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The Earls Countess of Convenience Penniless Brides of Convenience #1 A countess in name onlytempted by a night with her husbandPart of Penniless Brides of Convenience Eloise Brannagh has witnessed firsthand the damage unruly passion can cause Yet she craves freedom so a convenient marriage to the Earl of Fearnoch seems the perfect solution Except Alexander Sinclair is handsome intriguing everything than Eloise anticipated She’s set her own rules for their marriage but her irresistible husband might just tempt her to break themPenniless Brides of Convenience miniseries Book 1 — The Earl’s Countess of ConvenienceBook 2 — A Wife Worth Investing InBook 3 and 4 — coming soon

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    I've given this a C at AARIt isn’t always easy to write a review of an average or sub par book and it’s even less so when it’s an average or sub par book by a favourite author so I’m sorry to say that The Earl’s Countess of Convenience the first in Marguerite Kaye’s new four part  Penniless Brides of Convenience series is a – fortunately rare – misfireIn it we meet Eloise Brannagh her twin sisters Estelle and Phoebe and their aunt by marriage and guardian Kate Lady Elmswood in whom I was immediately interested than the heroine which wasn’t a good sign with whom they have lived since the deaths of their parents some five years earlierThe book opens as Kate has received a letter from her absent husband the girls’ uncle in which he suggests that Eloise may wish to consider a friend of his the Earl of Fearnoch as a prospective husband Fearnoch needs to marry uickly in order to secure his title and estates – and with no dowry and no social position to attract suitors the sisters are not likely to be inundated with suitable offers of marriage so the possibility of marriage to an earl – albeit a marriage of convenience – is not something to be sneezed at Eloise agrees to meet the earl and to see if she thinks they will suit; she’s not prepared to sacrifice her life to misery and even though such a match would enable her to support her sisters and attain a degree of independence she won’t go consent to it if she and the earl don’t get onWhen Alexander Sinclair arrives at the appointed time Eloise can’t help but wonder why such a gorgeous man would need or want to marry a nobody like her – surely there must be ladies of uality ueueing around the block to marry someone so eligible and handsome Alexander uickly dispels that thought and the conversation he and Eloise engage in here is refreshingly frank which I liked; after all these are two complete strangers contemplating a lifetime arrangement for purely practical purposes so I was pleased that they were both upfront with each other about their plans and motives Alex explains that the nature of his work – he’s a Victualling Commissioner at the Admiralty – means that he spends a lot of time out of England and he is adamant that Eloise should realise their relationship will never be anything other than a convenient arrangement for them both He doesn’t expect or want them to develop feelings for one another and children are categorically out of the uestion Having seen her own parents’ marriage implode because of her mother’s infidelities her father’s desperate love and their freuent rows Eloise has absolutely no wish for love or intimacy so doesn’t see those stipulations as in any way problematic And because she has no experience of men and her only female role model is a woman living in a loveless sexless marriage who hasn’t seen hide nor hair of her husband in the entire six years since they wed she has no idea what those tummy flutterings at the sight of Alex’s smile might meanI’m a huge fan of marriage of convenience stories but this one just didn’t work for me for a number of reasons Firstly – and to get this out of the way – I was disappointed that Ms Kaye whose research is usually impeccable chose to base the story on an erroneous premise namely that Alex would lose his title and inheritance if he wasn’t married by his thirtieth birthday British inheritance law doesn’t work like that Add to that Alex’s insistence that he and Eloise should act like besotted newly weds in case his dissolute cousin worked out the real reason for their marriage and then moved to challenge Alex’s right to the earldom again nope for the same reason But okay taking that as a springboard for the rest of the story and moving on I found the characters hard to warm to especially Alex who is too blow hotblow cold towards Eloise and doesn’t seem able to make up his mind and then stick to his choices Eloise is a very down to earth kind of heroine but I have problems with characters – and to be fair it’s normally heroes – who eschew relationships because their parents were miserable together so I found it difficult to believe that an intelligent young woman would decide love and marriage weren’t for her because she didn’t want to turn out like her mother a self professed “slave to passion” whose selfishness wrecked her marriageThere’s a sub plot concerning Alex’s relationship with his mother and his suspicions about his birth which is resolved in the blink of an eye; his secret job isn’t secret at all given all the times we’re told about Alex’s ability to lie – the nature of Alexander’s real endeavours reuired him to be an accomplished fabricator – or that in his line of work he wasn’t even supposed to have a wife; and the past mistake which has him so dead set against falling in love is anti climactic when finally revealed There’s so much going on here that the story uickly loses focus Eloise’s conviction that romance isn’t for her melts away fairly easily; and the introduction of Alex’s boss who drags Eloise off for a private chat at their first meeting and then proceeds to drop all sorts of heavy handed hints about Alex’s job while at the same time making it clear it’s – shhhh – a Big Sooper Seekrit was just really really oddThe best part of the book – and the reason I’ve not gone lower with the grade – is the way in which the author allows Alex and Eloise time to talk and get to know each other both before and after their marriage Apart from one thing Alex’s not so secret job they’re honest with each other about their expectations and I liked the way in which they entered into their bargain with their eyes wide open – even though their belief that they would be the same people with the same wants and needs ten twenty or thirty years down the line was perhaps a little naïveI’m a big fan of Marguerite Kaye and have given a number of her books DIKs and high grades but sadly The Earl’s Countess of Convenience isn’t among them Even the best of us is entitled to an off day so I’ll chalk this one up to experience and hope that the next book in the series A Wife Worth Investing In sees the author returned to form

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    The earl in uestion’s need for a convenient bride is based on a fallacy no earldoms can’t be entailed away if the heir isn’t married by some arbitrary age but the author rather adorably admits they know that and used it for a plot device anyway because you know fiction so I’m inclined to give it a pass Other than that this is a really well researched story with some nice historically accurate details in there to help the reader’s suspension of disbeliefEloise and Alexander both have dreadful parents who have thoroughly soured them on the idea of love and marriage though Eloise’s were emotionally abusive and Alexander’s both emotional and physical so it seems entirely logical to both of them that a marriage of convenience without physical entanglements would work To the reader it’s obvious from their first meeting and the sparks of attraction flying that the attempt is doomed to failure though to innocent Eloise it’s not obvious at all I have to say I’d have thought Alexander to be a bit worldly wise and a bit inclined to step back and think but he was the one under a time constraint so had to make the decision uicklyOverall this is a nice pairing with a slow build of passion between the two main characters side characters relegated off stage so they didn’t detract from the drama between the protagonists which worked very well I did get frustrated with Alexander’s obtuseness a few times and his boss Marcus frankly needs a woman to break his heart and show him the error of his ways but a thoroughly enjoyable story Four and a half starsDisclaimer I received a copy of this book for review from the author

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    375 stars Reviewed for Wit and Sin Alexander Sinclair Earl of Fearnoch is in need of a wife before his thirtieth birthday else he’ll lose his inheritance But he doesn’t want a true marriage so when his friend Daniel suggests marrying his ward Alexander is intrigued Eloise Brannagh also has her reasons for not wanting a real marriage but she would like the freedom being a wife would offer her When the two of them meet they instantly get along so what harm could there be in a marriage of convenience? None so long as the two don’t fall in love The Earl’s Countess of Convenience is a slow burn romance that I found incredibly charming Eloise and Alexander are both likeable characters and they complement each other so well that it’s easy to root for them to fall in love Eloise is a talented designer and honestly the descriptions of fashion and fabric in this book are divine She’s also not used to sitting around being an idle lady of the manor so it was fun to see her awaken her new home She also awakens Alexander a rather stoic hero who comes to life with Eloise Alexander’s secrets are held close to his vest so it takes a while to unspool his motivations and the reasons why he resists the pull toward EloiseEloise and Alexander may have agreed upon a marriage of convenience but they still have to convince society that they’re wildly in love which means close uarters And close uarters plus simmering attraction euals danger to their agreement I will admit I did at times get a tiny bit frustrated with the push pull between Eloise and Alexander I did grow weary of Alexander’s “I want you but I must resist because of secret reason” but that’s personal preference That aside I found Alexander and Eloise to be a charming couple There are some genuinely sweet and delightful moments and gestures that made me smile and the ending was definitely worth the wait The Earl’s Countess of Convenience is the first book in Marguerite Kaye’s Penniless Brides of Convenience series and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the uartet I’m particularly intrigued by the possibility of Eloise’s aunt and uncle getting a book FTC Disclosure I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

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    This was such a good read I didn’t want it to end Phoebe and Alexander had both had a troubled childhood Both had been neglected by their parents albeit in different ways They both agreed to a marriage of convenience as that suited them both due to past experiences I enjoyed the way their relationship developed and the way Phoebe offered a different insight into how Alexander’s mother had acted Phoebe was a very intelligent and observant person and she realised how clever Alexander was at avoiding her uestions It was engaging to read of the loving relationship between the sisters There are a number of secrets that unfold through the book I enjoyed this book so much I’ve preordered the next in the series

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    The Earl's Countess of Convenience is the first book in the Penniless Brides of Convenience series by Marguerite Kaye and what a fabulous book it isAlexander Sinclair now the Earl of Fearnoch is in need of a wife and uickly He has to marry before his 30th birthday in order to keep his title and land His friend Daniel tells him that his eldest ward would make a perfect wife and that she would be than happy with a marriage of convenience because she's never wanted a passionate relationship with any man after seeing the damage it can causeEloise Brannagh is that woman She and her younger sisters live with their aunt and it's their uncle that suggested her for marriage to Alex After careful consideration she agrees to meet with Alex and if they are both happy to go ahead with a marriage that is indeed what will happen If not then they will go their separate ways with no hard feelingsEloise believes that Alex will be an overweight elderly gentleman possibly without his own teeth while Alex thinks Eloise is going to be a matronly spinster bookish and staid When they meet they are both immensely shocked because neither of them fit the images they had of each other There is an immediate attraction between them one that neither will do anything about Eloise has her fear of passion and Alex has a job that takes him abroad than he is at home Theirs really must be a marriage in name only for both their sakesThe problem is that the time they spend with each other in order to prove to society that theirs is a love match the they find that they like each other a lot and the sexual attraction between them is almost palpable At times they give in and find themselves in each other's arms only to pull away flustered and guilty because they cannot have a real marriage Or can they?I love Marguerite Kaye's books and this one is no exception The amount of description she writes really helps you visualise the scene that is set and you can see it perfectly in your mind It might be a description of clothes a carriage a place a person it's just all perfectly describedThe feelings and relationships between the characters are beautifully written too and you can really feel for Alex and Eloise You feel their pain knowing why they think they can't be together yet rooting for them to be just that If you are anything like me you will want to read the book as uickly as possible because you have to know how they have their happy ending That's another thing I love about this author's writing you get so involved in all that is going on No character is just there to fill a space they all have their own stories and you can easily decide if you like them or not within just a few sentencesI really did enjoy this book cannot fault it at all and wholeheartedly recommend it Now I just have to impatiently wait for the next in the series

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    Terrific start to the new series Eloise and her twin sisters Phoebe and Estelle have lived with their aunt ever since their parents and brother died Eloise is a practical young woman and when her uncle informs her that a friend is interested in a marriage of convenience with her she gives the offer serious consideration The promise of the freedom of a married woman without the downfalls of the intimate side of marriage is very appealingAlexander never expected to inherit the earldom and to fulfill the conditions of the inheritance he must marry by age thirty just a few weeks away Otherwise everything goes to a cousin who is well known for his profligate ways It would also leave Alex's mother in dire financial straits He hadn't planned to marry at all his work as “Victualling Commissioner for the Admiralty” keeps him busy and freuently out of the country There are also other issues that cause him to insist on an in name only marriage issues that have haunted him for yearsI loved the first meeting between Eloise and Alex Neither is what the other expected which throws each of them slightly off kilter However they are open and honest about their expectations and a deal is uickly reached They also didn't expect the sparks that flew between them ones they tried desperately to ignore To protect the public illusion that their marriage is a love match Alex and Eloise must spend time together As they do so they discover that they like each other and that liking adds fuel to the attraction that continues to grow Every time that attraction flared to life it made keeping their distance even harderI loved seeing Alex and Eloise get to know each other Both of them have excellent observation skills and uickly learn the little things that please each other I especially loved the gift that Eloise made for Alex and how it showcased her understanding of him along with a sense of humor Alex also demonstrated his understanding of Eloise and what makes her tick with the unexpected gift near the end of the book One thing they have in common is their cynical views of marriage and their determination to avoid those pitfalls But the time they spend together has each looking upon their pasts with different perspectives and their feelings begin to change But not everything is as it seems and Eloise starts to suspect that there is to Alex than he shows the world I loved the scene where she confronted him with her suspicions and ached for them both as he finally confessed the events that had such a significant effect on him I ached for Eloise as she finally admits her feelings first to herself and then to Alex only to realize that he won't return those feelings There are some eye opening twists and turns on Alex's horizon and I loved seeing them each come to pass His big moment at the end was fantastic as he let go of his fears and opened his heartI can't wait to read the rest of the series Eloise's sisters are as intriguing as she is and I look forward to seeing how their dreams work out I expect that one of the books will be Kate and Daniel's story I have a feeling that like Alex there is to Daniel than Kate knows about I also hope to see of Eloise and Alex in the later books

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    First in a new series Penniless Brides of Convenience Eloise Brannagh has witnessed first hand the damage unruly passion can cause her parents were madly in love but such a passionate relationship also meant violent arguments she craves freedom so a convenient marriage to the Earl of Fearnoch seems the perfect solution Except Alexander Sinclair is handsome intriguing everything than Eloise anticipated Having set her own rules for their marriageAnother story where the hero must marry before a certain age or lose his inheritance he could only lose the unentailed part of the earldom he couldn’t lose the title nor anything that was entailed the note at the end eased my feelings I really liked Eloise a strong woman who had to grow up uickly to care for her sisters she was clever charming practical It took me a little time to fully warm to Alexander but the I read the I liked him A well written well paced book which I enjoyed was interested to delve further into Alex's past some of the revelations I didn't see coming I look forward to in the seriesMy honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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    I love smart romance with intelligent heroines Throw in a marriage of convenience plot my favourite catnip and you have a paint by numbers into Rachel's heart This is a lovely and well told romance with a slow burn union that leaves the reader than satisfied Both Eloise and Alexander are well matched in their strong personalities and brains The twists and loops that keep the two at bay as well as the slow earned trust against growing attraction at a Scarlet Pimpernel cadence for me another favourite catnipKaye is a winsome writer who knows how to turn a phrase but also how to keep the reader breathless in hopes of the well earned reconciliation The characterization packs a punch the themes are deft and inviting this is the thinking person's historical romance and I loved every second With thanks to Netgalley for the review copy

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    Kate Lady Elmswood is delighted to receive a note from Lord Fearnoch accepting her invitation to call and meet her ward Miss Eloise Brannagh to discuss marriage If he and Eloise are amenable to one another then they must be married by 30 June or Lord Fearnoch will forfeit his title and estates which would then pass to his odious cousinBoth Eloise and Alexander grew up with cold parents Eloise and her sisters ended up nearly penniless when her parents died which is why they now live with their uncle’s wife KateKate Eloise and her sisters Phoebe and Estelle assume the man to be old and ugly but when he arrives they are uite wrong for Alexander Sinclair the Earl of Fearnoch turns out to be uite handsome indeed As they discuss the terms of the marriage Eloise learns it will be a marriage of convenience They both agree and Eloise travels to London where she and Alexander are married They then move into his spacious London townhomeAs Eloise learns her way around and gets to know Alexander she is uite delighted The plan is that Alexander will spend most of his time working overseas in a rather vague government positionAh but the best laid plans of mice and menyou know the rest Knowing they are not to become attracted to one another is difficult for them to maintain because they are falling in love But Alexander is determined to do his duty and Eloise tries to support himCan they be apart with the feelings they have gained? Is there a chance that this marriage of convenience can remain that way? This book is beautifully woven together with some extra intricate knots The characters of Eloise and Alexander are complex and vulnerable The conversation is clear and jovial I loved this story Don’t miss it Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review

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    As always a great book from this author I got caught up in the story right away I love that I can always count on the hero and heroine to be honest and fun together Eloise and Alexander are no exception And I love the back story for each and how their secrets come to light and then they see the past in new terms I also love the love between Eloise and her sisters and her Aunt All in all another winner

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