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A Proper Guardian Lady Winter Renton will marry only for love As the sole heir of her family's country estate Lady Winter is plagued by greedy aristocrats looking for a marriage of convenience Perfectly capable of running the estate after her father's death she is infuriated by their scandalous proposals She wants than a heartless merging of property and bloodlines Until she meets true love Winter vows to carry on alone Winter's appointed guardian the dashing Earl of Alistair is intrigued by his lovely young ward and whisks her to London for a season of elegant balls and lavish soirees As his admiration for her turns to love Lord Alistair finds himself ensnared in rumors of political conspiracy and social scandal Can Lady Winter trust in Lord Alistair's love and have faith that God has a plan for the two of them—together good A Proper Guardian is a Heartsong Presents book from Harleuin Really enjoyed this one Found the characters to be very well developed and lifelike

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