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Next to Nothing The Chosen One #3 Reread May 2019This is still the best one of the series so far Love it so much even rereading it I seriously need the next book right away One of the things I love the most is Sawyer’s growth throughout the series He’s turning into a great leader I also love seeing the love grow and develop with all the mates Ugh I need the next book now 😭Originally read February 2019OMG This series is getting better and better All the twists and turnssecrets revealed Crazy Bloody brilliant ❤️❤️❤️I loved this one All the mates are coming together and finding themselves Sweet Saeward finally has a place to belong and people who love him And now Loch I was so happy with that outcome And of course Sawyer is coming into his own I love seeing him mature and grow And I love how each mate is different and brings something special to the group Like I said bloody brilliant Now if I just had the next book already😭😭😭 This series just keeps getting better and better If you like supernatural MM book Then you should definitely read this Macy Blake has made amazing word I loved this book so much I ended up reading it all in one day The only annoying thing is that they are all cliffhangers The first book wasn't as much But the second one and third one are very much cliffhangers Now I need book four Highly Recommend FIVE STARS I read this in one sitting I just could not put it down Damn I'm loving this series and this universe Best one yetI am do confused by what's going on but oh my lawd this book was goodThe pacing was exceptional the build up to the 'big' action scene was superbly done and then whammy another plot element comes out of left fieldWe've gained another Guardian too and I'm really happy to see him settling in and can't wait for the smexy times 45 stars Can’t decide if I’m going to round up This series is SO good Looks like we’re finally getting some answers even if it was at the very end of this book Now on to Hell to Pay I’m almost caught up At the moment just want to say that each book in thisi series just gets better and better We FINALLY get a glimpse of the big bad and let me tell you he really is BAD Too bad it was literally only a glimpse Hope to see of him in the subseuent booksOh and I think plot wise this had the most movement though I felt I was missing a bit of the overall story arc in this book Turns out in the ideal reading seuence I was supposed to read Mikey's book Double or Nothing and all 3 of the Hellhound Champion books so far; Hell on EarthHell to Pay and Give Him Hell BEFORE reading this book It threw me for a loop there for a while but I plan to rectify that because I am a stickler for reading series in their proper order unless they are stand alone booksMoving on while I was disoriented for a while it didn't take away my enjoyment of the book in general I still laughed and felt with the many many guardians and felt vindication when my suspicions were confirmed concerning the Fae guardian What I didn't see coming however was that PLOT TWIST It just about hit me on the side of the head and I loved it Lol So even though I am itching to read book 4 now I must give in to my compulsion and read all books that I need to in order to be on a better footing when I finally give Book #4 a go Lucky for me all these can be found on KU so Yay So exciting A Gay Paranormal Harem Romance What do you get when you mix a dragon a vampire a griffin a mage and a human Sawyer Smith’s life sounds like a punchline but the mates he’s come to love are no joke They’re fierce and wonderful protecting him from the outside forces trying to destroy him Add in a reluctant hippocamp and an egotistical fae prince and Sawyer has his hands full in ways than one Sawyer is closer than ever to fulfilling the ancient prophecy of the Chosen One but the bonds between him and his newest guardians are giving him doubts The rules are changing and Sawyer has to adapt uickly if he’s going to keep up especially after he’s whisked away to the land of the fae a place with cryptic customs One misstep could very well lead to his death Navigating the waters of his newest relationship is tricky enough without the encroaching dangers Something terrifying is heading Sawyer’s way threatening not only his life but everything he’s built with the mates he loves Despite their concerns Sawyer is ready to make sacrifices because there’s next to nothing he wouldn’t do to keep them safe Definitely picking up momentum now I've been sucked into the plot This series gets crazier and crazier I Absolutely LOVE IT

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