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Amelia Fang and the Unicorns of Glitteropolis My spoiler free reading vlog of the entire Amelia Fang series was even better than the first Amelia Fang bookIn Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords we follow our crazily loveable gang as they venture into the SCARIEST PLACE EVER KNOW Glitteropolis They’re on a mission to find out what happened to Prince Tangine’s missing mother and they stumble upon a huge conspiracy that could change EVERYTHING in their worldThere’s an adventure element to this one that I absolutely love as Anderson expands Amelia Fang’s world I love seeing what’s beyond Nocturnia and traversing the Kingdom of the Light proved to be uite a thrill I love seeing the characters develop and it’s funny to see how they get out of their bizarre situations I love little details like ladybird phones and rainbow trains and wow I can’t praise enough the level of imagination that goes into creating Amelia Fang’s world And the illustrations are still AMAZING Can’t wait to see what’s next for our gang Into book 3 we go This review and many can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionIn this second book Amelia and her friends travel into the terrifying for them Kingdom of Light on a uest to find a very important missing fairy I won’t say exactly who because that would be a spoiler for the first book The story in this second book was a lot active so I think I enjoyed it even than the first There were lots of fun elements to the Kingdom of Light and it was hilarious to see Amelia and her friends’ reactions to them all that sweetness tended to make them sick In some parts the story was just plain silly for instance Amelia and her Yeti friend disguise themselves as unicorns by basically just sticking horns on their heads and apparently that’s enough to fool everyone but this isn’t the type of book you’re supposed to take all that seriously There was lots of adventure to this installment and it’s a perfect set up for future books I can’t wait to read even of this series Disclosure I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review No other compensation was given and all opinions are my own This follows on from the first book in the Amelia Fang series; “Amelia Fang and Barbaric Ball” This introduced readers Amelia and her family – her father Count Drake the Third her mother Countess Frivoleeta her pet pumpkin Suashy and the rest of her household Amelia and her family live in Fang Mansion in Nocturnia the City in the Kingdom of the Dark complete with Nocturnia Palace Rickety Residences Catacome Academy and various other creepy looking placesThis book has eighteen short chapters is just over 200 pages long and is packed with black and white illustrations As such it will appeal to confident readers who are ready to embark on slightly longer booksIn this adventure Amelia and her friends head to the Kingdom of the Light in order to rescue ueen Fairyweather Tangine’s mother This book has unicorns of course who seem to be eternally popular with young children as well as other fairytale characters such as leprechauns and talking wishing wells A really fun story with good characters and lots of adventure My daughter looks forward to reading on in the series The next book will be “Amelia Fang and the Memory Thief” My daughter wanted to mention that she loved the cover and the recipe at the end of the book which was a nice extra Amelia is back and she is going on a uest to the Kingdom of Light to find Tangine's mom Of course she brings her friends and Tangine's dad with her Even after reading I am still very much excited this book was absolutely fabulous fun hilarious sparkly pointy and I had a lot of fun seeing the characters in their well paper thin disguises It amazes me that throughout the book no one noticed that maybe something wasn't right with these kids Still it added to the fun and eh the whole world is magic maybe they enhanced their outfits with a few sparkles Sparkles always distract right?I just loved seeing of the Kingdom of Light It is such a bright and given the descriptions as the illustrations are blackwhite sparkly and colourful place I wouldn't mind living there but I am not too sure if I want to live in a world that sparkly and shiny all the time Sometimes you just need a little darkness I was in stitches when they met all sorts of creatures of light and they were trying their hardest not to run away and scream in fear P Cute bunny? Endless fear snortsOf course there is a big mystery going on with a weird fog and creatures of lights disappearing left and right I knew something was up and I knew then already that it couldn't have been the creatures of darkness Come on those guys pee their pants if they are wearing one or drop dead from seeing a cute little fairy or bunny I couldn't imagine those guys grabbing one and kidnapping it I won't spoil if I was right or not ha You will just have to read the book The rainbow roadrail such a delightful idea I wouldn't mind travelling that to stuff like worklibrariesshopping trips Where do I sign up? And everything got really exciting when our group gets to Glitteropolis The mystery thickens and our crew has really got to find out what happens before they are stuck forever dum dum dum I already couldn't stop reading but at this point I was practically glued to the book I just needed to find out what was going on in this city there were so many suspicions things going on And in the end nope I am not spoiling I was delighted with what was going on and seeing the whys and hows I am still not a fan of Florence Like in the previous book but she really does some stuff wrong in this one The well anyone? Not to mention all the other times that she almost ruined their disguises because this girl doesn't know subtlety or cares about maybe trying to blend in A lot of times I just wanted her erased from the story And really stop shouting all the time I get that you are a yeti and maybe you are meant to shout but learn to not do it And get an effing clueFrom my review of the first book She reminded me a lot of Grenda from Gravity Falls A good friend but she doesn't get the most basic of clues shouts all the time and doesn't know her own strengthTangine is really improving He is still a pompous twit at times but I could see him changing to someone who cares and knows what fuuuurrriendsfuuurrrmaids are P And with the things that happened in this book and especially those at the end I think he will change for the good some Also I just laughed so hard when we met Fabio the unicorn Really of all the names to give to a unicorn you had to call him Fabio? snorts and rolls around laughingThe wishing well? Dear word that well was a rude one Though I did feel kind of sorry for the revenge he got from Florence no wait he deserved that PThe ending was fabulous I was so happy with how everything came together and how happy it all was But I am even happy with the news that there will be another Amelia Fang book I can just guess what it will be about and I am very excited The cover looks fabulous and I want the book now or well yesterday PBig pluspoints to the coverdesign of the book The previous book was orange and shiny this one is purple and shiny 3 And course a lot of hearts to the brilliant illustrations They are just the best and I just adore them All in all I want the next book I need to know grabby hands And I would recommend this one to everyoneReview first posted at The second book in a hilarious illustrated middle grade POB series for reluctant readers starring a vampire girl Amelia Fang Welcome to the world of Nocturnia where darkness reigns supreme glitter is terrifying and unicorns are the stuff of nightmaresAmelia Fang and her friends love their dark and gloomy world of Nocturnia But when Tangine's mom ueen Fairyweather goes missing they must brave the journey to the terrifying Kingdom of the LightWith fairies and angel kittens lurking around every corner who can they trust And will they finally uncover the real villain keeping the kingdoms of Light and Dark mortal enemies Another cute one I adore this series This one might even be better than book 1 Such a fun adventure can’t wait to see what is next in book 3 ☺️ This is an amazing book I absolutely loved Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball when it was released last year and I'm pleased to say that this seuel was even better Now that Amelia and her friends have discovered that the Creatures of the Light are nothing to be feared this book has the scope to explore their world and it's very different to Amelia's home Everything is bright trains run on rainbows and all the food is full of sugar It's cheerful and pleasant to read which made me breeze through the novelThe book is also a really lovely looking thing with foil lettering on the cover and purple edges to the page the complement the orange edges of the first book It's also filled with Anderson's charming illustrations which add a lot to the story as the book is still uite light on descriptionsThe plot this time around is a lot better structured building up a mystery as to why the Creatures of the Light are disappearing and who is really behind it While the last novel touched upon why it's important not to judge on appearances this novel really does focus on this theme as it makes clear that you shouldn't just believe rumours about people and take the time to get to know them yourself My only real issue with the story was it occasionally felt a little rushed which you could particularly feel over the climaxAlthough there is a promise of novels to come the series could be neatly closed off by this one It resolves the lingering plot thread about Tangine's mother and nicely wraps up this stage of Amelia's adventures in a way that felt very solid and natural However I am very glad that the series is continuing I really can't wait to see what Anderson thinks up nextIn terms of character none of the cast really develop beyond what we learned about them in the first book but they do get a lot time to shine Everyone has a role to play in the mission into the uncharted territories of the Creatures of the Light and some characters especially Florence reveal some very unexpected talents which help them on their uest There are also a lot of new characters to be found including unicorns leprechauns and angel kittens which add an entirely new feel to the story as the cast was previously entirely made up of monstersAll in all I'm still loving this series and would recommend it to any young reader The Amelia Fang series is a laugh out loud fun new middle grade series about a young vampire named Amelia Amelia lives in Nocturnia home of creatures of the dark She loves hanging with her best friends Florence a special breed of yeti and Grimaldi a grim reaper in trainer and adores her pet pumpkin Suashy In book one Amelia Fang and The Barbaric Ball Amelia is not excited about attending the traditional Barbaric Ball but when she learns young Prince Tangine will also be going she’s hoping to make a new friendbut Prince Tangine turns out to be a mean spoiled sprout Will learning a secret about the Prince change Amelia’s mind about him? And in book two Amelia Fang and the Unicorns of Glitteropolis Amelia and her friends head to the Kingdom of the Light to try to find Tangine’s mom and maybe solve a glittery mystery This whimsically macabre series is a spooktacular delight Full of fun frights lovable characters cool settings fizzy imagination and engaging illustrations both books will captivate and amuse young readers Readers will get to explore both Nocturnia and The Kingdom of Light in books one and two and these vastly different realms are both such fun well crafted settings Nocturnia with its deliciously and adorably dark atmosphere surprising monster ish inhabitants and ravishingly revolting menu will creep out readers in the best most fun way And The Kingdom of Light with its outrageously over the top frou frou ness cute inhabitants and super sweet treats will leave readers in giggles Amelia and her gang of old and new friends make for an eclectic and endearing gaggle of fun characters Readers will have a blast joining them on their wacky thrills and chills filled adventures This cleverly written series with its exciting stories; enthralling settings; and unforgettable characters will bewitch readers especially reluctant readers

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Laura Ellen Anderson is the illustrator of several books for children as well as the author illustrator of the graphic novel Evil Emperor Penguin Laura Ellen Anderson lives in London

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