Riley's best friend A gang member of the Grims→ Mrs Catherine ‘Debitch’ Deboise Riley's birth mother Deboise was a huge worldwide bank originating in Europe Catherine is the daughter of one of Huntley’s CEOs Delta's biggest enemy→ Stewart ‘Stew’ the head of staff here at Deboise Estate→ Edith ‘Eddy’ Langham of Langham Finance→ Jasper Eugene Langham Eddy's brother A Delta’s successor→ Evan Lincoln Rothwell his family owns half of Europe and they fund most of the big businesses in the world A Delta’s successor→ Dylan Grant his family is also involved in finance and banking A Delta’s successor→ Oscar Deboise almost 21 was Riley's brother He was killed a month ago Oscar was the planned successor for the Deboise fortune A Delta’s successor→ Brittley ‘Britt’ she’s Beck's group's pass around girl when they have nothing better to do She’s been trying to claim one of the guys for years but they just use her like the w she is→ Richard Deboise Riley's birth father→ Jimmy runs car races→ Mr Rome Beckett Beck’s father→ Serena almost 30 Dante’s older sister Rob Laidner who was a few years older than Serena was a police officer her husband Rob was raising Dante’s niece Chloe like she was his own→ Katelyn Huntley a new student at Riley's school who Eddy hacked into her school records and found out that she’s enrolled under Katelyn French but her birth certificate has her surname as Huntley She’s the youngest daughter of Graeme Huntley CEO of Huntley Tech His wife Christie Huntley view spoilerGraema is Catherine’s brother Riley's uncle hide spoiler

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    Holy balls that book was like mind blowing It's very rare for me to love a book so much the dynamics and the friendship the story was just like wow I have no words for this book how great it was I just wish the second book was already out Seriously giving book hangover

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    Yeah I need book 3 now

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    This was just badUmmm where do I begin?The problem with this story despite the glaringly unreal ness of it all is the detailsYes I realize there are a lot of dark and extremely mature themes to this series but I mean C’MONFirst off Senators do not have office space at City Hall City Hall is for City Councilmembers and MayorsThe whole attempted gang rape scene sounds like something Tate James cooked up and I all but had to stop reading this book What hormonal teenager who just lost her parents got thrown into a brand new world experienced an unsettling level of betrayal and public embarrassment was essentially left to fend for herself would not FEEL overwhelmed and unsafe to be around a group of men after being physically assaulted and forced into a classroom and experiences sexual violence at the hands of her peers?? Yes she may have not been forcibly raped but the forcible removal of her clothes and being pinned down and beat upon would leave ANY female scarred Instead the very next day she’s back in the arms of the person who betrayed her and was inadvertently responsible for her assault on school grounds which is technically a supposed to be a safe space with mandated reporters The shame in which this portion of the story was handled and how there was no real trigger warning is just plain badHowever I feel the need to say that this has to be a Tate James thing in one of the Kit Davenport books she was kidnapped stripped naked and subjected to torture that included fingernails being removed In the same scene after she’s rescued from her attacker she has sex with her savior in a room filled with blood and gore despite us learning earlier on in the series that she can heal faster if she experiences bouts of adrenaline from fear or lustOther plot points that bugged me introduction of characters that never really went anywhere the reveal of the first female heir dying at the hands of her “barren” mother the incest spoiler and how come no one brought up the fact that Kathryn was technically Riley’s blood relative?

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    1 Broken Wings | ★★★★½2 Broken Trust | ★½3 Broken Legacy | won't read15 StarsUnpopular opinion alertWhat a disappointmentview spoilerThe first 20% or so were great I loved that Riley didn't give in and stayed stubborn because I would have done the same Let them grovelBut you know what? Her hypocrisy at the end was driving me nuts and I just couldn't respect her any Sure circumstances were a bit different but why tf did she think it would be okay for her to keep secrets? In her own words What happened to no secrets?The whole book she stayed passive and when she finally decides to become active she does something totally stupid Decision made she couldn't help but thinkI knew it was stupid I was well aware I was the fucking moron heroine in the scary movie that deliberately ran away from the highly trained men that cared about her and were trying to protect her Yes girl you are a moron I couldn't have said it any better And as if saying that would make everything better somehowWe don't know if her dumb action will have any conseuences because OF fucking COURSE it ends in a cliffhangerBut you know what? My biggest problem wasn't even the heroine It was the plotIt was so bizarre reading about the events in this bookh gets beaten and nearly raped Sure okay? Moving on h gets nearly killed by an assassin whatever next h gets drugged by her father Alrighty then Everything just got brushed off somehowI know this is not a stereotypical story Things like this happen in this series But while in book 1 I was still like wtf is going on 90% of the time the events in book 2 just left me cold The novelty has worn off and everything felt so boring Nothing really happens and too much happens at the same time They do all that badass shit and then switch back to mundane stuff like apartment hunting bullying at school birthday parties and mushy declarations The book tried too hard to bring some kind of balance between the weird and normal stuff and I wished the authors had just concentrated on either one because the weird stuff was just too extreme in contrast to the normal everyday eventsWhat this book is missing is a goal It feels like they just go along with whatever their parents say and if they discover something along the way great if not also ok There is absolutely no urgency in what they do They don't actively work towards a goal and do stuff They just take it however it comes Catherine has her own goal Dante is hiding something Richard is doing something Oscar was probably murdered They all know that But do they really do something? Noo it's like their motto is if we find out we find out but for now let's just keep it in the back of our minds somewhere Why not do something immediately? Over and over again we get to read about how powerful they are that they rule the school that they are trained for extreme situations and can do nearly everything but in the end they are only heirs in training and actually can't do shit So basically we as the reader know nothing Where is this series even going? I don't know how the authors are going to wrap this up in the last installmentThis book felt a lot like a filler with information sprinkled here and there and then BAM the big cliffhanger hide spoiler

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    Well the first book was holy hangover this book I just have no words The amounts of theories I have running around in my head right now are driving me crazy because there are so many possibilities of things that could happen in book 3 Broken trust was dark fast paced full of action and there were points where I had to stop to take a breather because the anxiety was real I am absolutely loving this series and I hope that all of the guys get their own books Sebastian can we just clarify that he is mine? His character development in this book was great Riley in all honesty I don’t know how the girl is still standing the shit she went through just wow The deceit and secrets had me on edge the whole book and I can’t wait to read book 3 so that we can have the answers and my brain can chill out Read these books you are missing out massively if you don’t

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Broken Trust They think they own me now They think they’ve won and that I’ll be their good little soldier Four dangerous damaged messed up boys There used to be five but one of them died and I’m starting to suspect he was murderedI didn't ask for this No one would ask to be played manipulated seduced and betrayed But that’s what happened anyway It wasn’t enough for them to break me Sebastian Beckett has decided that he can’t let me go but I refuse to forgive and forget his betrayal so easily His fixation is bordering on obsession but when we begin to suspect a spy within Delta there’s no time to deal with his feelings Someone is selling us out and it’s having a dire impact It’s life and death hiding behind corporate greedLet the battle beginThis dark contemporary romance features four sexy dangerous boys but is NOT a reverse harem

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Jaymin Eve is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of paranormal romance urban fantasy and sci fi novels filled with epic love stories great adventures and plenty of laughs She lives in Australia with her husband two beautiful daughters and a couple of crazy pets To date she has sold close to two million ebooks and still can't believe that she gets to create fantasy w