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The Thrall Prince Freed from slavery trapped by magic Vell once was a powerful sorcerer and a prince of Otharn By the side of his father King Covl and his beloved brother Lonn worlds fell at his feet Now he is a slave cast out by his father sold used and abused Being delivered to Earth may be his last hope for freedom David Thomen scientist inventor defender of Earth is living a lonely life with his inventions Responsible for opening the gateway from Earth to Otharn he must come to terms with his role as Vell’s newest owner and face up to Otharn’s plans for Earth Forced into an intimate relationship against both their wills can Vell and David break the bonds of magic joining them together And when the time comes will they want to Note to readers This book is for a mature audience it contains dubious consent memories of past rape as well as consensual sex scenes No graphic violence mild descriptions of injuries

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    Audio 4 Stars Story 2 Stars

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    I rarely get a sample of a kindle book but this one called out to me I was not sure if I wanted to take the chance but I read the sample and immediately got it from KU This is an excellent debut much stronger than many The story is complex in many ways this is not just any old MM slave story There were a few odd phrases and ways to describe things in it but I really liked the characters The relationship dynamics were fascinating although I was not sure about the constant reference to validity of consent To her credit the author did not hit you over the head with it The hurtcomfort was high in this one the abuse was there but referred so you don't see it much I barely missed it

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    45 starsOverall this is a really good debut novel by this author This story is about David a scientist who helped stop Vell an alien prince from another world who came to try and conuer earth It opens two years after that with Vell's brother and Crown Prince Lonn bringing Vell for David to look after Turns out bringing him to David meant he was Vell's new Master as in those two years Vell has been enslaved primarily as a bed slave He has been tortured physically and sexually abused raped constantly for two years and he has been beaten down from who he used to be At first David doesn't do anything with Vell as he's still angry at Vell for trying to conuer Earth and for almost killing him and just wants him gone and that is actually detrimental to Vell's health because he has a collar around his neck that when it's not lit up he can't talk or think for himself really or eat When it's yellow he's being punished and is in incredible painIt takes David a few days to realize what has to be done to get the color to go blue and thus allowed Vell some modicum of freedom to eat and talk and almost be himself Of course he's never really free but when it's blue that's what is best for Vell This book deals heavily with consent Vell is a bed slave so for him to get that blue color David has to use him for sex and the punishing and satisfying it is for David the bluer Vell's color is which means it stays bluer for longer and Vell gets to be mostly himself for longer David refuses at first because he refuses to rape Vell and he doesn't want to become a monster But he does have to give in and have Vell do somethings First just a hand job but then mainly blowjobs Like I do have to say that I kind of felt like David in the scenes where sex stuff happenedlike it was hotbut also very uncomfortable because Vell wasn't fully consenting at all even if he was eager to please his master just so he could get to eat and talk and almost be himself for however long Like on the one hand you didn't want it to happen but on the otherwithout it he Vell would eventually starve and dieand the selfish part of David liked the pleasure he got from Vell But I think the very fact that he was so distressed about liking it and that he was kind of forced into doing it as well in a way made it better to handle I was much happier when it got to consensual sex between them and anything submissive Vell did he did it because he wanted toThe story was intriguing and I couldn't put it down only for sleeping and Christmas activitiesI do wish we had gotten some things than what we got like maybe some flashbacks to everything before those last two years when he tried to take over Earth to get a better understanding of David and Vell's history as well as view spoilerwhich king he killed to have become a slave in the first place We learn that him trying to take over Earth is not a punishable offense on his home planet But a character calls him a king killer sowhat happened? We never really get to know hide spoiler

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    You know me if you have been following my reviews for long 😁 I love aliens and I love slave fic so I knew I was going to love this book and I wasn’t disappointed at all My first time reading Caroline Gibson but definitely won’t be my last 💜😉 David Thormen is a genius scientist who protected against earth’s very first alien invasion Not only did he protect the earth he even managed to subdue the alien prince who lead the invasion and managed to capture him Fast forward two years later he found himself unceremoniously dumped with the very alien prince he captured as his slave to take care of He knew nothing about taking care of someone He’s barely able to take care of himself But although he doesn’t have any warm feelings towards the alien slave prince he definitely doesn’t want him to starve and die The uestion is with a cursed thrall collar around the prince’s throat which only allows him to eat after being debased and used sexually by his master Davis must find a way to take care of the prince Or will he become the slave of prince’s heart while trying to free him?Despite what the book’s blurb suggested this definitely has very little amount of smut in it 😅 Sure there are some scenes where David had to use Vell because that’s the only way he could eat but the actual love making scenes were only at the end I love that this isn’t a mere smutty slave fic 😌 The world building is expansive and intriguing and the MCs were super colorful and realistic I loved how kind and loving Davis was towards Vell after a few first awkward moments Vell is also an enigmatic and fascinating character There’s a reason why he did what he did And he was really lucky that David became his master and fell in love with him 🥰 I really enjoyed the storyline too uniue and suspenseful and with a really evil villain to keep me on my edge of my seat I read this book in one sitting I think the ending was a very lovely ending those two lovers definitely deserve 💜 Although the smut was fewer than I expected in this story what was in there was really erotic and smoking hot 🔥 Loved it a lot I’m glad that the second book is already out because I can’t wait to continue to read Vell and David’s love story 🥰45 I might be your master but I’m the slave of your heart stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

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    Call me crazy but this is basically marvel fanfiction Not that I mind David Tony Stark Tech genius rich had been kidnapped tortured abroad and made to make things for his captorsVell Loki dark haired misunderstood villain secret cinnamon roll underneath the mischiefLonn Thor muscled hero wants to do the right thing loves his brother even when he's doing terrible shitOtharn AsgardKing Covl OdinDespite that I thoroughly enjoyed this book At times the writing was a little rocky and there was an overabundance of exclamation points but I really enjoyed the plot and the characters More than I thought I would I liked that David was a reluctant master and didn't want to abuse his power He feels guilty when he has to use Vell for his own good He ultimately set Vell free when he was able even though he knew that he could lose him forever This is the type of slave fic that doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth David is a good guy and doesn't abuse his power he and Vell get to know and trust each other and ultimately the slave is set free And of course then returns for fun because Vell secretly loves power exchange when it's on his terms Overall this was a fun time and I enjoyed the villains getting their just deserts 5 stars

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    Very enjoyableAudiobook version

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    This book took a difficult trope and one that can very very easily get out of hand and cause much MUCH harm than it's worth and managed to keep it mostly under control I appreciate that while YES there is definitely non condub con going on in this story it isn't REALLY happening between the MCs There were a few parts where I wish the author had steered away from having David enjoy things as he did but I think it was somewhat made up for at the end when there is talk about the dangers of having too much power over a person How that much control can and will inevitably change a person and not for the better It was part of David's character arc although perhaps one I'd rather not be there It made it hard for me to connect with him as a characterOverall I was surprised by this read I was a bit suicked out by the things that had to happen to Vell but I think the author did a good job of setting up the situation to allow for some forgiveness on David's part Definitely not on the antagonist's end but who wants to forgive a villain anyway?I was interested in reading on in the series because this ends with of an HFN than HEA but after reading the blurb for book two I've decided against it My personal tastes do not stretch to mpreg so I know it won't be up my alley Still if you're a fan of that genre and don't have any triggers or suick issues with non condub con then you might enjoy this read

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    Well this was a steamy little story packed with action and emotions If you’re looking for something well written and well plotted with a lovely complicated relationship that deals up front with issues of consent checkThis one out

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    Dnf this is just boring and poorly written It also reads to me as poorly disguised avengers slavefic with loki and tony I enjoy slavefic and i couldnt even find enough desire to care about either of them

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    4 kinky Prince slave and his sweet Owner starsIt was actually much better than I'd expected I've read it in one sitting and it made me think of many dirty naughty things ;The beginning was a bit strange we are dumped right in the middle of action that we don't understand and we get no background about but it isn't very much disturbing in following the main plotWe get a sex slavereluctant owner trope in some distant future New York with energy crystals interplanetary travel and high tech armours We get a former Prince Vell now sentenced to life of slavery by his own father and a crystal energy nerdknight David Thomen who saved Earth from alien invasion and thanks to that gained some powerful Otharian alliesPrince Lonn Vell's brother rescued Vell from a cruel master on some other planet and entrusted his brother to David not knowing that Vell's complicated collar was forcing him to basically be a sex slave always ready and in need of presenting himself to his Master in order to be able to eat speak and think clearlyThe plot reminded me a bit of Control by Cordelia Kingsbridge David had to have Vell do a lot of sexy kinky and humiliating stuff for the both of them to be able to try to figure out how Vell's slave collar works and how to remove itAs with such tropes we get a lot of kinky sex and a lot of interplanetary politics but unfortunately the book lacked in world building and background info and we didn't get to know anything about Vell's past and we still don't know why his father did what he did And I would very much like to understand things about this strange worlds Hence 1 star down from me

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