The Teacher Who Couldn't Read The True Story of a High

The Teacher Who Couldn't Read The True Story of a High School Instructor Who Triumphed over His Illiteracy The book itself The story was interesting and totally freaky I have no idea how this dude never learned how to read and was able to trick everybody until he was almost 50 For that I have to say that people who cannot read are NOT dumb That said I have no idea how after 50 years you could not pick up on ANYTHING I went to China in May I had no idea what any of the signs said but I was only there 2 weeks I think if I stayed for a year or 50 I would have started to recognize some things At least I probably would have learned important words like 'chocolate' 'cat' 'snooze button' I wanted to scream and kick people when the author would mention how his teachers just dismissed the fact that he couldn't read and passed him anyways Holy crap Teachers HELLO But then again teachers are totally overwhelmed and have such a range of kids to teach to that I can't imagine how it would have been possible to give him the intensive extra help that he needed in order the thrive His parents were busy making a living and never noticed his struggles I think his family genuinely struggled to sustain themselves But how many people now days work constantly instead of caring for and teaching their children In some situations it is necessary and I applaud thatdoing what you need to do rather than giving up and filing bankruptcy or filing for government assistance But how many situations are there where parents are unavailable to their children but available 24 7 by their Blackberry Hmmm Then again I do not have children So maybe I 'll WANT to get away from them when I do have some Who knows But I'll still at least make them learn the alphabetIt was brave of the author to finally admit his problem when he was almsot 50 I am going to be brave and admit at the age of 28 that I have NO IDEA what the rules are for baseball kickball basketball football or any other sport except for umok I don't know the rules for anything One noteable embarrasing moment was in 3rd grade We were playing kickball I knew you kicked the ball and then ran somewhere By some miracle my foot actually hit the ball when they threw it at me It was of a defensive move than it was techniue Someone told me to run I ran and stood on a little plastic thing I think it is called a 'base' Then someone else kicked the ball and ran toward me I ran away from them to another plastic thingy Eventually after several people took their turns kicking I ran back to the starting point Well I proudly proclaimed that I had scored a 'home run' Wahoo Then people made fun of me because apparently that was not a home run Made me want to learn about helping with illiteracy in America The end was a bit of a plug but the story was very interesting and very frustrating knowing the educators in his life did not stop to help him This book took me through many different emotions As a teacher I was disturbed that this man manipulated people his whole life He managed to graduate high school college and spent 17 years as a teacher without being able to read As a parent I was angry that his own children didn't inspire him to want to rectify his own illiteracy and as a woman I was angry annoyed and concerned that his wife as well as many girls before her enabled him by doing everything without encouraging him to get help Most of all I still wonder what exactly does he expect a teacher to do for a child that behaves as he did cheating manipulating defying I think he needs to accept responsibility for his lack of effort because his refusal to let anyone know the severity of his illiteracy is his to own This is an excellent book that exposes our faulty education system when it comes to literacy It is a must read for all teachers Hear from a grown man how he made it through high school college and an earned an advanced degree without being able to read He couldn't even read basic sight words What an eye opener If you care about literacy I highly recommend this true story about one man's struggles with illiteracy and what we can all learn from his story It's not the best written book you'll ever read but it still does an excellent job helping you understand the reasons behind why so many people in our country don't learn to read or don't learn to read well enough to really functionIt's amazing all the ways he learned to work around the system and graduate from college even though he couldn't read He's obviously a very smart person who used his strengths in other areas to compensate For example he had excellent listening skills and could recall what he had heard He went on to work as a teacher and I love his stories about how he helped motivate kids to learn because he emphasized other ways to engage kids in learning not just having them read stuff like having them do group projects discuss learn by doing etcOne sad thing I learned from this book was how so many teachers make a young child feel bad about not being able to read I guess I knew this already as one of my children experienced the same thing Teachers need to be loving and encouraging helping people learn to love learning rather than making them feel stupid The author was clearly a very bright child who was made to feel stupid and it changed his whole childhood affected his personality etc He explains how he felt like an alien in the world of literate people I also think he does a good job explaining how kids fall through the cracks as teachers tell parents the child will do better next year and never really engage parents in helping the child succeedOne down side is that the book is getting a bit dated now talking about the issues with teaching phonics in school which I think is now pretty widespread But despite that one thing it still addressed root issues of literacy problems and gives good ideas for how to solve themI also like how the book celebrates being a volunteer reading tutor It inspired me to look into doing something like thatI'm very glad I read this book Actually read this several years ago when some children in my class were having reading problems It pointed me to several sources for helping them I bought it again to share with a friend who is mentoring a middle school child who is having difficulty with reading In terms of literary this book is a 0 But that's not why you read this book It was written by a former illiterate after allIt's clear the writer struggled with words his whole life even now when he has the capacity to write a book For instance Corcoran's thoughts are not focused in the same page he talks about his father's background then immediately discusses his role as the only boy of his siblings He leaves many uestions unanswered his writing is somewhat repetitive and generalized and for these reasons it was not the easiest book to follow or even keep an interest in in some places I also got lost in his analogies which he points out he used as a coping mechanism when he couldn't say something exactly how he wanted to However these elements also made the book much real and therefore powerful it's raw passionate and a journey through an amalgam of emotions Many people gave this story negative reviews because of the author's deception his blaming others for his illiteracy the fact that his wife colleagues enable his illiteracy and the fact that he does not speak up and ask to be taught But if you know andor work with illiterates you know that's how it works Illiterates do what they can to survive to not draw attention to their deficiencies We all do really Corcoran was extremely lucky that he was able to be successful as an illiterate a fact to which he mentions several times but he could be a posterboy for the Typical Life of the Illiterate adult or childAll teachers and parents should read this book This story is amazing It should be a call to action for every person who is blessed to have learned to read easily It makes me want to volunteer to be a adult literacy tutor or help in an elementary school reading class This book is now available only on Kindle It's gone out of print for the second time but hopefully it will be printed again soon An amazing story that you have to read to believe How could a person complete high school and college and become a teacher and real estate developer without readingIt is all true I know the author and he's dedicated his life to training teachers and tutors in authentic phonetic instruction and to the belief that anyone can learn to read if taught correctlyJohn's courage in writing this story has given countless people the knowledge that they are not dumb or stupid; no one has ever taught them correctly how to read There are a certain percentage of people who are able to pick up reading in childhood but it is time to realize that for a large percentage of children this never happens They fall through the cracks because no one at the school has any idea how to teach them properly This growing population of illiterate people coming out of the schools is going to have a catastrophic impact on our future society It is time to reverse this trend and I recommend beginning with the Teacher Who Couldn't Read John Corcoran's memoir The Teacher Who Couldn't Read is being offered in a new trade paperback format to coincide with the release of his new book Bridge to Literacy The Teacher Who Couldn't Read is John's life story of how he struggled through school without the basic skills of how to read or write and went on to become a high school teacher still without these basic skills John then went on to conuer his inability to read and to become a leading advocate for literacy

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