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めぐみとつぐみ マスク姿で鉄パイプを持った目つきがヤバい男に仲間が襲われたと聞かされたαの恵。問題の男・山田つぐみを呼び出すと現れたのは敵意バチバチのいかついコワモテヤンキー。さっそく喧嘩だと意気込んでいたところ何故かその場にΩの発情フェロモンが漂いαの面々が困惑している中、「ヒートなのは俺だぜ」と、ドヤ顔でとんでも発言が飛び出してまさかのΩ、まさかのヒート中にαの喧嘩を買ってて、しかも抑制剤を使っていない――こいつはいったい何なんだ「ヒートは気合いでなんとかする」前代未聞 問題児Ω、参上

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • めぐみとつぐみ
  • Mitsuru Si
  • Japanese
  • 19 August 2016
  • 9784801964112

10 thoughts on “めぐみとつぐみ

  1. says:

    Súper bonita esta pareja 😍

  2. says:

    I will always have issues accepting what is happening in this kind of tales with the whole omega and alpha thing which is actually dehumanizing but once you decide to read something labelled as omegaverse you've got to expect such situations to ariseI am glad that at least the auhtor got an effort to make the main characters behave like actual human beings rather than rabbits with a limitless libido Something that given the genre is not so common Not a bad one I would acutally even recommend that

  3. says:

    Fue muy tierno adoro estos mangas3

  4. says:

    A humorous omegaverse story light on the general rape aspect that exists in such stories though it is still there An alpha and omega so opposed to being together they are already in love before they know it Cute art

  5. says:

    Me encantó este Omegaverse es bastante raro ver a Omegas ue tengan tanta fortaleza y fuerza de voluntad ehIgual ue es raro ver a un Alpha ue se contiene contra sus instintos ME ENCANTANEspero poder leer más sobre ellos 😍

  6. says:

    Amazing Simply incredible I'm not really into Omegaverse because of many reasons but this manga is totally different It starts with Tsugumi an Omega who can control his heats only by his willpower and he walks around with an iron pipe in case some shitty Alpha decides to mess with him Then one day he meets Megumi an Alpha rebelling against the very nature of his gender It's a delightful story about love and discovering who you are I just can't put it down I hope it turns out to be a long series is mangas

  7. says:

    This was better than other ones I have seen with the same topic

  8. says:

    It was very interesting I recommend this

  9. says:

    Realmente me gustó ver una dinámica diferente al típico Alfa dominante y el Omega dominado por sus hormonas

  10. says:

    Sooooo cuteeeeee

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