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A Heart So Fierce and Broken Thank you to Bloomsbury for the advanced review copyThis is so different from book one that I'm so interested to see how everyone is going to react The first 200 pages of this were very dry and political and I couldn't uite make sense of what was happening It felt like the escalating drama could be solved with better communication so I was frustrated why the author was dragging out so much hardship In the last half however pieces started falling in place and the plot picked up I really LOVE Grey He reminds me of Geralt from The Witcher because he's very stoic and contained but sharp and tactful when he needs to be That combination of gentleness and wanting to do what's right mixed with absolute lethal power is so intriguing to me so I liked it when the story focused on his development Also the new characters in this book were so much fun to read about I love Lia Mara and Tycho and even side characters from book one like Noah and Jake grew on meThe one thing I can't figure out about this is view spoilerhow the characters we loved in book one are becoming villainized It's definitely an interesting take to see these characters pitted against one another especially after learning about them and the ways they hold each other's lives at stake But actions Rhen took in this book and the way he spoke to Grey just made him completely irredeemable for me and I almost consider the Cursebreakers series about Grey rather than Rhen at this point hide spoiler harper princess of disi love of my life protector of my heart giver of my rights you deserved than one pov chapter and five appearances in almost 500 pages where your only purpose is to serve the character development of your male counterparts Fear makes people act in ways we'd never expect Kicking of 2020 with a 2 star review of one of my highly anticipated releases for the year was not how I imagined things goingbut here we are We're just going to dive right into this one because whew Lord I have a lot to say If you have not read the first book then definitely read this at your own risk as there are some pretty big spoilers for A Curse So Dark and Lonely in this review What I Liked 📈 Transition and pacing One of the things I can say that honestly did not disappoint in this book was the pacing Sometimes fantasy novels fall into the trap of having a lull in the middle of the story up until the end but this kept me engaged when I was reading iteven if I didn't actually like what I was reading And the transition from book one to book two flowed super well in my opinion The author does a great job of recapping book one without ever making it boring or redundant👯‍♀️ Sister love I can't say much without spoiling anything but I really do love books with siblings who start off on not the best foot but admire each others strengths and come together when it mattersAnd uhm yeah that's about it What I Didn't Like 🤷🏻‍♀️ No point My biggest reason for not liking this was because essentially it's pointless A Heart So Fierce and Broken basically takes the plot from book one and lights it on fire Literally the plot of this book makes the first one feel like everything Harper and Grey went through to help Rhen be the good guy was all for naught Which brings me right to my next point👹 Rhen Character growth? We don't know her Every ounce of growth Rhen made in book one is so far gone out the window that it's not even funny he was absolutely awful in this book I get that his throne and people are all he cares about but the fact that he tried SO DAMN HARD to not be the villain in book one only to become the villain in book twono ma'am Not on my watch👑 Princess Harper of Disi The one and only is NOWHERE to be found A true tragedy One chapter from her POV and then maybe five uick appearances? Are you kidding? I understand that this is Grey's book so she would be in it a little less but what I did not expect was for her scenes to be so scarce and the only time she's really in the book she's all hey guys I know Rhen is being trash right now but he's scared and under a lot of pressure So I'll help you guys sneak out of the castle but I'm gonna stay put with him Having Harper be the silent little puppy who trails along after Rhen instead of the fierce take no shit type of gal she was in book one was a pretty bad move in my opinion🤰🏻 The pregnant lady So this is basically a personal issue and maybe it won't bother most people but it did NOT sit well with me given the events of my life this past year Rhen obviously sends his guards out to hunt down the heir and there's one scene where Grey and his new group of friends are trying to get away from Rhen's guards however in the midst of all that a pregnant lady gets stabbed directly in the stomach And then Grey a newbie to his magic is miraculously able to heal her and everyone is all THE BABY IS KICKING AGAIN after the knife is pulled out the ladies stomach That was truly a hard no for me like did we really need to take it that far? Again it's a personal issue but like break an arm or cut off someone's leg for God's sake Okay rant over🙄 Cliche Book one felt like a good Beauty and the Beast retelling this felt like too many fantasy tropes mashed together and spewed out on paper🛑 The end Whew Lord my blood boiled After sitting through almost 500 pages of not liking it but trying to be a good sport and stick it out the ending really pissed me off Just scroll back up and everything I said about Rhen is 100% confirmed he is TRASH At this point I'm not even sure if I want to continue the series come next yearAll in all I think it's safe to say that this was a fail for me I think it suffered from whatever is worse than second book syndrome if I'm being totally honest I know a lot of people are excited for this one so I hope it works out much better for you than it did for me if you plan on picking it upThank you Bloomsbury for providing me with an e ARC in exchange for a honest reviewBlog | Twitter Pages 464Publication January 7th 2020A cross between an epic fantasy and a legendary romanceThis book was everything I hoped it would be and I definitely recommend it to everyone who likes Fantasy Fairytales Adventure and Romance It surprised and delighted me in that it was not any sort of retelling Though I did think A Curse so Dark and Lonely was one of the best retellings of Beauty and the Beast even better than the Disney versions since it dealt with a genuine beast that killed people A Heart so Fierce and Broken was truly a continuation of the original story after curse was broken It focuses on the character of Commander Grey instead of Rhen and Harper though they both make appearances and we see what “Happily Ever After” looks like in the Kingdom of Everfall I think readers will find it interesting to say the least Commander Grey was such a wonderful character in ACSDAL he had sworn his life to the Royal family and to Rhen in particular In doing so he had to detach from all his family and to forego any future family that could possibly ever be used against him to get him to turn on he royals or the Kingdom of Everfall Even so the evil mage Lilith still took his 9 sisters and brothers one by one while trying to get him to turn against RhenGrey was always loyal to Rhen and then to Harper as well He and Harper became great friends and when he disappeared they both thought he was dead In AHSFAB Grey is still the noble and formidable warrior but also intelligent and relentless in his drive to do what he thinks is right He is still loyal to the Kingdom and to Rhen despite everything he has learned and gone through Grey is a true Hero He meets some wonderful characters and they journey together throughout the majority of the story Brigid Kemmerer is an excellent writer and makes each of the characters come to life I could picture each one of them and though they start out as strangers and foes the travelers become united and even friends The love interest Lia Mara is one of themLia Mara is the firstborn daughter of Karis Luran of Syhl Shallow which is over the mountains from Emberfall If you remember from ACSDAL Karis Luran is the bloodthirsty ueen whose forces tried to invade Emberfall when she thought the royal family was gone and the Kingdom was at its weakest Though Lia Mara is the firstborn daughter she is not the princess in line for the throne Her mother doesn’t value her like her younger sister Nola Verin whose nature is like their mother Lia Mara is not as small and beautiful as her sister and she is intelligent and caring and does not like bloodshed While Nolla Verin is unfazed by killing others and only to happy to rush into battleHarper’s brother Jake and his partner Noah were brought to Emberfall near the end of ACSDAL it was Grey who brought them with the magic cuff bracelet that he got from Lilith when she cursed Rhen It was used to go back and forth from Emberfall and Washington DC to get girls for Rhen to try and break the curse Grey first used the cuff to grab Harper then later her brother Jake and Noah who is a doctor Now that the curse is broken Jake and Noah are stuck against their wishes They blamed Grey for this despite the fact that they arc traveling with him Another character named Tycho is a teen who ends up as Grey’s sidekick He is a great character and it would be nice to see him get his own book The last of the traveling partners is a scraver a viscous creature that can slice into a person with his claws in the blink of an eye “I’m staring down at a creature I can’t identify It’s somewhat human shaped with dark gray skin the color of a cloudy night sky Wings bound with rope sprout from its back and there’s a length of tail that curls limply along the ground of the cage It has clawed hands and feet and a shock of black hair that’s matted with sweat It’s not moving” I loved this book It was as good or better than the first book There were several villains and there were definitely some big surprises Not all of them are good but it makes for an amazing story The ending is spectacular there will be a third book but it is not really a cliffhanger so much as an ending to one part of the story and the promise of a beginning of anotherI voluntarily read reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my ownBlog|Goodreads|Facebook||Twitter|BookBub Hi Cursebreakers Giveaway opportunities for ARCs will be coming up soon Sign up here for info That was super good I’m in love with Grey I mean that goes without saying AND there were normal jerkhole stuff too That ending Once again have to wait and see what’s going to happen Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾 i'm sorry i can't review this book fully i don't even know what to write all i want to say is that this was highly anticipated but it let me down so so bad I love LOVE LOVE A Curse So Dark and Lonely but this one is literally boring Grey was such a great character in the first book but in this one he's sloppy and sulking like Rhen was in the first book and i wanted Grey to have action and a great persona The heroine Lia Mara was a mirror of Grey though she had so much potential honestly Lia Mara you don't need to be a killer to be a hero sheesh There is no story ok maybe there is??? view spoiler Lia Mara becoming the ueen was so random hide spoiler GOT MY COPY DESERVED A LOOONNNNG NAP Caffeine stocks left the building oh wow im uite conflicted about this one this is my most anticipated seuel and release of 2020 and i am happy with this but im also really let down by it hear me outby the second chapter it was uite evident this was going in a direction that i didnt like or support although this picks up uite recently after the events of ‘a curse so dark and lonely’ i feel like all of the characters went through some massive unseen change they just didnt feel like the same people with the same cares or motivations its really bizarre i even began hating a character that i so dearly cared for it also doesnt help that this seuel is told by two different POVs i understand the need to focus on them in order for the story to progress in the direction it went but its such a dramatic shift from the first book that it took me awhile to get used to it after these unfortunate and unwanted changes i had to read this book as if it were completely unconnected to ACSDAL and essentially a standalone after doing that after reading this story for what it is individually and not a follow up to another half i started to enjoy this like really enjoy this the writing is phenomenal the pacing is top notch the characters are so complex talk about a fierce and broken heart i couldnt help but empathise with grey and everything he was going through i really appreciated the new characters and how their personal backgrounds and stories give depth to everything that is happening iisak is sooo cool and tycho is a little cinnamon roll one thing is for sure the next book is going to be absolutely wild so even though this is not the seuel i wanted or was hoping for once i put all of my expectations aside and just enjoyed this for what it is i really had fun reading this i hope other readers will be able to do the same ↠ 45 stars Find the heir win the crown The curse is finally broken but Prince Rhen of Emberfall faces darker troubles still Rumors circulate that he is not the true heir and that forbidden magic has been unleashed in Emberfall Although Rhen has Harper by his side his guardsman Grey is missing leaving uestions than answers Win the crown save the kingdom Rud to be the heir Grey has been on the run since he destroyed Lilith He has no desire to challenge Rhen until Karis Luran once again threatens to take Emberfall by force Her own daughter Lia Mara sees the flaws in her mother’s violent plan but can she convince Grey to stand against Rhen even for the good of EmberfallThe heart pounding compulsively readable saga continues as loyalties are tested and new love blooms in a kingdom on the brink of warIn the seuel to New York Times bestselling A Curse So Dark and Lonely Brigid Kemmerer returns to the world of Emberfall in a lush fantasy where friends become foes and love blooms in the darkest of places

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