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Water for Elephants REVIEW CONTAINS SLIGHT SPOILERS I really wanted to like this book I think my low opinion is partially my fault because I drove into the story with high expectations due to rave reviews I need to learn not to do thatThe beginning of this novel was excellent A Ivy League dropout who formerly studied to be a vet runs away and joins the circus The time period The Depression and Prohibition America a historical era of uncertainty and chaos I was looking for an intriguing tale of a college youth thrust into an unfamiliar world along with a dose of touching animal stories What I got was a romance Pure and simpleA major issue in this novel is the characterization The characters with the exception of Walter aka Kinko and his dear ueenie were flat and predictable Marlena and August bothered me the most Marlena being beautiful and kind and boring and August being a cruel husband due to his mental illness Besides the hackneyed stereotype of the mentally ill being violent August's schizophrenia appeared to be a plot device to bring Jacob and Marlena together without making them look like bad people for cheating I didn't buy it for half a second I think the affair would've been much interesting if August waswell basically a normal husband who was maybe a little too obsessed with his own accomplishmentsThe romance between Jacob and Marlena made me yawn While Jacob was a fairly developed character Marlena was the epitome of a side female love interest gorgeous with little beneath the surface Barbara the cooch girl had depth than her If Marlena were developed further and if she had a flaw or two I could buy their love story And hey maybe one day I'll appreciate where the characters ended up Today is not that day On a similar note I've heard some people complain about the sex scenes and while the descriptions are a bit odd I had no problem with there being sex in the book The setting is a circus there is booze everywhere and sex is gonna happenAgain I think I went into this novel with high expectations and if I'm getting the wrong idea or whatever that's my own doing I'll probably pick it up again in the future to see if I think differently then SPOILERS IN MY REVIEW I'M SORRY ABOUT SPOILING IT FOR PEOPLE REALLY I AM IT WAS NEVER INTENTIONAL BUT AS WITH ALL REVIEWS ESPECIALLY MINE THERE ARE GOING TO BE SPOILERS I DELETED ALL THE COMMENTS THAT WERE HARASSING ME ABOUT ACCIDENTLY SPOILING THE BOOK SERIOUSLY I'M SORRY BUT PEOPLE DON'T NEED TO BE COMPLETE AND UTTER ASSHOLES ABOUT IT NOT EVERYONE TO THOSE OF YOU WHO WERE NICE I REALLY AM SORRY THAT I SPOILED THE BOOK I FORGET THAT GOODREADS DOESN'T HAVE A WAY OF HIDING SPOILERS THEY SHOULD IF I COULD GIVE YOU A COOKIE TO MAKEUP FOR THE FACT THAT I GAVE AWAY SOME STUFF GOOD READS OBVIOUSLY DELETED MY FIRST REVIEW BUT THIS IS THE SAME EXACT THING I HAD WRITTEN BEFORE SO ONCE AGAIN DON'T READ THE NON CAPSLOCKED STUFF BELOW THIS BECAUSE IT DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS SO IF YOU LEAVE ME A COMMENT THIS TIME AROUND BITCHING ABOUT SPOILERS YOU ONLY HAVE YOURSELF TO BITCH AT BECAUSE I FRIGGIN' WARNED YOU AND JUST FOR THE RECORD THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERSI could not put this book down I disagree with the statement that the ending was predictable On the contrary I was pleasantly surprised that Jacob and Marlena ended up together because I thought the book was going to follow the format of those never meant to be loves You know where they hook up yearn for each other but can't grow old togetherI think the biggest disappointment I had with the book was Marlena's relative weakness I think I would have loved the book even had she been written as a stronger woman Though I think her nature reflected that of most women back in the 30s Still I got annoyed by the freuent crying she did I was proud of her for standing up to August in the end Even so Marlena's weakness didn't stop me from loving the bookWhat drew me in the most was our flash forwards to 93 year old or is it 90 Jacob With the exception of his grouchiness everything about him reminded me of my grandfather who past away last Thanksgiving at 97 It was the fact that he was failing physically but was holding on strong mentally that kept making me think of this man I admired so much Also Jacob's undying love for his wife was extremely remeniscent of my grandfather's relationship with my grandmother If you have elderly loved ones this is just another reason for you to pick up this book It will probably make you want to call up said loved one and talk to them about their past and their memories Hopefully it will also strike a note to those who have ignoredforgottenset aside their loved ones for so long as Jacob's family has done with himAnimal lovers beware with this book As much as Jacob loves and has a passion for the animals he cares for there is also a lot of animal abuse that takes place throughout the novel Being a huge animal rights activist and just all around animal lover I knew that the animals probably weren't going to be treated very well seeing as 70 years ago animals in the circus were only taken care of as long as they were bringing in a profit even then But despite having prepared myself I was still caught of guard often So just know that upon picking up this book The happy animal moments do outweigh the cruelty though and if you know animal behavior at all you'll find yourself giggling and cheering uite a bitOn a final note this book is being praised as a romance novel but it's so much than that There are so many layers and characters in this book that to shove it in that one exclusive category could turn away a lot of potential readers who will love this book If you're a lover of animals the elderly adventure circuses the Great Depression or even drunks pick up this book and you'll find yourself hooked I wanted to like this book I really did I even enjoyed the first couple of chapters and was prepared for an entertaining summer read Eventually however the lack of imagination melodrama and just plain bad writing did it in for me At the risk of beating a dead horse albeit a dead horse with tremendous appeal to book clubs across the United States let me enumerate the problems spoiler alert – not that I suggest you read this book anyway1 Neither the narrator nor any of the other characters in Water for Elephants for that matter even remotely sound like they live in the 1930s nor does the old man sound like an old man in the present day chapters in fact he sounds exactly like he did as a 22 year old in the 1930s chapters This indicates that the author has either a completely tin ear for a dialogue or not enough imagination to put her self into the minds of her characters2 In the movie version of this book which surely must the on the way our narrator Jacob surely must be played by Alan Alda age difference be damned He is without a doubt the nicest most sensitive character to appear in any book I have the memory of reading and I’m counting the Bible On at least half a dozen occasions he breaks down in tears at the cruel injustice of the world including becoming comatose for over an hour yes over an hour – the author is explicit after putting down a sick horse – despite being a veterinarian Perhaps rethinking his line of work is in order3 Melodrama and sentimentality offered with the utmost sincerity dominates all the action in the book Chapters are dotted with multiple fights murders stampedes and other calamities creating not drama but rather a creeping sense of incredulousness in the reader To illustrate with two examples At the end of the 1930s storyline following a deadly stampede in which the villain is murdered yes murdered by an elephant yes an elephant the narrator marries the girl thus rescuing her from an abusive relationship and takes from the recently failed circus 12 horses a dog a monkey and an elephant yes an elephant to live with him and his wife happily ever after This is not played for laughs We are meant to be moved by the noble sacrifice I think At the end of the present day storyline our same narrator now widowed and without his menagerie runs off to join the circus again and the age of 93 in what has all the makings of a Hallmark movie4 Modern day therapy driven dare I say “touchy feely” sentiment pervades the entire story especially those parts set in the 1930s The book teaches and remember this is a book meant for adults not children such valuable lessons as treating the elderly with respect is important; racism and antisemitism are wrong; violence against women is wrong; being cruel to animals or even thinking of them as less important than people is wrong; all people are important not matter what there is; little people dwarfs have a difficult time in the world and deserve or respect; etc By keeping her story in bondage to these platitudes Gruen creates exceptionally one dimensional characters who either support modern and politically correct values and thus are good or don’t and thus are bad unless of course they suffers from mental illness and the stings of antisemitism in which case they are to be pitied I can’t count the number of times I rolled my eyes as the narrator recently orphaned covered in horse shit and practically starving during the Great Depression takes the time to think of those less fortunate A narrator with a little bit dirt on his soul would have been much believable and ultimately sympatheticNB – To continue my rant The blurb that accompanies this book on the New York Times bestseller list reads something to the effect “Young man and an elephant save Depression era circus” Did the person who wrote that event read the book The circus collapses into a spasm of chaos and violence at the end of the book Oh man this was lovely Winner of the 2007 BookBrowse Award for Most Popular BookAn atmospheric gritty and compelling novel of star crossed lovers set in the circus world circa 1932 by the bestselling author of Riding Lessons When Jacob Jankowski recently orphaned and suddenly adrift jumps onto a passing train he enters a world of freaks drifters and misfits a second rate circus struggling to survive during the Great Depression making one night stands in town after endless town A veterinary student who almost earned his degree Jacob is put in charge of caring for the circus menagerie It is there that he meets Marlena the beautiful young star of the euestrian act who is married to August the charismatic but twisted animal trainer He also meets Rosie an elephant who seems untrainable until he discovers a way to reach her Beautifully written Water for Elephants is illuminated by a wonderful sense of time and place It tells a story of a love between two people that overcomes incredible odds in a world in which even love is a luxury that few can afford Ladies and gentlemen Direct your attention to the performer in print You will be amazed dazzled and mystified by the daring feats you are about to witness Well that might be overstating a bit The story does open with drama though A circus menagerie has gotten loose and there is mayhem The narrator Jacob sees the ringmaster murdered We then scoot ahead to the present Jacob is in his 90s and looks back revisiting his ghosts From here we flip back and forth between Jacob in the present and his recollectionsWhen Jacob is 23 his parents are killed in an auto mishap leaving him penniless He drops out of veterinary school just shy of completion and when the freight train he hops turns out to be transporting a circus he finds himself in a new life Sara Gruen image from The Globe and MailThere is unkindness aplenty under the big top An evil owner Uncle Al Blackie the enforcer August the mood challenged and abusive supervisor of animals and husband of Marlena who performs with horses and with whom Jacob is smitten But for every cruelty there is kindness Jacob is helped by the elderly alcoholic Camel when he is newly on the bum and Jacob later returns the favor A grumpy dwarf named Walter shows a kinder side in time What is real and what is an illusion Gruen offers us a major sleight of hand that I will not write of here But there are sundry references throughout the book A circus per se is involved in the business of illusion There is a wonderful image here of a hippo being paraded through town even though it has already gone to meet its maker Some relationships in the story are based on illusion as well But the core items here are Jacob’s love for the married Marlena and the behavior of a newly acuired elephant who may not be as dumb as she at first appears While both tales are engaging I did find the pacing to be somewhat slow Thankfully this is a very fast read I know that sounds contradictory but one can flip through the pages uickly while waiting for something to happen Gruen does a nice job of making her characters real a wonderful gift I have no idea if Gruen had any intention of making political observations but here are a few things one might see in her work One gruesome practice engaged in by Uncle Al and his thugs is redlighting or tossing employees from a moving train Think of it as a pink slip on steroids In the Depression era of the story as in ours there are plenty who would be than happy to toss those of us on the lower echelon let alone their mamas from a moving train Is Uncle Al the ultimate Republican Class comes in for a look The roustabouts the working men are treated far differently from the performers and from management The class system is sealed in place When times are tough for instance performers and managers are paid but the roustabouts are often stiffed I know that reminds me of soaring corporate profits while unemployment remains high When one is physically damaged management does its best to either dump the unwell or find some darker use for them Caring for the sick is clearly not something that is done here at least not for the workers Housing is distributed somewhat uneually as well In order to accommodate less than a dozen performers we will now have sixty four working men sleeping under wagons on the flats p 131 You have to figure that any story featuring a character named Jacob should have a ladder and indeed there are a few but I did not see any particular heavenly references there And if one is looking for classical cues one might find that in Genesis 2527 the biblical Jacob is a “dweller in tents” Ok it’s not much Is there a parallel with the story of that earlier Jacob Maybe but if so it did not really jump out at me While Water for Elephants may not be the greatest book on earth it is a very engaging and entertaining page turner I would not confuse this with books with great literary ambition It is what it is a darned good read and that is good enough to perform in the center ringPS I suggest you take a peek at the review by GR pal Petergiauinta He has a much better handle on the whole biblical reference thing and some nice non biblical insights beyondEXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Twitter and FB pages I picked up Water for Elephants after seeing the movie You know the one with that Twilight guy who for a change was allowed to smile And to have other facial expressions besides permanently constipated The math is simple Drum roll Rosie the elephant works better than Ex Lax But on to the book now In addition to Jacob Jankowski's love affair with Rosie the elephant and a noticeably less sweet affair with Marlena the bland chick we get a parallel story of Jacob the old guy who is ninety Or ninety three The latter was the part of the book that I loved It's a sad story of a cranky old guy in a nursing home who feels his mind and body falling apart but refuses to accept that and realizes that life is beginning to pass him by He reminded me of so many elderly patients that I have taken care of in the hospital Sadness This is why I did not mind the far fetched happy ending hey old folks don't always have enough happiness in their lives and they have earned it a Here is what I did NOT care for The young Jacob's story the bulk of the book left me rather indifferent The premise and the beginning of the book were interesting but the story started dragging about a third into the book It became repetitive August is charming August is a villain Marlena pouts Rosie gets viciously beaten Jake wants Marlena Marlena wants Jake Jake and Marlena can't have each other Rinse and repeat The story developments become and superficial and detached as the story progresses as though the author ran out of steam and was finishing the book only because she was under contract to do so Many characters are flat as well Young Jacob is naive to the point of disbelief and Marlena is very bland Besides her beauty there seems to be little reason for anyone to love her Uncle Al is greedy and evil The only twist in the story view spoilerIt wasn't Marlena who killed August It was Rosie hide spoiler Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants is one of those rare novels that will be read and re read discussed and enjoyed for many years by old and young alike Destined to be passed between family and friends and back again until the tattered time worn pages resemble the books beloved central character and narratorJacob Jankowski just days from the final exams at Cornell University that would have attached the respectable Dr of Veterinary medicine forever to his name had his world forever altered when his parents were killed in an auto accident Alone frightened and penniless the 23 hopped a train never intending to “run away with the circus” although looking back as he sat in the nursing home telling his story it seemed fate didn’t much care about intentions especially during the depression It was hard life the Benzini Brothers Circus hailed as the Most Spectacular Show On Earth which of course meant it wasn’t Ringling and anything that wasn’t Ringling well wasn’t Ringling And so it went from town to town day after day — set it up tear it down the freaks and geeks midgets and clowns worked ate performed lived and often died together The harsh conditions are made even unbearable at times by the greedy manager Uncle Al and his insane animal trainer August Yet somehow in the midst of despair friendships and laughter persevered Although much of the laughter was alcohol induced during the height of the depression and prohibition you took what you could getThe narrator’s transition from the young circus vet to the elderly cantankerous nursing home resident is a well crafted bi lateral view that pulls the reader into this fictional world and never lets go Whether in his twenties admiring beautiful euestrian performer Marlena and caring for the animals he loved so dearly or in his nineties mulling over where to have breakfast and the indignities of old age the warm uick wit comes through loud and clear From the big top to the nursing facility Gruen’s sharp three dimensional fictionally fluid characters will have you laughing out loud one minute mouth agape in sheer terror the nextHurry hurry step right up readers and book lovers everywhere if you hunger for a reading experience chock full of every conceivable emotion beautifully written and wholly engrossing Water for Elephants is a wondrous world where fact and fiction combine delivering the most memorable and pleasurable hours you will be spend with a book Characters so sharply drawn and wrought with emotion that there nearly flow off the page Sara Gruen’s depictions of depression era America is as beautiful as it is haunting From unspeakable cruelty and brutality to selfless acts of kindness Water for Elephants not only has it all but delivers it with unapologetic honesty and genuine heart felt passion This remains one of my top 5 favorite booksHappy Reading Rj Now THIS is a Good BookWhen I finished reading Water for Elephants goose bumps covered my skin Now this is a good book Immediately engrossed I had a hard time putting it down as I read the story of Jacob Jankowski and his reminiscence of days with the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth otherwise known as a train circus in 1930's AmericaA talented writer and storyteller Sara Gruen takes readers on a bumpy and tense train ride through history This tale defines Americana There is no evidence of author here simply narrator telling the story from Jacob's perspective is he 91 or 93 years old I liked everything about the book but primarily it was the crafting I liked best about this reading experienceSeamlessly Gruen weaves together the modern day voice of this old man a Cornell educated veterinarian abandoned in a nursing home aka assisted living facility and his memories of three months spent as the accidental veterinarian on a traveling circus Just before his final exams he learns his parents have been killed in a car accident and this is what sets the story in motion Once he hops aboard a train which he soon learns is a circus train he falls in love with a pink seuined performer Marlena and battles her schizophrenic husband August who happens to be his boss Jacob a sensitive and innocent soul is highly likeable and befriends most of the animals aboard Most unforgettably is a Polish elephant by the name of Rosie But he also endears himself to his roommate a dwarf named Walter and a stowaway named Camel One can't help but root for Jacob through the entire story And to my complete delight it comes to a surprising and very satisfying conclusionThis is an excellent novel and I give it my highest recommendation Well done Sara Gruen Water for elephants 2007‭ Sara GruenWater for Elephants is a historical novel by Sara Gruen written as part of National Novel Writing Month Publication date 26 May 2006 1st edition The story is told as a series of memories by Jacob Jankowski a 93 year old man who lives in a nursing home Jacob is told what to eat and what to do As the memories begin Jacob is a 23 year old Polish American preparing for his final exams as a Cornell University veterinary student when he receives the devastating news that his parents died in a car accident Jacob's father was a veterinarian and Jacob had planned to join his practice When Jacob learns that his parents' home has been mortgaged to pay for his tuition and is not to become his he has a breakdown and leaves his Ivy League school just short of graduation In the dark of night he jumps on a train a circus train belonging to the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth On the train he is befriended by Camel an old man and circus veteran who persuades his companions not to throw Jacob off the train and takes him under his wing finding him odd menial jobs When the owner of the circus Uncle Al learns of his training as a vet he is hired to care for the circus animals This leads Jacob to share uarters with a dwarf named Walter who is known as Kinko to the circus and his dog ueenie A few weeks later Jacob is summoned to take a look at Camel who after drinking Jake adulterated Jamaican ginger extract for many years can't move his arms or legs Fearing Camel will be red lighted thrown off a moving train as punishment or as severance from the circus to avoid paying wages Jacob hides him in his roomتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز پنجم ماه سپتامبر سال 2012 میلادیعنوان آب برای فیلها؛ نویسنده سارا گروئن؛ مترجم پروین آقایی؛ کرج، در دانش بهمن، 1388؛ در 383 ص، شابک 9789641740674؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان کانادایی آمریکایی سده 21 ممترجم مهناز سیدعلیخانی؛ تهران، آموت، 1391، در 464 ص، شابک 9786006605098؛ ماجرای عاشق و معشوق نگون‌بختی ست، كه در دهه ی سی سده ی بیستم میلادی، در سیرکی در آمریکا، رخ می‌دهد «ژاکوب جانکوسکی»، که به تازگی پدر و مادر خویش را، از دست داده، و سرگردان است، به واگن قطاری، در حال گذر، می‌پرد، نخست انگار میکند، وارد جهانی از موجودات عجیب شده است قطارِ سیرکِ سیارِ درجه ‌دو، که کارکناش کوشش میکنند، از آشوبِ مالیِ دهه سی، سده ی بیستم میلادی، جان سالم به در برند سیرک، در هر شهر، یکشب میماند نگهداری از حیواناتِ سیرک، به عهده یِ «ژاکوب»، دانشجویِ دامداری ست او در آن‌جا، با «مارلنا» ستاره ی زیبای سوارکاری، و همسر «آگوست»، مربی پرجذبه اما حقه‌ باز حیوانات، و با «رزی» آشنا میشود در سیرک فیلی هست، که به نظر میرسد نمی‌توان به او تعلیم داد، اما «ژاکوب»، راهی برای نزدیک شدن به فیل، پیدا می‌کند و ؛ ا شربیانی

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Sara Gruen is the #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of five novels AT THE WATER'S EDGE APE HOUSE WATER FOR ELEPHANTS RIDING LESSONS and FLYING CHANGES Her works have been translated into forty three languages and have sold than ten million copies worldwide WATER FOR ELEPHANTS was adapted into a major motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon Rob Pattinson and Christ

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