All You Need is Less: MINIMALIST LIVING FOR MAXIMUM HAPPINESS For someone already knowing a bit about slow life and minimalism, this book has very little to offer The non sensical use of motivational quotes was embarrassing at times really, quoting Anne Frank to motivate people to go outsideRidiculous, if not simply stupid A bit cringy at times but really nice I liked that the author didn t focus on decluttering, as most minimalist books do The book is instead about making a life for yourself in which you feel good, happy and content. A good book to pick up when you re starting to reassess life and learn how to live in a simpler way Pocket sized so it made easy for me to bring it along anywhere I went Written in an easy to understand manner Totally recommended A cute quick book of putting your life in perspective This is a pocket size light read Not as detailed as say Marie kondo or ikigai , but a small cute book to take along to putting your stress and consumerism in check I will say that it was overpriced, but I ll keep it cause of how portable it is. A quick and easy read to remind you of simple things in life that are already there and for you to be be aware of Now that Im done with the book, it makes a nice gift to pass on. Great little book that you can sit and read through in one sitting or pick sound bites that you might just want to implement I can see myself going back and refreshing on an idea once one becomes a habit. Beautiful illustration, very simple and to the point. We live such busy lives, rushing from one thing to the next, that we barely give ourselves time to catch our breath But what would happen if we aimed for less This little book, filled with practical tips and ideas, covers a range of topics that could lead to a simpler way of life, including how to Stress less Reduce screen time Minimize clutter Shop sustainably Make the most of your me time By choosing a lifestyle that is less busy, less cluttered and less stressful, you will instantly feel healthier and happier , Covid 19 ,.

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