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  • 14 March 2016

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    This instalment was so fab just adored the addition of that conniving and sneaky dollKieran has made his bed and he is so not a happy camper for it even going as far as to blame the mouse for his current predicament with her unwanted replacementIn fact the power play between the boys in Ravaged Captive was fascinating to observe and as far as I can see Toby is the one that's thinking with his right head where Kieran here seems to be a creature of instinct unnecessarily rocking the boat and antagonising CaspianCaspian also now seems to be completely enamoured of his mouse wanting her to like him best of allWhich in turn has a domino effect on the pack hierarchy So despite the extremities of this story I am now just so addicted to these power plays of dominance and submission and as soon as I know a new episode is heading my way I drop everything to immerse myself in this cruel dystopian omegaverse serial its just that addictiveReally want to know now just what that shady doll is up to she sure is one to watchThis series does need to be read in order and also be aware that this is dark reverse harem omegaverse not a romanceSo yep really enjoyed this oneI voluntary reviewed a copy of Ravaged Captive Wren’s Song #4Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom

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    I do not consider these books romance; they're erotic horror Once you understand that the going gets easier I struggled with it at first because I do consider Cain's previous books to be awesome dark romance but not this one; this one is pure psychological study of a number of extremely messed up people It's certainly interesting; I feel a sort of fascination to see just how bad it's going to get But I don't see them ever getting a HEA and I don't think I actually want them to ➽ On the psychological front there's one character Kieran where Cain is really pushing the whole 'his mummy was mean to him so now he's a psychopath' stuff I am to say the least extremely sceptical and it didn't sit well with me that Wren began to forgive him purely out of sympathy ➽ I also haven't forgotten the tons of OW which is biggest reason I'm opposed to the 'romance' Yes I'm weird like that; I can forgive a hero being essentially insane see The Silver Devil but one hint of OW and I am OUT Which is a shame because I'd be so much invested in this series if Rosie and the 24891204319412 million other women didn't exist There's no love softness tenderness affection nothing which characterised Shepherd's behaviour to Claire as an example But Cain is a good writer even if she uses the passive voice rather than is comfortable so I'm here for the rideBlog Bookstagram

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    When I started this series I thought there would be three books and two have been published so I thought I would take a chance the series might get completed I don't think this author has ever actually finished a book series that has a beginning middle and a conclusion I think I got to page 5 and thought why am I bothering it's not like there will be an ending This just ruined the story for me The author will not say how many book in the series or give a time line of when the story will be completed Some of her books were published in 2016 and are still not completed it is 2019 I went to her facebook to see if she was going to finish the story and guess what she is starting a new series of books This seems to be typical of the writer which is really too bad because she is very gifted Sometimes I think she has just written herself into a corner and does not know how the story should conclude so she just moves onto another series of books Anyways people usually want a story with a beginning middle and an end crazy I know If the book is completed I will change my review

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    Update I've given up on this series I think I'm going to wait until this series is fully complete before I read the next book I have frustrations with this series one of them being I have no idea how many books are in this series Also they're each priced at 299 and relatively short That's about 12 to read 4 books in this series with no end in sight So far each book feels less than 1 novel but has cost wayyy than a novel Reading this series is like reading an expensive Sunday Morning Cartoon strip Edit Lol I just noticed the cost of books 2 4 have gone up from 299 to 399 Ok at this point AC's books are overhyped and overpriced The uality is reducing The books are becoming shorter in length and the prices are going up 2nd edit For those wondering the original 4 novellas have been repackaged into two novels Branded and Silenced now on At this date 5152020 there's been no new material released Just the 4 novellas have been combined into 2 novels Silenced on is apparently a censored version since banned the original version The original version can be purchased at other retailers Branded seemed to also be banned from but AC hasn't made a public announcement It's now reappeared on and I'm wondering if it's also a censored version Original review 375 So far I enjoyed this book the most out of the entire seriesalthough enjoy may not be the right word I was captivated It was brutal Like other reviewers have mentioned this series is not a romance and there are no heroes It's filthy dirty In this book Kieran took the spotlight There has been a lot of talk about how messed up and sadistic Toby isbut not much action to back up the words I did enjoy the brief glimpse we got into Rosie's life in the pen I like Rosie in a way she's had just as tough a go of it as Wren Bliss Dust was interesting I almost rated this four stars but I'm keeping it at three because I was hoping for resolution in book 4 How many books in this series is Addison Cain going to write? At this rate it could go on forever and I can only take so much depravity I read the entire series in just the past few days; I can't imagine waiting a year between each of these bite sized booksThis may be a stupid uestion but why is Wren called Jax and not Wren? Is her name even really Wren? Did I miss something? Is there going to be a 'my real name is Wren' twist later? Is it just a nickname the author gave Jax so she can write uips about making a mute girl sing?Even though I have complaints there's no doubt in my mind I'll devour any other books that are published in this series even if I have to wait a year

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    This series is to the point of disappointment While things happened in this book like Kieran felt unsteady and angry Caspian’s feelings grew and Toby stood strong and plottingit still didn’t really move the story towards a wrap up In fact in kind of went backwards by making the ‘doll’ Kieran bought a feature in this addition And she’s horrible We get very little from Wren’s POV it’s a short bookcan it even be called a book this little? The fact that AC allowed one of the alphas to actually full out cheat the way he did even though he thought Wren was gone is frankly disrespectful to readers who wanted to see these 4 originals grow and work things out The whole dynamic of the four of them is at this point ruined Now instead of emotional growth we’re also dealing with someone fighting a possible bond and full out cheating if that world can even call something that even though Kieran does NOT want the doll Basically now it’s a treading water clusterfck I don’t even know what to say about this addition any I’m ready for these four to find a routine that works for them the guys need to grow and this series needs to wrap up I’m tired of it being drug out I don’t want to start any other new series by this author until she finishes them up Her current pattern is leaning towards GRRM behavior She’s got multiple series out that are not complete It’s all over the place

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    The books keep getting shorterSo far each or the four installments of this trilogy are shorter than the one before it It took less than half an hour to read this novella I won't read another one until they're all finished because waiting a year for less than 100 pages isn't worth the anticipation and disappointment The writing is so wonderful and the story is fantastic but the publishing is a big disappointment

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    Again I hated this book I really don't know why I tortured myself by forcing this stupid book into my brain Honestly I really have no ideaAt this point I'm so annoyed that I'm 4 books invested in this series Everything from the first page of the first book to about the 75% mark of the 4th book was just dumb It didn't really peak my interest until that last bit of the 4th book And I really didn't plan on continuing with this series The other books aren't even out yet and I was just going to call it uits Then OF COURSE the author had to go and have something happen that makes me want to know what happens nextUgh FmlIf there wasn't so much damn unnecessary smut and believe me I absolutely LOVE smut but this shit just went beyond what was needed the first three books could've been condensed into maybe 1 and a half books And I'm not even kidding That's how much of a lack of story there was in the first three booksI seriously could go on and on about how terribly I hate this series But I am wasting no time I'll just say that if you are reading reviews for this fourth book to find out if you want to read the series which I doubt but whatevs I suggest not wasting your time

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    I did not like the addition of that ‘doll’ I honestly kept expecting someone to snap her neck and hope that happens in the next book #sorrynotsorry I’ve been waiting for this book and not only did it end too soon it ended on a cliffhanger I also didn’t get enough of Wren’s POV though the pack’s POVs were a nice change Still Ravaged Captive didn’t really advance the story much and left me frustrated than anything I need

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    liked it but it lost some of the tension in the story for menevertheless I'm looking forward to seeing them all fall at Wren's feeteventually

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    2 I’m done with this series stars I read the first 3 books back to back or fairly close But it’s been several months since the last book and I Totally forgot what I read I read 300 books a year It’s probably been 100 books since i read the last book and as much I want to ride this series out I can’t The books are short and it’s hard to stick with short books when the release dates are so far apart The book ended at the 87% mark Can’t you write to the 99% mark? What happened to the smut? I felt like all of that stuff was glossed over like it wasn’t really important I think the main thing with me is that I totally forgot everything I kind of remember the 3 guys but I forgot about the deal I kept on wondering who Jax was and got confused with doll and mouse two different people I think Anyhow Some people love this series and power to you I wish I did But I can’t handle short books written once every 6 months to a year Maybe when all of the books are released

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Ravaged Captive Wrens Song #4 The ultimate sacrifice Drenched in wealth and power Caspian holds my city by the throat No man or woman denies him not even me But he owes me a debt I intended to collect Our trade was fair—my submission to his pack for the lives of my wards Pleasure willing female attention affection he’s starved for such things Starved for me And though he may have tricked me into his bed he will never have what I know he longs for most My heart Not so long as he holds the lives of my family hostage Ravaged Captive Wren’s Song Book 4 is a dark sinister Omegaverse Reverse Harem tale for those with twisted tastes and a love for unabashed bad boys Complete power exchange dominates these pages as do THREE smoking hot Alpha antiheroes

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USA TODAY bestselling author and Top 25 bestselling author Addison Cain is best known for her dark romances smoldering paranormal suspense and twisted alien worlds Her antiheroes are not always redeemable her lead females stand fierce and nothing is ever as it seemsDeep and sometimes heart wrenching her books are not for the faint of heart But they are just right for those who enjo