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Well Met All's faire in love and war for two sworn enemies who indulge in a harmless flirtation in a laugh out loud rom com from debut author Jen DeLucaEmily knew there would be strings attached when she relocated to the small town of Willow Creek Maryland for the summer to help her sister recover from an accident but who could anticipate getting roped into volunteering for the local Renaissance Faire alongside her teenaged niece Or that the irritating and inscrutable schoolteacher in charge of the volunteers would be so annoying that she finds it impossible to stop thinking about himThe faire is Simon's family legacy and from the start he makes clear he doesn't have time for Emily's lighthearted approach to life her oddball Shakespeare conspiracy theories or her endless suggestions for new acts to shake things up Yet on the faire grounds he becomes a different person flirting freely with Emily when she's in her revealing wench's costume But is this attraction real or just part of the characters they're portrayingThis summer was only ever supposed to be a pit stop on the way to somewhere else for Emily but soon she can't seem to shake the fantasy of establishing something with Simon or a permanent home of her own in Willow Creek you guys its official hot english teachers whose alter ego is a roguish pirate are so my thing it may sound a bit niche but its the only thing that will do it for me my heart has decided and theres nothing i can do about it now and until that perfect guy comes along i guess i will just have to spend my time happily daydreaming about simon i have a weak spot for guarded yet vulnerable romantic interests so simon had my attention from page one i enjoyed seeing him come out of his shell and really step into his own person that character growth made the entire story worth it for meof course i also enjoyed the interactions between him and emily this story is very rom com esue so i know the constant miscommunications and predictable ending would be a given it didnt lessen my reading experience but it just lacks that feeling of originality and angst i want when it comes to romance stories especially when its pitched as 'enemies to lovers'but overall this is a sweet light and fluffy read that totally hit the spot↠ 45 stars Re read 82120 A solid re read I don't think I enjoyed this one uite as much the second time around but it was still mega cute and I'm excited to carry on with the rest of the series I need Mitch's story like yesterdayOriginal read 7119 This was SO DAMN CHARMING Pretty sure I was grinning like a fool the entire time because I just loved it so much MY HEART It is with great sadness and dignified surprise that I must inform you I am an alienI have always assumed myself to be of this Earth considering I have memories going back 15 years of living here and also zero memories of space or spacecraft or alien technology Also I feel that I would have some sort of soft spot for galaxies and planets and whatnot if I were an alien and as is I have no affection of the kind Plus I don’t even like sci fi It’s usually my least read genreBut apparently all of this is moot because clearly I am an alienWhy else would every single thing every interaction and relationship and joke that happens in this book make no sense to me? Why would I spend these 336 pages trying to teach myself Human Culture?There’s no other explanation I must be from another planetThat or this book is off the railsAnytime I start reading something I would ualify as uick easy fluffy I intend to finish it the day I pick it up So that book taking me THREE DAYS TO FINISH for instance would be a very very bad signBut nothing about this makes any sense soThis Grand Romance follows Emily a woman who has lost her path in life and come to live with her estranged sister and niece following a car accident and Simon the English teacher who runs the Renaissance Faire that Emily and her niece are joiningAs soon as Emily and Simon meet they go “I hate you” Out of nowhereAnd then later but not that much later they go “I love you” Out of nowhere againIt is WILDLet me tell you if enemies to lovers is your favorite romance trope as it is mine you are in for a life full of disappointments because books RARELY get it rightIt may not be fair that I am writing this review the day after finishing You Deserve Each Other an enemies to lovers that is one of the best romances I’ve ever read and a five star rating that resulted in eight people acting so stunned it was as if I told them I’m an alienOh waitWhile Simon and Emily’s sudden hate fest and eually sudden love fest did not add up to me that wasn’t the only instance I had of turning into a human uestion markFor example At one point Emily says she hates Simon’s parents for “foisting” their house on him That’s rightSimon’s parents committed the grave grievance of giving their sona HOUSE A WHOLE HOUSE AN ENTIRE HOMEExcuse me while I weep for his sufferingAlso at another point for the drama Simon assumes that Emily is dating his frenemy Mitch There’s no real reason or evidence for this Just adding to the will they won’t they I guess and also my pending mental breakdownAnd in the cherry on top this calls itself a “rom com” and characters often call each other funnyhilariousthe reincarnation of comedy legend George Carlinetc but I never once found anything funnyI would have trouble pointing out a joke in the pages of this at allBut then again I’m an alienBottom line If anyone is aware of a spaceship I can borrow please let me know I’d like to reconnect with my alien family and also launch this book into space while I’m at it pretty sure this book is either going to be a delightful cheer me up read or annoy the bejesus out of melet's find out And someday I want⁷ed someone who would love me Not for what I could do for them but for who I was to them Emily has hit a crossroads She supported her boyfriend for years as he went for his law degreeonly to be thrown aside now that he's achieved his dreams She's decided to relocate to Willow Creek to take care of her injured sisterbut little does she know that even that comes with strings attached Corset strings to be preciseEmily's niece wants to volunteer to work at the Renaissance Faire but she's too young to do it without an adultSo with barely a backwards thought Emily steps up and into a dress it's bar wenching time “I didn’t choose the wench life The wench life chose me” The Renaissance Faire is the treasure of the town and no one guards as much as Simon the leaderImmediately the two of them clash Her laissez faire attitude and his stick in the mud one keeps them at each other's throatsBut despite the tension there's sparks Lots and lots of sparks “This good sir Knight here was showing me his most impressive weapon Should she leave after the summer like she's always planned? Or is there enough here to put down roots?Oh my gosh I adored this bookThere's so much to love the characters the plot the tension the sexual tension and Emily was such an amazingly funny and hilariously witty main character A sweetheart and a sass bucket all rolled into oneSimon was a perfect piratedastardly swordsman and nervous nellyThe two of them balanced so well and the banter between them was perfectAnd the setting Oh my gosh the setting I loved every page it brought back so many wonderful memories and made me so jealousIf you are feeling reminiscent of the Renaissance Faire but don't want to risk the literal plague then this book is for you 2 StarsI picked this for my August Book of the Month box selection I was fresh off The Reckless Oath We Made and was in Renaissance mode I guess And while this book is usually not something I go for I don't typically read light mainstream contemporary romance nothing against it just not really my typical fare this book sounded really cute and I was very drawn to it and excited for it to arrive Plus it had a really cute cover in what is pretty much my favorite color So there's thatUnfortunately however despite knowing this would be light and funit ended up being just a little too light for me I felt like I never really got to know any of the characters beyond the surface level and the main romantic relationship was without any romantic tension or chemistry I enjoyed the writing style but as I said it all felt very surface level I never felt like anything the characters and their problems motivations and relationships were never fully fleshed out to my satisfaction And there was a lot of fodder to make it happen So many missed opportunities That said this was a light sweet read from which will appeal to many readers It just didn't work for me 45 stars although I may bump it up to 5 I’m just annoyed with it right now This book was 5 stars for the first 75% Banter So much banter So much hate to love Perfection in every way and I had no complaints It even had the best written sex scene I have ever read and I’m someone who typically cringes at sex scenes especially how they are written The major conflict near the end of the book was what tripped it up a bit for me The main characters personality changed a bit and some things imo were blown way out of proportion So that soured the experience a bit I still adored this and it will likely be a favorite of the year I already plan to reread it and I rarely reread This made me think of Ren Faires as a romance setting when I’d previously thought of them as anything but I’m very much looking forward to in this series I will also be gushing about this on my channel I promise so in depth thoughts there Many thanks to Berkley for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review ”Someday I wanted someone who would love me Not for what I could do for them but for who I was to them This is truly one of the most romantic and addictive books I read this year or at this point last year because it’s 2020 now which is absolutely crazy So what is this book about? Well Met follows Emily who has come to Willow Creek Maryland to take care of her sister April who has broken her leg and can’t drive She expects the job to be easy and simple but when her niece wants to do the local Renaissance fair She finds out that she has to participate as well because each child must have an adult with them And so because she loves her niece she chooses to participate in the Renaissance fair It seems to be going pretty well at first She’s made friends and is actually enjoying herself But then she encounters Simon an uptight but surprisingly hot English teacher who has been placed in charge of the entire fair Simon seems to find any reason to criticize Emily and does so constantly but at least he’s easy to hate Or is he? Once the Renaissance fair begins Emily realizes that his persona is a dashing extremely handsome pirate who is in love with Emily‘s persona Emma the barmaid As the fair goes on Emily starts to lose track of what is acting and what is real Let me start by saying that I was reading this over Christmas break and at one point I had to pause it to have dinner with my family Throughout the entire dinner I couldn’t stop thinking about the characters specifically Simon and what they were thinking feeling etc if that isn’t a sign of a good book I don’t know what it is ➵ Simon First of all here is his real life lookalike you’re welcomeCredit Anthony CrouchelliSimon reminds me of me I mean I’m not as much of an asshole as Simon is I hope they could still relate to his general uptightness and control issues ➵ Emily I could definitely relate to Emily in that we both have trust issues I really liked that they delved into Emily‘s backstory and why she had trust issues and how they affected her On that note I loved the overall theme of “It’s dangerous to put your trust in someone but it’s even dangerous to never try” This is something I did for a long time I was always afraid to let people in because if I let them in they could whether on purpose or not hurt me It’s something I still struggle with to this day but I’ve gotten a lot better This book was a classic enemies to lovers romance and it was absolutely perfect I couldn’t have asked for a better romance to end the year It was classic and well done I absolutely loved Emily and Simon’s relationship I loved how they bantered and play fought And most of all I loved that they made each other better Finally I love the sex scenes Perfect amount of steamy without being gross or overwhelming Extremely well done Overall this book was romantic funny steamy and all around perfect way to end the year Bottom Line5 StarsAge Rating R Content Screening Mild Spoilers Educational Value 35 History Renaissance Fairs Positive Messages 355 Moving on from the past Putting your trust in someone even when you’re afraid Violence 15 Fake fightingSex 455 Detailed sex scene kissing sexual themes and innuendosLanguage 45 Fk sht clt DrinkingDrugs 25 Alcohol consumptionTrigger and Content Warnings PTSD Loss of a loved one Car accidentsCover 35 Characters 55 Plot 55 Audio 45 Publication Date September 3rd 2019Publisher Berkley Publishing GroupGenre RomanceComedy HOLY MOTHERFORKING SHIRTBALLS Way to finish out the year with a bang Thanks Jen DeLuca| Goodreads | Blog | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram FIVE FULL HOTTEST PIRATE ALERT and BEAUTIFUL FAIRE Y TALE Y SWEETEST STARS After for a long time and worst experiences with my favorite authors I was about to lose my hope to find some lovable romance Then I finally start this book and TATATA I FELL IN LOVE with it I’m correcting it IT LITERALLY WOOED ME Cute sweet swoony smart and plus it gives you to urge attending a renaissance fair urgently I already ordered my Marie Antionette costume for me and Robin Hood costume for my husband dearest who didn’t give a good reaction to my generosity by rejecting wearing tights ShameElements for falling in love with this book and to be bound for one year and one day WE HAVE LOVELY HEROINE IN THE TOWN Emily golden hearted sweet friendly honest loyal heroine who had dumped and kicked out their shared apartment by his douchebag ex after five years of her relationship We have a winner slappunch what makes me happy so much contest Prize is 10 slaps and 10 punches against this character’s ugly face and uglier soul who made Emily drop her school to support him finish his own law school Then he dumped her and said they haven’t been dating Another self esteem destroyer scumbag she moves to support her sister who suffers from injuries and helps her niece for her faire experiment WE HAVE A LOVELY ROMANTIC HERO At first I thought he was know it all boring strict pretentious douchebag But his connection with his dead brother and his mission to tribute to his memory by taking responsibility of all the hard works of faire earned him 3thousand brownie points Also his secret identity as pirate is better hotter heterosexual version of Jack Sparrow SIZZLING CHEMISTRY They are so hot as a couple Of course they are also cute especially as their role play parts as Captain Blackthorne and Emma put the fair on fire So many parts I wonder if it could be erotic romance because I felt the building tension that any minute they could rip each other’s clothes BEST SUPPORTING CHARACTERS All statues go to the man who carries kilt sexier than Outlander’s star Sam Heughan yes I’m talking about MITCH sarcastic entertaining flirty lovable character Don’t forget smart mature sweet little nice Caitlin and best big and supportive sister April AMAZING FAIRE ATMOSPHERE At the beginning I thought it could bored me to death to read a book taken place at faire but as soon as I started turning paces I took my first steps to the renaissance times and I wished to spend time there SUMMARY Likable characters good plot fast paced moving romantic emotional heart warming story wooing gestures great conclusion IT WAS GREAT FIX FOR MY ROMANCE CRAVING I’m happy and smiling I know it won’t be long because there are thriller books on my tbr list but so far this is the best relaxing entertaining story I’ve read for so longbloginstagramfacebooktwitter Consider me properly wooed by this book This was the perfect summer romanceFresh of the heels of a bad break up Emily moves to a small town to take care of her older sister and niece after her sister was in a car crash Emily gets roped into joining the towns annual Renaissance Faire as a tavern wench Right off the bat she get’s off on the wrong foot with the leader of the faire Simon who seems to disapprove of every move Emily makes But once the faire begins Emily’s wench persona can’t take her eyes off the pirate captain played by none other than Simon And when Captain Blackthrone wastes no chance to flirt with her she becomes confused as to whether this is all a part of the show or actually real I loved the premise of this book so much Emily and Simon clearly detested each other But their faire characters fell into somewhat of a “showmance And the banter was 1010 I really loved the two sides of Simon During the week he was a buttoned up English teacher but on the weekend he let loose and became a devilish pirate with a wicked tongue wink I also really liked Emily as a protagonist Because of her previous breakup she was dealing with insecurities of not being enough She was somewhat lost at the start of the book and I loved seeing her move out of her comfort zone and embrace a new start I am definietly adding whatever Jen DeLuca writes next to my tbr

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